The Natural History Prose Writings of John Clare

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The Natural History Prose Writings of John Clare-1

Reading experiences

ukred-11165 The Lives of the Most Eminent English Poets
ukred-11166 The Miseries of Human Life
ukred-11167 The London Magazine: Review of Walladmor by Scott
ukred-11168 Excursions of Fancy
ukred-11169 Lectures on the English Poets
ukred-11170 A View of the English Stage
ukred-11171 The London Magazine
ukred-11172 Lectures on the English Comic Writers
ukred-11173 Remarks on the Internal Evidence for the Truth
ukred-11175 Poems on Various Subjects
ukred-11176 Midsummer Night's Dream
ukred-11177 Essays
ukred-11178 Essays Moral and Literary
ukred-11179 Henry The Fifth
ukred-11180 Macbeth
ukred-11181 Remarks on the Internal Evidence
ukred-11182 Characters of Shakespeare's Plays
ukred-11183 The Florist's Directory
ukred-11184 Flora Domestica
ukred-11185 Solomon's Song
ukred-11186 The London Magazine
ukred-11187 The life of Wesley
ukred-11188 Poems and Songs Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect
ukred-11189 Stamford Mercury
ukred-11190 Stamford Mercury
ukred-11191 Paradise Lost
ukred-11192 The Seasons (Winter)
ukred-11193 Literary Gazette
ukred-11194 The Iris
ukred-11195 Sylvan Sketches or a Companion to the Park
ukred-11196 Stamford Mercury
ukred-11197 Stamford Mercury
ukred-11198 Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry
ukred-11199 Stamford Mercury
ukred-11200 Poems and Songs Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect
ukred-11201 London Magazine
ukred-11202 Stamford Mercury
ukred-11203 Stamford Mercury
ukred-11204 Stamford Mercury
ukred-11205 [unknown]
ukred-11206 Eighteen Sermons Intended to Establish
ukred-11207 British Entomology ... Insects Found in Great Britain
ukred-11208 Stamford Mercury
ukred-11209 Lessons for Children from Two to Three Years Old
ukred-11210 An Apology for the Bible, in a Series of Letters
ukred-11211 Prospectus for 'The Every-Day Book'
ukred-11212 The Scientific Receptacle
ukred-11213 Stamford Mercury
ukred-11214 Stamford Mercury
ukred-11215 Stamford Mercury
ukred-11216 Stamford Mercury
ukred-11217 The Observer
ukred-11218 The Struggles of a Senior Wrangler
ukred-11219 Essays and Sketches of Character
ukred-11220 Stamford Mercury
ukred-11221 Allworth Abbey; or Christianity Triumphant
ukred-11222 Stamford Mercury
ukred-11223 The Every-Day Book
ukred-11224 Stamford Mercury