Harriet Martineau's Autobiography with Memorials by Maria Weston Chapman

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Harriet Martineau's Autobiography with Memorials by Maria Weston Chapman-1

Reading experiences

ukred-9788 New Testament
ukred-9789 Mary and her Grandmother
ukred-9790 "scraps of antique English"
ukred-9791 article
ukred-9792 Bible
ukred-9793 hymns
ukred-9794 Work "in disproof of Trinitarian doctrines"
ukred-9795 Sermons
ukred-9796 [Institutional reports]
ukred-9797 Article on Burns
ukred-9798 Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
ukred-9799 correspondence
ukred-9800 Penny Magazine
ukred-9801 Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
ukred-9802 Retrospect
ukred-9804 Letters
ukred-9805 article on Sedgwick
ukred-9806 Anti-slavery documents
ukred-9807 Pensees
ukred-9808 Report on working classes of Nottingham
ukred-9809 Texas
ukred-9810 Marie
ukred-9811 Archy Moore
ukred-9812 Review of Jane Austen
ukred-9813 oration
ukred-9814 speech on education
ukred-9815 newspaper
ukred-9817 article on British [?Monarchism]
ukred-9818 Loom and Lugger
ukred-9819 A Midsummer Night's Dream
ukred-9820 Pictorial Bible
ukred-9821 A Journal of the Plague Year
ukred-9822 article on "Mademoiselle Gautier"
ukred-9823 Life of Scott (vol. 6)
ukred-9824 Pride and Prejudice
ukred-9825 Pride and Prejudice
ukred-9826 (Book of) Judges
ukred-9827 Les Precieuses Ridicules
ukred-9828 Northanger Abbey
ukred-9829 Texas
ukred-9830 Article on cemeteries
ukred-9831 Article on Grecian philosophy
ukred-9832 [Work on/by Smedley]
ukred-9833 Emma
ukred-9834 unknown
ukred-9835 Speeches to Boston meeting (anti-slavery?)
ukred-9836 Gospel of John
ukred-9837 American newspapers
ukred-9838 Deerbrook
ukred-9881 The Examiner
ukred-9882 unknown
ukred-9883 unknown
ukred-9884 account of "Oxford Movement"
ukred-9885 unknown
ukred-9886 The Hour and the Man (vol. I)
ukred-9887 Right and Wrong among the Abolitionists of the United States
ukred-9888 In Memoriam A. H. H.
ukred-9889 The Princess
ukred-9890 Transcendental Wild Oats (article)
ukred-9891 Secularia: Surveys on the Main Stream of History
ukred-9892 The Life of Charles Dickens
ukred-9893 Eulogy on Charles Sumner
ukred-9894 The Bride of Lammermoor
ukred-9895 Local newspaper
ukred-9896 The Hour and the Man
ukred-9898 Life in the Sickroom