The Collected Letters of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle

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The Collected Letters of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle-1

Reading experiences

ukred-10234 The Iliad
ukred-10236 Inquiries Concerning the Magnetism of the Earth
ukred-10278 Article IX
ukred-10279 Article X
ukred-10280 Article ix
ukred-10281 Article iv
ukred-10347 Crystalography
ukred-10348 Du Contrat Social
ukred-10349 Faust
ukred-10356 The Examiner
ukred-10361 unknown history
ukred-11295 Orlando Furioso
ukred-11296 Six Weeks at Long's
ukred-11318 Geschichte des dreissigj?hrigen Kriegs
ukred-11319 'Blackwood's Magazine' [ARTICLE TITLE] in 'The London Magazine'
ukred-11321 Kenilworth
ukred-11322 Blackwood's magazine
ukred-11484 Traite de geognoise
ukred-11486 Wallenstein
ukred-11488 Metrical Legends of Exalted Characters
ukred-11489 De l'Allemagne
ukred-11491 Life of Pascal
ukred-12715 ["black-letter poems"]
ukred-12716 Histoire ancienne des Egyptiennes, des Carthaginois, des Assyriens, des Babyloniens, des Medes, des Perses, des Macedoniens, et des Grecs (6 vols)
ukred-12717 Julie, ou la nouvelle Heloise
ukred-12718 [Tragedies]
ukred-12719 Criticism on Faust (working title)
ukred-12721 Julie, ou La Nouvelle Heloise
ukred-12879 Essai sur l'histoire generale des mathematiques
ukred-12880 'Shout, Britons, for the Battle of Asaye'
ukred-12881 [Works]
ukred-12882 [critique of William Nicholson's works in 'The Courier']
ukred-12883 [poem celebrating peace at end of Napoleonic wars]
ukred-12884 [essays on Burns and monuments]
ukred-12885 [writings quoted in a letter from Thomas Murray to Carlyle]
ukred-12886 Tristram Shandy
ukred-12887 [article entitled 'An Affecting Occurrence']
ukred-12888 Edinburgh Review
ukred-12889 Elisabeth, ou les exiles de Siberie
ukred-12890 The Minstrel
ukred-12891 Oberon. Ein Gedicht in 14 Gesangen
ukred-12892 Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered
ukred-12893 [Poems]
ukred-12894 Abrege des vies des anciens philosophes
ukred-12895 Miseries of Human Life
ukred-12896 [a mathematical paper]
ukred-12897 [Poems]
ukred-12898 [Poems]
ukred-12899 Waverley
ukred-12900 Leonidas, A Poem
ukred-12901 The Epigoniad
ukred-12902 The Scottish Chiefs, A Romance
ukred-12903 Waverley
ukred-12904 Elements of Algebra
ukred-12905 The Free-holder, I-LV
ukred-12906 'Discours preliminaire' to Recherches sur les ossemens fossiles des quadrupedes
ukred-12907 [Comedies]
ukred-12909 [Poems]
ukred-12910 review of Laplace's Essai philosophique sur les probabilites
ukred-12911 Essai philosophique sur les probabilites
ukred-12912 [unknown novel]
ukred-12913 Thaddeus of Warsaw
ukred-12914 De Officiis
ukred-12915 Letters to his Son
ukred-12919 La Pucelle d'Orleans
ukred-12921 De Finibus Bonorum et Malorum
ukred-12922 Elements of the Philosophy of the Human Mind
ukred-12923 [review in the Quarterly Review of Dugald Stewart's Elements of the Philosophy of the Human Mind]
ukred-12924 [review in the Quarterly Review of Scott's Guy Mannering]
ukred-12925 [review in the Quarterly Review Byron's Lara]
ukred-12926 Essays Moral, Political and Literary
ukred-12929 Edinburgh Review
ukred-12930 [essay in the Quarterly Review on Lewis and Clarke's Travels]
ukred-12931 Night Thoughts
ukred-12932 Peregrine Pickle
ukred-12933 Essays Moral, Political and Literary
ukred-12934 Lectures on Rhetoric
ukred-12935 [an Italian Grammar]
ukred-12936 Novelle Morali
ukred-12938 The Life and Writings of William Robertson
ukred-12939 The Wealth of Nations
ukred-12940 Essays on the Principles of Morality and Natural Religion
ukred-12941 Essays, Political, Economical and Philosophical
ukred-12942 Travels in the Island of Iceland during the summer of 1810
ukred-12944 Essai politique sur la royaume de nouvelle espagne
ukred-12945 Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge
ukred-12946 Philosophical Essays
ukred-12948 A Treatise of Fluxions
ukred-12949 Essai sur l'histoire generale ds mathematiques
ukred-12950 The Elements of Optics
ukred-12951 Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica
ukred-12953 Pharsalia
ukred-12954 Guy Mannering, or The Astrologer
ukred-12955 The Field of Waterloo, A Poem
ukred-12956 The British Plutarch
ukred-12957 The Spectator
ukred-12958 Letters to His Son
ukred-12960 The Iliad / Odyssey of Homer
ukred-12961 The Iliad / Odyssey
ukred-12962 Anabasis
ukred-12963 Poems
ukred-12964 Philosophi? Naturalis Principia Mathematica
ukred-12965 The Elements of Optics
ukred-12966 Abrege d'astronomie
ukred-12967 Introductio ad veram physicam
ukred-12968 [either Elements of the Philosophy of Mind or Essays in Philosophical Morality]
ukred-12969 [Introductory essay to Encyclopaedia Britannica]
ukred-12971 Dissertation Second: Exhibiting a general View of the Progress of Mathematical and Physical Science
ukred-12972 Elements of the Philosophy of the Human Mind
ukred-12973 Tales of My Landlord
ukred-12974 Vindication of the Covenanters
ukred-12975 The Scotsman
ukred-12976 The Sale Room
ukred-12977 [work on phrenology]
ukred-12978 Edinburgh Review
ukred-12979 Quarterly Review
ukred-12980 Les Provinciales, ou les lettres
ukred-12981 Reise durch Norwegen und Lappland
ukred-12982 Histoire de l'astronomie moderne
ukred-12983 Dumfries Courier
ukred-12984 Histoire de l'astronomie moderne
ukred-12985 A Series of Discourses on the Christian Revelation, Viewed in Connection with Modern Astronomy
ukred-12986 [article on paperism in Edinburgh Review]
ukred-12987 [article in Quarterly Review]
ukred-12988 The Scotsman
ukred-12989 [article on Fluxions in Encyclopaedia Britannica]
ukred-12990 Literary and Statistical Magazine for Scotland
ukred-12991 De l'Allemagne
ukred-12992 Quarterly Review
ukred-12993 The Monk
ukred-12994 Edinburgh Magazine
ukred-12995 Edinburgh Monthly Magazine
ukred-12996 Edinburgh observer or Town and Country Magazine
ukred-12998 The History of England during the reigns of James I and Charles I
ukred-12999 History of England
ukred-13000 Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
ukred-13001 Essays
ukred-13002 Reflexions ou sentences et maximes morales
ukred-13003 Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine
ukred-13004 Travels in Switzerland
ukred-13005 Travels in Poland, Russia, Sweden and Denmark
ukred-13006 The History of England During the Reigns of James I and Charles I
ukred-13007 Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
ukred-14369 Letter dated 13 February 1822
ukred-14371 Prose works
ukred-14372 Historical Account of the Life, Travels,...of George Fox
ukred-14373 Mary Stewart
ukred-16551 Napoleon in Exile; or, A Voice from St Helena
ukred-16552 Samor, the Lord of the Bright City
ukred-16553 Samor, the Lord of the Bright City
ukred-16555 Poems
ukred-16578 The Liberal
ukred-16580 Napoleon in Exile; or, A Voice from Saint-Helena
ukred-16581 Review of 'Description of Instruments, Designed for Extending and Improving Meteorological Observations' (1820)
ukred-16585 The Liberal
ukred-16586 History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England,
ukred-16588 The Ancient History
ukred-16589 Maria Stuart
ukred-16590 Unknown
ukred-16591 Unknown
ukred-16602 Memoires pour la vie de Francois Petrarch
ukred-16604 Letter
ukred-17425 The History of the Arts and Sciences of the Ancients
ukred-17426 Cruthers and Johnson
ukred-17427 William Tell
ukred-17428 Unknown
ukred-17429 Turnadot, Princess of China
ukred-17430 Memorial de Sainte Helene
ukred-17431 Stella
ukred-17432 Clavigo, a Tragedy
ukred-17433 Decomerone o ver Cento Novelle
ukred-17434 Christop Martin Wieland
ukred-17436 Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
ukred-17437 Egmont
ukred-17438 Decomerone o ver Cento Novelle
ukred-17440 Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
ukred-17441 Discourses on Livy
ukred-17444 The Age Of Bronze
ukred-17449 The Faerie Queene
ukred-17451 Life of Necker [Jacques?]
ukred-17452 Fiesco Or, The Conspiracy of Genoa: an Historical Tragedy
ukred-17460 Volksmahrchen der Deutschen
ukred-17483 Review of Edward Irving's The Orations and the Arguments For Judgment To Come
ukred-17498 [newspaper]
ukred-17503 For The Oracles Of God, Four Orations
ukred-17617 Proofs of 'Schiller's Life and Writings'
ukred-17618 Proofs of 'Schiller's Life and Writings'
ukred-18058 Charles V
ukred-18059 History of America
ukred-18060 Examiner (Newspaper Chat section)
ukred-18062 The Scotman
ukred-18126 Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship
ukred-18127 Review of Carlyle's translation of Goethe's Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship
ukred-18128 Works
ukred-18129 Wilhelm Meister's Wanderjahre
ukred-18144 The History of Sandford and Merton
ukred-18145 Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship
ukred-18148 Meister Wilhelm's Wanderjahre (first volume)
ukred-18151 Review of Carlyle's translation of Goethe's Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship
ukred-18156 Jack The Giant Killer
ukred-18157 The Wishing Cap
ukred-18158 Blue Beard
ukred-18982 private letter
ukred-19079 The Wishing Cap
ukred-19871 Autographs
ukred-19874 Letter dated 20th January 1825
ukred-19875 Letter dated 29th January
ukred-19876 The Courier
ukred-19917 Spanish Grammar
ukred-19918 Letter
ukred-19919 Letter
ukred-19920 Letter
ukred-19933 Leben Fibels
ukred-19934 Herbst-blumine oder gesammelte Wekchen aus Zeitschriften
ukred-19935 Die Flegeljahre
ukred-19940 Raphael
ukred-19941 Rudolph von Werdenberg
ukred-19942 Tinchen oder die Mannerprobe
ukred-19950 [German novel]
ukred-19951 Letter
ukred-19954 unknown
ukred-19956 Letter dated 13 June
ukred-19957 Will
ukred-19959 Letter dated 3 July
ukred-19960 Letter dated 20 July
ukred-19962 Letter dated 29th July 1825
ukred-19963 Letter dated 4 August
ukred-20001 Letter dated 9 October 1825
ukred-20004 Letter
ukred-20005 letter
ukred-22234 Thesis for medical degree "De Mentis Alientione" (On Diseases Of The Mind)
ukred-22236 Aminta
ukred-23051 Proofs
ukred-23052 Advertisement for Tea
ukred-23634 Unknown
ukred-23636 Title page and preface of 'German Romance'
ukred-23640 The Critique of Pure Reason
ukred-23641 Jean Paul Richters Leben
ukred-24100 Unknown
ukred-24101 Unknown
ukred-24683 Review of 'German Romance' by Thomas Carlyle
ukred-25716 Review of 'German Romance'
ukred-25930 Unknown
ukred-25935 Cottage Economy: A New Edition
ukred-25936 Review of 'State of German Literature'
ukred-26462 The Man of Feeling
ukred-26463 State of German Literature
ukred-26464 Preface to 'Constable's Miscellany' vol. 18, Schiller's Thirty Years War, I
ukred-26486 Edinburgh Review
ukred-26488 Recommendation
ukred-26782 Letter dated 6th Feb, Munich
ukred-26790 Package of Proofsheets
ukred-26792 Message about Aunt's death
ukred-27201 Life of Napoleon
ukred-27202 [German literature]
ukred-28572 Wilhelm Meisters Wanderjahre
ukred-28573 Correspondence
ukred-28574 Farbenlehre
ukred-28585 Thoughts on Laughter By a Chancery Barrister
ukred-28586 ?'Toxophilus' and 'The Scholemaster'
ukred-28587 Review of Victor Cousin's 'Cours de Philosophie' (Paris, 1828) in Edinburgh Review, XCIV (OCt 1829), 194-221
ukred-28593 Correspondence
ukred-28594 'Animal Magnetism'
ukred-28595 Literarischer Grundriss zur Geschichte der deutschen Poesie von der altesten Zeit, bis in das sechzhnte Jarhrundert
ukred-28596 History of Scotland
ukred-28597 The Examiner
ukred-28633 Orthodox and Catholic Doctrine of Our Lord's Human Nature
ukred-28634 The Examiner
ukred-28641 L'Organisateur inc Nos 32 & 36
ukred-28642 Nouveau Christianisme
ukred-28643 L'Industrie, ou discussions politiques, morales et philosophiques
ukred-28644 Le Producteur, journal philosophique de l'industrie, des sciences et des beaux-arts
ukred-28645 L'Education du genre humain
ukred-28646 Aux Artistes. Du Passe et du l'avenie des beaux-arts (Doctrine de Saint-Simon)
ukred-28673 The Picture of Scotland
ukred-28674 Scottish Songs and Ballads
ukred-28948 On Medical Quackery and Mr St John Long'
ukred-29181 Review of Sir Walter Scott's 'Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft, II'
ukred-29182 'Some passages from the Diary of the late Mr St John Long'
ukred-4418 Blackwoods Magazine
ukred-4420 [histories]
ukred-4421 'Fluxions' in Encyclopedia Britannica
ukred-4422 History of England
ukred-4423 History of England
ukred-4424 Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire
ukred-4425 Essays and Treatises on Several Subjects, 2 vols
ukred-5118 Exposition du systeme du monde
ukred-5119 Exposition du systeme du monde
ukred-5120 Elements of Geometry, Geometrical Analysis, and Plane Trigonometry
ukred-5121 Mecanique
ukred-5122 Lalla Rookh
ukred-5123 Childe Harold (Canto IV)
ukred-5124 Title unknown
ukred-5126 Philosophy of the Human Mind
ukred-6140 Life of Lorenzo Di Medici, 2 vols
ukred-6619 Voyage dans les Alpes
ukred-6620 Traite de Physique
ukred-6678 'Considerations on the French Revolution'
ukred-6679 Unknown
ukred-6680 Considerations Sur La Revolution Francaise
ukred-6681 Voyages dans les Alpes
ukred-6682 Memoires D'un Temoin De La Revolution
ukred-7300 Examination of some compounds which depend upon very weak affinities
ukred-7333 Unknown
ukred-7529 History of the Helvetic Confederacy
ukred-7530 Messiah
ukred-7531 America and her Resources
ukred-7532 Confessions
ukred-7534 France
ukred-7535 Voyage en Angleterre, en Ecosse et aux Iles Hebrides...
ukred-7536 Roderick, the Last of the Goths
ukred-7735 Philosophical and Political History of the Settlements and Trade of the Europeans in the East and West Indies, A
ukred-7736 Inscription to Raynal's 'History of the E. and W. Indies'
ukred-7737 Edinburgh Review
ukred-7738 Historical View of the English Government, An
ukred-7739 Historical View of the English Government, An
ukred-7826 Letter (date unknown)
ukred-7827 unknown