Harriet Martineau's Autobiography

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Harriet Martineau's Autobiography-1

Reading experiences

ukred-10013 Lowth's Prelections in Latin
ukred-10014 Agricola
ukred-10015 Translation of the Agricola of Tacitus
ukred-12103 The Bible
ukred-12104 Notes and Observations on the Gospel History
ukred-12105 Articles: Mental and Moral Philosophy & Systemic Education
ukred-12106 Translation of 'Helons Pilgrimage from Jerusalem'
ukred-6621 Gay's Fables
ukred-6622 New Testament
ukred-6623 Old and New Testament
ukred-6624 Paradise Lost
ukred-9329 The Globe (Newspaper)
ukred-9332 The Monthly Repository
ukred-9603 Latin grammar
ukred-9607 unknown
ukred-9610 "On the System of Malthus"
ukred-9611 [Books on logic]
ukred-9612 [Books on rhetoric]
ukred-9613 [History books]
ukred-9614 Il Penseroso
ukred-9615 L'Allegro
ukred-9616 L'Allegro
ukred-9617 Il Penseroso
ukred-9622 [Italian prose texts]
ukred-9623 [Italian poetry]
ukred-9624 sonnets
ukred-9625 Rhetoric
ukred-9626 The Bible
ukred-9627 Notes and Observations on the Gospel History
ukred-9628 Helon's Pilgrimage to Jerusalem
ukred-9629 unknown
ukred-9630 unknown
ukred-9631 article on "Female Writers on Practical Divinity"
ukred-9632 Devotional Exercises
ukred-9633 unknown
ukred-9634 [Classical texts]
ukred-9636 The Globe
ukred-9637 My Servant Rachel
ukred-9638 Conversations on Political Economy
ukred-9639 The Koran
ukred-9640 Faust
ukred-9641 [Texts on American geography and politics]
ukred-9642 "South Africa"
ukred-9643 "West Indies"
ukred-9644 "Highlands and Islands of Scotland"
ukred-9645 "Weal and Woe in Garveloch"
ukred-9646 [Article attacking Harriet Martineau]
ukred-9647 volume containing "Garveloch" stories
ukred-9648 Series of Tales
ukred-9649 [Blue-book on Ireland]
ukred-9650 [Blue-book on "Colonization"]
ukred-9690 Stories including "Cousin Marshall"
ukred-9691 Stories including "Cousin Marshall"
ukred-9693 Hamlet
ukred-9694 [work on Holland]
ukred-9696 unknown
ukred-9697 unknown
ukred-9698 Columbo almanack
ukred-9700 newspapers
ukred-9702 The Times
ukred-9704 Stories including "Cousin Marshall"
ukred-9706 Life and Correspondence
ukred-9709 The Monthly Repository
ukred-9712 "ribald" song about Harriet Martineau
ukred-9714 unknown
ukred-9716 poems
ukred-9717 Plays on the Passions
ukred-9718 Journal
ukred-9719 The Admiral's Daughter
ukred-9720 Two Old Men's Tales (including The Admiral's Daughter)
ukred-9721 Tales
ukred-9722 Caleb Williams
ukred-9723 Paracelsus
ukred-9724 Sordello
ukred-9725 The Favourite of Nature
ukred-9726 Reminiscences of Thought and Feeling
ukred-9727 Brothers and Sisters
ukred-9730 Lalla Rookh
ukred-9731 novels
ukred-9732 novels
ukred-9734 travel writing
ukred-9737 Temper, or Domestic Scenes: A Tale
ukred-9739 Temper, or Domestic Scenes: A Tale
ukred-9754 [Article on St. Domingo]
ukred-9755 Biographie Universelle
ukred-9756 work on Toussaint L'Ouverture
ukred-9757 [Police report]
ukred-9758 Stories including "Ella of Garveloch"
ukred-9759 [Order of coronation service]
ukred-9760 unknown
ukred-9761 Order of Queen Victoria's coronation service
ukred-9762 [article]
ukred-9763 Floods in Morayshire
ukred-9764 Penny Cyclopedia
ukred-9765 Retrospect of Western Travel
ukred-9766 [work on Norway]
ukred-9767 Travels
ukred-9768 unknown
ukred-9769 unknown
ukred-9770 articles on Household Education
ukred-9773 Deerbrook
ukred-9774 Jane Eyre
ukred-9775 Household Education
ukred-9776 Letter to Assistant poor-law Commissioner
ukred-9777 Letter
ukred-9778 Letter
ukred-9779 Letter on "distribution of the brain"
ukred-9780 Letters on the Laws of Man's Nature and Development
ukred-9781 unknown
ukred-9782 Chapter on Auguste Comte
ukred-9783 "epitome" (relating to Auguste Comte)
ukred-9784 unknown
ukred-9785 The Irish Sketch-Book by M. A. Titmarsh
ukred-9786 The History of Henry Esmond Esq
ukred-9787 The History of Pendennis
ukred-9947 A Memoir of Jane Austen