Alfred Lord Tennyson: A Memoir by His Son

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ukred-21222 stories
ukred-21224 Analecta Graeca Minora
ukred-21225 Eton Latin Grammar
ukred-21226 Samson Agonistes
ukred-21227 The Prisoner of Chillon
ukred-21242 unknown
ukred-21243 The Bride of Lammermoor
ukred-21254 Timbuctoo
ukred-21255 Poems, Chiefly Lyrical
ukred-21258 Philosophie Moderne
ukred-21300 Don Quixote
ukred-21301 Destiny
ukred-21302 Inheritance
ukred-21304 Emma
ukred-21305 Emma
ukred-21306 Persuasion
ukred-21307 'The Lotos-Eaters'
ukred-21308 Characteristics
ukred-21309 'The Lady of Shalott'
ukred-21310 sonnets
ukred-21311 Wilhelm Meister
ukred-21399 'Highland sonnets'
ukred-21400 'The Egyptian Maid, or, The Romance of the Water Lily'
ukred-21405 Eustace Conway
ukred-21406 Arthur Coningsby
ukred-21407 Comus
ukred-21408 'Morte d'Arthur'
ukred-21409 'The Day-Dream'
ukred-21410 'The Lord of Burleigh'
ukred-21411 'Dora'
ukred-21412 'The Gardener's Daughter'
ukred-21413 'Michael'
ukred-21416 Travels
ukred-21417 'Geology'
ukred-21418 'anecdotes of Methodist ministers'
ukred-21419 'book of English verse by a Welshman'
ukred-21420 'In Memoriam' verses
ukred-21421 Poems
ukred-21422 Poems
ukred-21423 Poems
ukred-21424 poems
ukred-21425 poems
ukred-21427 Ellen Middleton
ukred-21428 'medical books'
ukred-21430 Oedipus Coloneus
ukred-21431 The Adventures of Ferdinand, Count Fathom
ukred-21436 poem on Italy
ukred-21437 Poems
ukred-21438 'The Sleeping Beauty'
ukred-21439 A Rhyming Chronicle of Incidents and Feelings
ukred-21440 'A Sorrowful Tale'
ukred-21441 History of Ireland
ukred-21442 Cromwell
ukred-21443 'Frederick'
ukred-21444 Latter Days
ukred-21445 stanzas from In Memoriam
ukred-21446 stanzas from In Memoriam
ukred-21447 works
ukred-21448 Bible
ukred-21449 works on Bible
ukred-21450 philosophical texts
ukred-21451 In Memoriam
ukred-21452 Alton Locke
ukred-21453 novels
ukred-21454 Apocalypse
ukred-21455 Nineveh
ukred-21456 'Astronomy'
ukred-21467 Ode on the Death of the Duke of Wellington
ukred-21468 Hypatia
ukred-21469 Flowering Plants
ukred-21470 Fairy Stories
ukred-21471 Persian grammar
ukred-21472 The Angel in the House
ukred-21473 Aeneid VI
ukred-21474 'description of Hades'
ukred-21475 Plurality of Worlds
ukred-21476 Inferno
ukred-21477 'account of the Bretons'
ukred-21478 account of Charge of the Light Brigade
ukred-21479 Hylas
ukred-21480 The Island of Cos
ukred-21481 The Syracusan Women
ukred-21482 Maud (sections)
ukred-21483 The Lady of the Lake
ukred-21484 Helena
ukred-21485 Maud
ukred-21487 Sonnets
ukred-21488 The English Humourists of the Eighteenth Century
ukred-21489 'History'
ukred-21490 Cromwell
ukred-21814 The Charge of the Light Brigade
ukred-21817 Maud
ukred-21818 12-canto poem on battle of Waterloo
ukred-21819 texts used in teaching self to read
ukred-21820 Maud
ukred-21821 Maud
ukred-21822 The Curse of Boadicea
ukred-21824 The Odyssey
ukred-21825 Hanes Cymru
ukred-21826 Mabinogion
ukred-21827 Llywarch Hen
ukred-21828 poems
ukred-21829 Tom Brown's Schooldays
ukred-21986 Philosophy of History
ukred-21987 work on Bible
ukred-21995 'The Grandmother'
ukred-21996 Friendship of Books
ukred-21997 Morte d'Arthur
ukred-21998 Paradise Lost
ukred-21999 The Rape of the Lock
ukred-22000 In Memoriam A. H. H.
ukred-22001 On the Origin of Species
ukred-22002 Idylls of the King
ukred-22003 'The splendour falls...'
ukred-22004 Guinevere
ukred-22005 The Maid of Astolat
ukred-22006 The Maid of Astolat
ukred-22007 The Lily Maid
ukred-22008 Idylls of the King
ukred-22018 Boadicea
ukred-22019 Morte d'Arthur
ukred-22020 The Two Voices
ukred-22021 The Iliad
ukred-22022 Zohrab the Hostage
ukred-22023 Dedication, Idylls of the King
ukred-22024 Guinevere
ukred-22025 In Memoriam
ukred-22026 Clarissa
ukred-22027 inscription
ukred-22028 'Edel sei der Mensch'
ukred-22029 Preface to Speeches of Prince Albert
ukred-22030 Essay on Alfred Tennyson's Poems, Chiefly Lyrical
ukred-22031 Poems, Chiefly Lyrical
ukred-22032 Praying and Working
ukred-22033 poetry
ukred-22034 Othello
ukred-22035 Voyages
ukred-22085 Enoch Arden
ukred-22086 Enoch Arden
ukred-22087 The Northern Farmer
ukred-22088 Book of Job
ukred-22090 First Epistle
ukred-22091 The Northern Farmer
ukred-22092 The Northern Farmer
ukred-22093 Prize Poems
ukred-22094 Guinevere
ukred-22207 The Northern Farmer
ukred-22208 The Grandmother
ukred-22209 'Faithless Nelly Gray'
ukred-22210 'Faithless Sally Brown'
ukred-22211 'Tim Turpin'
ukred-22212 'Ben Battle'
ukred-22213 Whims and Oddities
ukred-22214 The Victim, or The Norse Queen
ukred-22215 The Voyage
ukred-22216 In the Valley of Cauteretz
ukred-22217 'Take My Love'
ukred-22218 Songs
ukred-22219 The Reign of Law
ukred-22220 Flodden Field
ukred-22221 Prometheus Bound
ukred-22222 Georgics I
ukred-22224 Book of Job
ukred-22225 Song of Solomon
ukred-22226 Book of Genesis
ukred-22227 article on the Talmud
ukred-22228 Enoch Arden
ukred-22229 Enoch Arden
ukred-22230 The San Graal
ukred-22231 The San Graal
ukred-22232 The San Graal
ukred-22630 'The Woodman's Beare'
ukred-22631 The Holy Grail
ukred-22632 'birth and marriage of "Arthur"'
ukred-22633 The Coming of Arthur
ukred-22634 The Ring and the Book
ukred-22635 "The San Graal"
ukred-22637 Legion Club
ukred-22638 Legion Club
ukred-22639 epigram
ukred-22640 epigram
ukred-22641 Maud
ukred-22642 Idylls of the King
ukred-22643 Alfred the Great
ukred-22644 Life of Christ
ukred-22645 Endeavours After a Christian Life
ukred-22646 European Morals
ukred-22647 Social Morals
ukred-22648 Aeneid IV
ukred-22649 Diary
ukred-22650 ?work on ornithology
ukred-22651 Edinburgh Royal Society Transactions
ukred-22652 'Tristram'
ukred-22653 'Guinevere'
ukred-22654 'book about Russia'
ukred-22655 Fraser's Magazine
ukred-22656 Balaustion
ukred-22659 Decadence des Romains
ukred-22662 Le Lendemain de la Mort
ukred-22663 playbill
ukred-22718 Lelia
ukred-22790 The Mystery of Matter
ukred-22791 Gareth
ukred-22792 Chronicles
ukred-22793 "Mary"
ukred-22794 Dutch Republic
ukred-22795 The Higher Pantheism
ukred-22796 'The commonsense philosophy of Causation'
ukred-22797 paper on meanings of words 'nature,' 'natural,' 'supernatural.'
ukred-22798 'Is there any Axiom of Causation?'
ukred-22799 'The relativity of Knowledge'
ukred-22800 'The emotion of Conviction'
ukred-22801 'What is Death?'
ukred-22802 Queen Mary
ukred-22803 Queen Mary
ukred-22804 Harold
ukred-22805 Harold
ukred-22806 Harold
ukred-22807 Harold
ukred-22808 'old Spanish Romances'
ukred-22809 Harold
ukred-22810 Queen Mary
ukred-22811 Becket
ukred-22812 Becket
ukred-22813 Becket
ukred-22814 Le Pere Goriot
ukred-22815 Eugenie Grandet
ukred-22817 Welcome to Alexandra
ukred-22818 The Revenge
ukred-22821 Old Brighton
ukred-22822 'Bones'
ukred-22974 "The Bugle Song"
ukred-22975 "The Grandmother"
ukred-22976 Pericles (Act V)
ukred-22977 Locksley Hall
ukred-22978 Sir Galahad
ukred-22979 Maud (extracts)
ukred-22980 'dialect poems'
ukred-22981 poems
ukred-22982 newspaper report on rescue of child by dog
ukred-22983 The Leper's Bride
ukred-22984 Iliad
ukred-22985 Iphigenia in Aulis
ukred-22986 'on Tolstoi'
ukred-22987 The Destiny of Man Viewed in the Light of His Origin
ukred-22988 History
ukred-22989 Poems
ukred-22990 The Recluse
ukred-22991 Georgics (II)
ukred-22992 Thaetetus
ukred-22993 Cressy
ukred-22994 The Vision of Er
ukred-22995 Republic (Book II)
ukred-22996 The French Revolution
ukred-22997 The Northern Cobbler
ukred-22998 Life of Romney
ukred-22999 'Crossing the Bar'
ukred-23000 'Crossing the Bar'
ukred-23001 Henrietta Temple
ukred-23002 Lothair
ukred-23003 Henry Esmond
ukred-23004 Pendennis
ukred-23005 The Newcomes
ukred-23006 novels including Old Mortality
ukred-23007 novels
ukred-23026 Autobiography of a Slander
ukred-23027 Geier-Wally
ukred-23028 Surly Tim: A Lancashire Story
ukred-23030 Tithes Bill
ukred-23031 'The Burning Babe'
ukred-23033 Ode on the Duke of Wellington
ukred-23034 The Golden Bough
ukred-23035 "story of a Balaclava hero"
ukred-23036 Guinevere
ukred-23037 Ode on the Duke of Wellington
ukred-23038 Dedication, OEnone
ukred-23039 OEnone
ukred-23040 'lines on the Fleet'
ukred-23041 Darwinism: An Exposition of the Theory of Natural Selection with Some of its Applications
ukred-23042 'Wordsworth's Grave'
ukred-23043 'The English Flag'
ukred-23044 The Lotos-Eaters
ukred-23045 Ode on the Duke of Wellington
ukred-23046 The Passing of Arthur
ukred-23047 Maud (extracts)
ukred-23048 The Spinster's Sweet-Arts
ukred-23049 Enoch Arden (extracts)
ukred-23089 poems
ukred-23090 article on Keats and Wordsworth
ukred-23091 L'Agonie
ukred-23092 poems including 'Tristesse'
ukred-23093 Journal Intime
ukred-23094 poems
ukred-23095 poems
ukred-23096 Book of Job
ukred-23097 Gospel
ukred-23098 Poets, The Interpreters of the Age
ukred-23099 article on colonization of Uganda
ukred-23100 King Lear, Cymbeline, Troilus and Cressida
ukred-23104 In Memoriam
ukred-23105 account of death of Alfred Tennyson
ukred-23106 Poems including 'The Two Voices'
ukred-23107 Past and Present
ukred-23108 Poems
ukred-23109 Poems
ukred-23110 Maud
ukred-23111 Maud
ukred-23112 Tiresias and Other Poems
ukred-23334 Poems
ukred-23335 The Princess
ukred-23336 Songs for inclusion in new edition of The Princess
ukred-23337 Ode on the Duke of Wellington
ukred-23338 Moallakat
ukred-23339 Hylas
ukred-23342 De rerum natura
ukred-23343 'The Emigrant's Song'
ukred-23344 'To His Coy Mistress
ukred-23345 'Poplar Field'
ukred-23346 'stanzas to Mary Unwin'
ukred-23347 "Trionfo della Morte"
ukred-23348 The Knight's Tale
ukred-23349 Mari Magno
ukred-23350 The Maid of Neidpath
ukred-23351 Paradise Lost (book IV)
ukred-23352 'Nachgefuhl'
ukred-23353 'Der Abschied'
ukred-23354 'An den Mond'
ukred-23355 poem on seeing Schiller's skull
ukred-23356 'Love in a Valley'
ukred-23357 Locksley Hall Sixty Years After
ukred-23358 Ulysses
ukred-23472 In Memoriam
ukred-23473 In Memoriam
ukred-23474 Idylls of the King
ukred-23476 'Book I. of the Iliad translated in the Hexameter Metre'
ukred-23477 Life of Hildebrand
ukred-23479 Preface, The Ring and the Book
ukred-23480 poem on the Holy Grail
ukred-23481 Lisa
ukred-23482 Fathers and Sons
ukred-23484 Adam Bede
ukred-23485 Scenes of Clerical Life
ukred-23486 Silas Marner
ukred-23487 Romola

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