The Intellectual Life of the British Working Classes

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The Intellectual Life of the British Working Classes-1

Reading experiences

ukred-1012 [history]
ukred-1013 [poetry]
ukred-1014 [imaginative literature]
ukred-1015 L'Allegro
ukred-1016 Il Penseroso
ukred-1021 [classic histories]
ukred-1022 [voyages]
ukred-1023 Political Register
ukred-1024 Letters of Lord Chesterfield to his Son
ukred-1025 T.P. and Cassell's Weekly
ukred-1026 The Career of Catherine Bush
ukred-1030 The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
ukred-1031 Finnegan's Wake
ukred-1032 Sartor Resartus
ukred-1039 Dialogues
ukred-1040 The Golden Treasury
ukred-1043 Sartor Resartus
ukred-1049 'Ode on Solitude'
ukred-1050 Elements of Mental and Moral Science
ukred-1051 Moral Philosophy
ukred-1052 Logic
ukred-1059 Sartor Resartus
ukred-1060 Heroes and Hero-worship
ukred-1061 The French Revolution
ukred-1062 Heroes and Hero Worship
ukred-1063 Sartor Resartus
ukred-1326 [Essays]
ukred-1328 Sesame and Lilies
ukred-1329 Autocrat of the Breakfast Table
ukred-1330 Essays of Elia
ukred-1332 Life of Johnson
ukred-1333 The Life of Scott
ukred-1334 The Life of John Sterling
ukred-1335 Wuthering Heights
ukred-1336 Don Quixote
ukred-1337 Robinson Crusoe
ukred-1338 The Pilgrim's Progress
ukred-1339 The Imitation of Christ
ukred-1340 Sonnets
ukred-1344 Golden Treasury (ed.)
ukred-1349 Villette
ukred-1350 Jane Eyre
ukred-1351 [novels]
ukred-1353 Ivanhoe
ukred-1355 Unto this Last
ukred-1357 Past and Present
ukred-1358 Vanity Fair
ukred-1359 Les Miserables
ukred-1360 Wuthering Heights
ukred-1364 Queen Mab
ukred-1375 Tristram Shandy
ukred-1376 Utopia
ukred-1378 The World Set Free
ukred-1379 [biography of William Penn]
ukred-1386 Six Centuries of Work and Wages
ukred-1387 The French Revolution
ukred-1429 The Bible
ukred-1430 The Seasons
ukred-1433 [The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire?]
ukred-1434 The Rise of the Dutch Republic
ukred-1435 The Conquest of Mexico
ukred-1436 The Conquest of Peru
ukred-1437 The French Revolution
ukred-1443 Romeo and Juliet
ukred-1444 Jane Eyre
ukred-1445 Hiawatha
ukred-1446 'Ode on a Grecian Urn'
ukred-1447 'The Eve of St Agnes'
ukred-1448 'Bishop Blougram's Apology'
ukred-1449 'The Ring and the Book'
ukred-1451 'Daffodils'
ukred-1453 The Merchant of Venice
ukred-1458 Man and Superman
ukred-1463 [Meditations]?
ukred-1469 Evening Mail
ukred-1470 Self Help
ukred-1471 Self Help
ukred-1473 Jack and The Ostrich
ukred-1474 The Crucifixion of Philip Strong
ukred-1475 Strongdold the Gladiator
ukred-161 The History of Whittington and his Cat
ukred-163 The Iliad
ukred-167 The Bible
ukred-1783 Principles of Geology
ukred-1784 [book of world history]
ukred-1785 [weekly paper]
ukred-1803 British Weekly
ukred-1811 [Marxist Economics]
ukred-1812 Brave New World
ukred-1813 'Break, break, break'
ukred-1814 Pamela
ukred-1815 Waverley Novels
ukred-1816 Cranford
ukred-1818 Don Juan
ukred-1822 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
ukred-1824 The Family Reader
ukred-1825 The Daily Chronicle
ukred-1826 Lloyd's Weekly News
ukred-1827 Journey to the Centre of the Earth
ukred-1828 Chips
ukred-1829 The Butterfly
ukred-1830 Cinderella
ukred-1831 Jack and the Beanstalk
ukred-1832 The Life of Mansie Wauch
ukred-1833 [the story of Joseph]
ukred-1834 Jack the Giant Killer
ukred-1835 Sinbad the Sailor
ukred-1836 Beauty and the Beast
ukred-1837 Aladdin
ukred-1838 the Iliad
ukred-1839 The Odyssey
ukred-1840 Pilgrim's Progress
ukred-1841 Robinson Crusoe
ukred-1842 Gulliver's Travels
ukred-189 [travels]
ukred-190 [history]
ukred-192 [English classics]
ukred-1930 Pilgrim's Progress
ukred-1931 [The New Testament]
ukred-1933 [tale of Robin Hood]
ukred-1934 Jack the Giant Killer
ukred-1935 [Story of St George and the Dragon]
ukred-1936 The History of The Seven Champions
ukred-1937 Pilgrim's Progress
ukred-1938 The Bible
ukred-1939 Paradise Lost
ukred-1940 Robinson Crusoe
ukred-1941 [ghost stories]
ukred-1942 [highwayman stories]
ukred-1943 The Bible - Revelation, Kings, Chronicles, Gospels
ukred-1971 Robinson Crusoe
ukred-1973 The Anatomy of Melancholy
ukred-1975 Tom Jones
ukred-1977 The Faerie Queene
ukred-1978 Pilgrim's Progress
ukred-1979 [Old Testament]
ukred-1981 [tale of Robin Hood]
ukred-1983 [Old and New Testament]
ukred-1984 [penny dreadfuls]
ukred-1987 [Bible]
ukred-1988 [Bible]
ukred-1989 Pilgrim's Progress
ukred-1991 Pilgrim's Progress
ukred-1992 Robinson Crusoe
ukred-1993 Roderick Random
ukred-1994 Barry Lyndon
ukred-1995 The Scarlet Pimpernel
ukred-1996 Pilgrim's Progress
ukred-1997 [Sexton Blake stories]
ukred-1998 Pilgrim's Progress
ukred-1999 Pilgrim's Progress
ukred-199 [newspapers]
ukred-2005 Pilgrim's Progress
ukred-202 Paradise Lost
ukred-206 Pilgrim's Progress
ukred-207 The Two Covenants
ukred-210 The Shepherd of Salisbury Plain
ukred-211 The Farmer's Fireside
ukred-2152 [Bible]
ukred-2153 [Bible - Psalms]
ukred-2154 Robinson Crusoe
ukred-2357 Robinson Crusoe
ukred-2358 Robinson Crusoe
ukred-2360 Robinson Crusoe
ukred-2362 Robinson Crusoe
ukred-2363 [novels]
ukred-2364 [novels]
ukred-2365 [novels]
ukred-2366 Robinson Crusoe
ukred-2367 Pilgrim's Progress
ukred-2368 David Copperfield
ukred-2369 Oliver Twist
ukred-2371 [novels]
ukred-2372 The Athenaeum
ukred-2398 A Christmas Carol
ukred-2401 [history]
ukred-2402 Ancient History
ukred-2403 Ancient Universal History
ukred-2404 Chronicles of Scotland
ukred-2405 The Spectator
ukred-2406 The Rambler
ukred-2407 [poetry]
ukred-2408 [poetry]
ukred-2409 Paradise Lost
ukred-2410 [poems]
ukred-2421 Lay of the Last Minstrel
ukred-2424 Childe Harold
ukred-2425 The Lady of the Lake
ukred-2452 The Spectator
ukred-2453 Punch
ukred-2455 The Life of Ruskin
ukred-2456 Christie's Old Organ
ukred-2457 A Peep Behind the Scenes
ukred-2459 The Little Match Girl
ukred-2474 [Greek philosophy]
ukred-2475 Vanity Fair
ukred-2480 Three Men in a Boat
ukred-2481 Twelfth Night
ukred-2482 Julius Caesar
ukred-2483 A Midsummer Night's Dream
ukred-2487 Half Hours With Best Authors
ukred-2488 [a minor poem]
ukred-2494 Ethics
ukred-2495 Memorabilia
ukred-2496 Koran
ukred-2497 The Niebelunglied
ukred-2498 William Tell
ukred-2499 The Pickwick Papers
ukred-2500 David Copperfield
ukred-2501 [novels]
ukred-2761 History of England
ukred-2762 The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
ukred-2764 Pilgrim's Progress
ukred-2767 The Seasons
ukred-2768 Night Thoughts
ukred-2773 Rasselas
ukred-2774 Everyman
ukred-2775 Looking Backward: 2000-1887
ukred-2779 [lives and letters of Ancient Greece and Rome]
ukred-2786 "Gulliver's Travels"
ukred-2787 "Robinson Crusoe"
ukred-2788 Tales from Shakespeare
ukred-2797 Bible
ukred-2800 Rookwood
ukred-2801 "The Headless Horseman"
ukred-2806 Arabian Nights
ukred-2808 "The Golden Bough"
ukred-2810 [Greek myths]
ukred-2812 [Freudian psychology]
ukred-2813 [industrial administration]
ukred-2814 [political history]
ukred-2820 Essays in Scepticism
ukred-2821 The Decline of the West
ukred-2822 The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
ukred-2823 Ode to the West Wind
ukred-2824 Lycidas
ukred-2826 Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard
ukred-2827 [Ancient Greek literature]
ukred-2828 [plays]
ukred-2832 Life of Johnson
ukred-2834 [works]
ukred-2835 Bible
ukred-2836 A Grammar of the English Language in a Series of Letters
ukred-3058 [unknown, poetry]
ukred-3059 [unknown, poetry]
ukred-3060 [unknown, poetry]
ukred-3061 [unknown, poetry]
ukred-3062 [unknown]
ukred-3063 [unknown]
ukred-3064 [unknown]
ukred-3065 [unknown]
ukred-3066 [unknown]
ukred-3067 [unknown]
ukred-3068 [unknown]
ukred-3069 [unknown]
ukred-3070 [unknown]
ukred-3267 Chambers's Journal
ukred-3268 The Pickwick Papers
ukred-3269 The Old Curiosity Shop
ukred-3270 David Copperfield
ukred-3271 [unknown]
ukred-3272 [unknown]
ukred-3273 [unknown]
ukred-3274 Robinson Crusoe
ukred-3275 Quentin Durward
ukred-3276 Ivanhoe
ukred-3277 Waverley
ukred-3278 Kidnapped
ukred-3279 Treasure Island
ukred-3280 Two Years Before the Mast
ukred-3281 [Travels: perhaps, 'Missionary Travels And Researches In South Africa']
ukred-3282 [Travels - probably 'Farthest North']
ukred-3283 [Travels]
ukred-3284 [Travels in the Antarctic]
ukred-3285 Bible
ukred-3286 The Merchant of Venice
ukred-3287 Julius Caesar
ukred-3288 The Tempest
ukred-3289 Much Ado about Nothing
ukred-3290 [unknown]
ukred-3291 [unknown]
ukred-3292 [unknown]
ukred-3293 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
ukred-3294 [unknown]
ukred-3295 Nicholas Nickleby
ukred-3296 David Copperfield
ukred-3297 Oliver Twist
ukred-3298 A Tale of Two Cities
ukred-3299 The Old Curiosity Shop
ukred-3300 A Christmas Carol
ukred-3301 The Cloister and the Hearth
ukred-3302 [unknown]
ukred-3303 Major Barbara
ukred-3304 John Bull's Other Island
ukred-3305 The Doctor's Dilemma
ukred-3306 Man and Superman
ukred-3307 The Shewing up of Blanco Posnet
ukred-3308 The Devil's Disciple
ukred-3309 You Never Can Tell
ukred-3310 Socialism and Superior Brains
ukred-3311 Fabian Essays
ukred-3312 An Unsocial Socialist
ukred-3313 The Irrational Knot
ukred-3314 [unknown]
ukred-3315 [unknown]
ukred-3316 [unknown]
ukred-3317 Industrial Democracy
ukred-3318 [unknown]
ukred-3319 Towards Democracy
ukred-3320 The Intermediate Sex
ukred-3321 [unknown]
ukred-3322 [unknown]
ukred-3323 The Republic
ukred-3325 Poverty, A Study of Town Life
ukred-3326 [basic economics textbook]
ukred-3327 Little Women
ukred-3328 [works]
ukred-3329 [unknown]
ukred-3330 [unknown]
ukred-3331 [unknown]
ukred-3332 [unknown]
ukred-3333 [unknown]
ukred-3334 Vanity Fair
ukred-3335 The Rubiyat of Omar Khayyam
ukred-3336 [unknown]
ukred-3337 [various history and biography]
ukred-3338 The Old Curiosity Shop
ukred-3339 The Innocents Abroad, or The New Pilgrims' Progress
ukred-3340 The Scarlet Pimpernel
ukred-3341 Bible
ukred-3342 David Copperfield
ukred-3343 The Old Curiosity Shop
ukred-3344 Lorna Doone
ukred-3345 [unknown]
ukred-3346 [Travels, probably 'Missionary Travels And Researches In South Africa']
ukred-3347 [probably 'The Voyage of the Beagle']
ukred-3348 [unknown]
ukred-3349 [unknown]
ukred-3350 [unknown]
ukred-3351 [unknown]
ukred-3352 [unknown]
ukred-3353 Golden Treasury of English Song and Lyrics
ukred-3354 [unknown]
ukred-3355 [unknown]
ukred-3356 Aristotle's Masterpiece
ukred-3357 Aristotle's Masterpiece
ukred-3358 [medical folio]
ukred-3360 Bible
ukred-3361 [unknown]
ukred-3362 [unknown]
ukred-3363 [unknown]
ukred-3365 [physiology textbooks]
ukred-3366 Gargantua and Pantagruel
ukred-3368 A Mummer's Wife
ukred-3369 Tess of the d'Urbervilles
ukred-3370 Hatter's Castle
ukred-3371 The Well of Loneliness
ukred-3377 [medical book]
ukred-3378 Foxe's Book of Martyrs
ukred-3811 [sexual grafitti]
ukred-3813 [scandalous news stories in local press]
ukred-3814 Lloyd's Weekly News
ukred-3815 Measure for Measure
ukred-3816 The Song of Solomon
ukred-3818 [old plays]
ukred-3822 In Darkest England and the Way Out
ukred-3824 [unknown]
ukred-3826 Dictionary of Medicine
ukred-3827 Leviticus
ukred-3828 [unknown]
ukred-3832 Plain Home Talk and Cyclopaedia
ukred-3833 [home medical books]
ukred-3834 [unknown-works]
ukred-3835 [encyclopaedias]
ukred-3836 Song of Solomon
ukred-3837 Genesis (story of Jacob and Esau)
ukred-3838 The Cloister and the Hearth
ukred-3839 [unknown]
ukred-3840 [unknown]
ukred-3842 Resurrection
ukred-3843 Sexual Ethics
ukred-3844 The Great Scourge
ukred-3845 New Age
ukred-3846 Freewoman
ukred-3847 Jude the Obscure
ukred-3848 Love's Coming of Age
ukred-3849 The New Machiavelli
ukred-3850 Ann Veronica
ukred-3851 [book on birth control]
ukred-3852 [book on sex]
ukred-3853 [book on sex]
ukred-3854 Kama Sutra
ukred-3859 The Times
ukred-3860 The Daily Telegraph
ukred-3861 Referee
ukred-3862 John Bull Magazine
ukred-3909 Daily Chronicle
ukred-4116 Utopia
ukred-4117 Republic
ukred-4118 Essays
ukred-4119 probably Don Quixote
ukred-4120 View of the Evidences of Christianity
ukred-4122 Riddle of the Universe
ukred-4123 The Study of Sociology
ukred-4124 Meditations
ukred-4145 Golden Treasury of English Songs and Lyrics
ukred-4152 The Faerie Queene
ukred-4164 The History of England from the Accession of James II
ukred-4167 Bible
ukred-4170 The Crown of Wild olive: Three Lectures on Work, Traffic and War
ukred-4218 [unknown]
ukred-4224 The Canterbury Tales
ukred-4226 On the Origin of Species
ukred-4227 Ballad of Reading Gaol
ukred-4228 The Deserted Village
ukred-4230 The Charge of the Light Brigade
ukred-4232 presumably Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
ukred-4236 Don Quixote
ukred-4237 Clarion (literary pages)
ukred-4244 [Sherlock Holmes Stories]
ukred-4245 [African stories]
ukred-4247 [illustrated weeklies]
ukred-4248 Punch
ukred-4249 Truth
ukred-4250 Review of Reviews
ukred-4258 The Iron Heel
ukred-4259 [council regulations]
ukred-4278 Tess of the d'Urbervilles
ukred-4284 Das Kapital
ukred-4285 Wealth of Nations
ukred-4286 The Descent of Man
ukred-4297 Justice
ukred-4298 The Socialist
ukred-4299 A Summary of Marx's 'Capital'
ukred-4300 The Clarion
ukred-4302 Das Kapital
ukred-4304 Das Kapital
ukred-4305 Straight and Crooked Thinking
ukred-4309 [all works]
ukred-4311 The Human Comedy
ukred-4312 Critique of Pure Reason
ukred-4313 The Mistaken Subtlety of the Four-Sided Figure
ukred-4315 The Overcoat
ukred-4316 The Nose
ukred-4317 The Madman's Diary
ukred-4318 The Peasant War in Germany
ukred-4319 The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State
ukred-4361 Les Miserables
ukred-4362 Nore Dame de Paris (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)
ukred-4460 [unknown]
ukred-4461 [most works]
ukred-4462 [unknown]
ukred-4463 [poetry]
ukred-4464 [unknown]
ukred-4465 [unknown]
ukred-4466 [unknown]
ukred-4467 [children's comics]
ukred-4468 Oliver Twist
ukred-4469 Little Dorrit
ukred-4470 [stories in the Gem]
ukred-4471 [stories in the Magnet]
ukred-4472 [stories in the Magnet]
ukred-4473 [stories in the Gem]
ukred-4474 [stories in the Magnet]
ukred-4475 [stories in the Magnet]
ukred-4476 [stories in the Magnet]
ukred-4477 [stories in the Gem]
ukred-4478 [stories in the Gem]
ukred-4479 [stories in the Magnet]
ukred-4480 [stories in the Magnet]
ukred-4481 [stories in the Gem]
ukred-4483 [school stories]
ukred-4484 [school stories in the Gem]
ukred-4485 [school stories in the Magnet]
ukred-4486 [school stories in the Magnet]
ukred-4487 [school stories in the Gem]
ukred-4488 [school stories in the Magnet]
ukred-4489 Tom Brown's School Days
ukred-4490 The Fifth Form at St Dominic's
ukred-4491 [short school story]
ukred-4492 [school stories from The Captain]
ukred-4493 [unknown]
ukred-4494 [boys' weeklies]
ukred-4495 [unknown]
ukred-4496 [unknown]
ukred-4497 [unknown]
ukred-4498 [unknown]
ukred-4499 [school stories in The Magnet]
ukred-4500 [school stories in The Gem]
ukred-4501 [school stories]
ukred-4502 The Magnet
ukred-4503 The Boy's Own Paper
ukred-4504 [novels]
ukred-4505 The Clarion
ukred-4506 The Freethinker
ukred-4507 The Struggle of the Bulgarians for National Independence
ukred-4508 The Filipino Martyrs
ukred-4547 The Magnet
ukred-4548 The Gem
ukred-4549 [unknown]
ukred-4550 [unknown]
ukred-4551 [unknown]
ukred-4552 [unknown]
ukred-4553 The Beano
ukred-4554 [unknown]
ukred-4555 The Glasgow Herald
ukred-4556 The Manchester Guardian
ukred-4557 [unknown -Rights of Man?]
ukred-4558 The Daily Chronicle
ukred-4559 [unknown]
ukred-4560 [unknown]
ukred-4561 [unknown]
ukred-4562 [unknown]
ukred-4563 [unknown]
ukred-4564 [travel books]
ukred-4565 Mercure de France
ukred-4566 [unknown]
ukred-4567 [unknown]
ukred-4568 [unknown]
ukred-4569 [unknown]
ukred-4570 [unknown]
ukred-4571 [unknown]
ukred-4572 [unknown]
ukred-4573 Don Quixote
ukred-4574 Eugenie Grandet
ukred-4575 Fathers and Sons
ukred-4576 Royal Reader
ukred-4577 [history reader]
ukred-4578 Narrative of the Operations and Recent Discoveries within the Pyramids, Temples, Tombs and Excavations in Egypt and Nubia, &c.
ukred-4580 [St Winifred's School Stories]
ukred-4582 [School Stories]
ukred-4583 [School Stories in the Magnet and the Gem]
ukred-4584 A Voyage Round the World
ukred-4586 A Voyage Round the World
ukred-4587 [Accounts of three voyages round the world]
ukred-4588 Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile, In the Years 1768, 1769,1770, 1771, 1772 and 1773.
ukred-4589 Travels in the Interior Districts of Africa: Performed in the Years 1795, 1796, and 1797
ukred-4918 From Log Cabin to White House
ukred-4919 [American History]
ukred-4920 [unknown]
ukred-4921 [unknown]
ukred-4922 Little Women
ukred-4923 Good Wives
ukred-4924 What Katy Did
ukred-4925 Anne of Avonlea
ukred-4926 Tom Sawyer
ukred-4927 Huckleberry Finn
ukred-4928 The Last of the Mohicans
ukred-4929 Christian Science Monitor
ukred-4930 [war poems]
ukred-4931 [war poems]
ukred-4932 A Farewell to Arms
ukred-4933 Goodbye to All That
ukred-4934 Undertones of War
ukred-4935 [newspapers]
ukred-4955 Robin Hood
ukred-4956 Jack Sheppard
ukred-4957 Dick Turpin
ukred-4958 Charles Peace
ukred-4959 Dick Turpin
ukred-4960 Three Fingered Jack
ukred-4961 Sonnets
ukred-4962 [poems]
ukred-4963 [unknown]
ukred-4964 [unknown]
ukred-4965 [penny dreadfuls]
ukred-4973 Union Jack
ukred-4974 [various works, abridged]
ukred-4975 Chatterbox Christmas Annual
ukred-4976 Boys' Friend
ukred-4977 The Rise of the Dutch Republic
ukred-4978 [history]
ukred-4979 [probably The History of England from the Accession of James II]
ukred-4980 [Spanish history]
ukred-4981 History of Rome
ukred-4982 [penny dreadfuls about Dick Turpin and Buffalo Bill]
ukred-4983 Robinson Crusoe
ukred-4984 [Waverley Novels]
ukred-4985 The Last of the Mohicans
ukred-4986 ['Penny Bloods']
ukred-4988 Treasure Island
ukred-4995 [dime novels]
ukred-4999 [penny horror stories]
ukred-5000 [penny fairy stories]
ukred-5010 [novels]
ukred-5011 [history]
ukred-5012 [biblical criticism]
ukred-5013 [treatises on algebra and geometry]
ukred-5014 Bible
ukred-5015 Ancient History
ukred-5016 Bible
ukred-5017 [Sunday School prize books]
ukred-5018 POst Office Directory, 1867
ukred-5019 [unknown]
ukred-5020 [unknown]
ukred-5021 [unknown]
ukred-5022 [unknown]
ukred-5023 Pilgrim's Progress
ukred-5024 The Holy War
ukred-5025 Uncle Tom's Cabin
ukred-5026 [religious magazines]
ukred-5027 The Adventures of a Penny
ukred-5028 Cassell's History of England
ukred-5029 ['twopenny bloods']
ukred-5030 The Wizard
ukred-5031 [a handbook for vegetarians]
ukred-5032 Jane Eyre
ukred-5033 Tarzan and the Jewels of Ophir
ukred-5034 HIstory of the Conquest of Peru
ukred-5035 Rip van Winkle
ukred-5036 the Hotspur
ukred-5037 The Gem
ukred-5038 Magnet, The
ukred-5039 [Sexton Blake Stories]
ukred-5049 Conquest of Peru, The
ukred-5050 Conquest of Mexico, The
ukred-5051 Canterbury Tales, The
ukred-5232 [unknown]
ukred-5233 Faust
ukred-5234 Don Quixote
ukred-5235 Bible, the
ukred-5236 Pilgrim's Progress, The
ukred-5241 Cloister and the Hearth, The
ukred-5242 Iliad, the
ukred-5243 Don Juan
ukred-5244 Quo Vadis
ukred-5245 She
ukred-5249 Essays of Elia
ukred-5267 [study of David Hume]
ukred-5277 [boys' papers]
ukred-5278 [unknown]
ukred-5279 [unknown]
ukred-5280 [unknown]
ukred-5281 [unknown]
ukred-5282 [unknown]
ukred-5283 [unknown]
ukred-5284 [unknown]
ukred-5285 John O' London's Weekly
ukred-5286 Moby Dick
ukred-5287 Lord Jim
ukred-5288 Crime and Punishment
ukred-5289 Wuthering Heights
ukred-5290 [detective thrillers]
ukred-5291 [Western novels]
ukred-5292 [local and sports papers]
ukred-5293 [local and sports papers]
ukred-5294 [Western novels]
ukred-5295 [detective thrillers]
ukred-5296 [children's books]
ukred-5297 [travel books, including some on Tibet]
ukred-5298 The Wizard
ukred-5299 The Hotspur
ukred-5300 The Illustrated News History of the 1914-18 War
ukred-5301 [books on model railways]
ukred-5302 The Seven Pillars of Wisdom
ukred-5303 [a Latin-English Dictionary]
ukred-5305 [speeches on agnosticism]
ukred-5307 Self Reliance
ukred-5308 [unknown]
ukred-5310 [unknown]
ukred-5312 [unknown]
ukred-5313 [unknown]
ukred-5314 [unknown]
ukred-5315 [unknown]
ukred-5317 Lives
ukred-5318 [unknown]
ukred-5319 [unknown]
ukred-5320 [unknown]
ukred-5321 Psychoneurosis
ukred-5332 Life and Literature
ukred-5335 Laughter: An Essay on the Meaning of the Comic
ukred-5336 The World as Will and Idea
ukred-5361 The Magnet
ukred-5362 The Gem
ukred-5363 The Boy's Own Paper
ukred-5364 The Magnet
ukred-5365 Treasure Island
ukred-5366 Jane Eyre
ukred-5367 Masterman Ready, or the Wreck in the Pacific
ukred-5368 [account of Bounty mutiny]
ukred-5369 Sir Nigel
ukred-5370 Lorna Doone
ukred-5603 [Jack, Sam and Pete stories]
ukred-5604 Dick Onslow Among the Red Indians
ukred-5605 Jessica's First Prayer
ukred-5606 Christie's Old Organ
ukred-5607 Froggy's Little Brother
ukred-5608 [pious fiction]
ukred-5619 [pious novels]
ukred-5620 [pious novels]
ukred-5621 [pious novels]
ukred-5623 Pride and Prejudice
ukred-5624 Jane Eyre
ukred-5625 Alice in Wonderland
ukred-5626 [unknown]
ukred-5627 [probably The Wind in the Willows etc]
ukred-5629 [unknown]
ukred-5639 Robinson Crusoe
ukred-5640 Pilgrim's Progress
ukred-5641 History of England
ukred-5642 History of Rome
ukred-5643 [ballads]
ukred-5644 Parismus and Parismenus
ukred-5645 [magazines]
ukred-5646 Bible
ukred-5647 The Imitation of Christ
ukred-5648 Algebra
ukred-5650 The Waste Land
ukred-5651 [poetry]
ukred-5659 The Stones of Venice
ukred-5660 Modern Painters
ukred-5661 The Seven Lamps of Architecture
ukred-5663 The Crown of Wild Olives
ukred-5670 Robinson Crusoe
ukred-5671 She
ukred-5672 The Last of the Mohicans
ukred-5673 Around the World in Eighty Days
ukred-5674 The Idiot
ukred-5675 The Brothers Karamazov
ukred-5676 [unknown]
ukred-5677 [unknown]
ukred-5678 In Memoriam
ukred-5682 [unknown]
ukred-5684 [unknown]
ukred-5685 [unknown]
ukred-5686 [unknown]
ukred-5687 [unknown]
ukred-5689 [unknown]
ukred-5690 [unknown]
ukred-5691 [unknown]
ukred-5692 [unknown]
ukred-5693 [unknown]
ukred-5694 [unknown]
ukred-5695 [unknown]
ukred-5700 [poem]
ukred-5702 Sartor Resartus
ukred-5703 Sesame and Lilies
ukred-5704 Les Miserables
ukred-5705 Das Kapital
ukred-5725 [works]
ukred-5726 [unknown]
ukred-5727 [unknown]
ukred-5728 [unknown]
ukred-5729 [unknown]
ukred-5730 [unknown]
ukred-5731 [unknown]
ukred-5732 [unknown]
ukred-5733 [unknown]
ukred-5734 [unknown]
ukred-5735 [unknown]
ukred-5736 [unknown]
ukred-5737 [unknown]
ukred-5738 [unknown]
ukred-5739 [unknown]
ukred-5740 [Deadeye Dick stories]
ukred-5741 [unknown]
ukred-5742 [unknown]
ukred-5743 [works]
ukred-5744 Odyssey
ukred-5745 The Earthly Paradise
ukred-5746 Jude the Obscure
ukred-5747 [unknown]
ukred-5748 [unknown]
ukred-5749 [unknown]
ukred-5750 [unknown]
ukred-5751 [unknown]
ukred-5752 [unknown]
ukred-5753 [unknown]
ukred-5961 Pilgrim's Progress
ukred-5962 Robinson Crusoe
ukred-5963 [unknown]
ukred-5965 Roget's Thesaurus
ukred-5966 [unknown]
ukred-5967 Appearance and Reality
ukred-5969 Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals
ukred-5970 The Theory of the Leisure Class
ukred-5981 article in The New Age
ukred-5982 The Twilight of the Idols
ukred-5983 Ecce Homo
ukred-5997 [unknown]
ukred-5998 [unknown]
ukred-5999 [unknown]
ukred-6000 [unknown]
ukred-6001 [unknown]
ukred-6002 Scenes de la Boheme
ukred-6003 A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
ukred-6004 [unknown]
ukred-6006 [unknown]
ukred-6007 [unknown
ukred-6008 Adam Bede
ukred-6009 The Cloister and the Hearth
ukred-6010 Orlando
ukred-6011 Ulysses
ukred-6012 [unknown]
ukred-6014 Paradise Regained
ukred-6015 Prelude, The
ukred-6018 Modern Painters
ukred-6019 [unknown]
ukred-6020 [unknown]
ukred-6021 [unknown]
ukred-6029 The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
ukred-6030 The Waste Land
ukred-6031 Lady Chatterley's Lover
ukred-6032 Ulysses
ukred-6033 John O' London's
ukred-6034 The Nation
ukred-6035 Psychology
ukred-6036 Psychology of the Boy
ukred-6037 The Tempest
ukred-6038 The Forsaken Merman
ukred-6039 Grantchester
ukred-6040 The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
ukred-6041 'The Waste Land'
ukred-6042 [Russian literature]
ukred-6043 [unknown]
ukred-6044 [unknown]
ukred-7238 [unknown]
ukred-7239 [Unknown]
ukred-931 The Age of Reason
ukred-932 The Seasons
ukred-933 Pilgrim's Progress
ukred-934 New Testament
ukred-935 Messiah
ukred-950 [unknown]
ukred-957 Peep of Day
ukred-958 Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile, In the Years 1768, 1769, 1770, 1771, 1772 and 1773.
ukred-959 [Probably] 'The Albert N'yanza, Great Basin of the Nile, and Explorations of the Nile Sources'
ukred-962 History of England
ukred-963 Far from the Madding Crowd
ukred-968 The Sorrows of Young Werther
ukred-969 Lives of the Poets
ukred-971 The Bible
ukred-973 The Wealth of Nations
ukred-974 Principles of Political Economy
ukred-975 Principles of Economics
ukred-976 [history and philosophy]
ukred-980 [poems]
ukred-981 History of Philosophy
ukred-982 Jude the Obscure
ukred-983 [poetry]
ukred-984 [poetry]
ukred-985 The Spectator
ukred-986 The Persian Letters
ukred-987 Letters