Gabriel Harvey: His Life, Marginalia and Library

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ukred-9509 Topica
ukred-9510 Writings on law
ukred-9512 Institutes
ukred-9514 Civil Conversation
ukred-9515 The Book of the Courtier
ukred-9517 Organon
ukred-9518 Rhetoric
ukred-9520 Academia
ukred-9521 Parabolae
ukred-9522 Parabolae
ukred-9526 Italian grammars
ukred-9527 Spanish grammars
ukred-9528 French grammars
ukred-9529 A Defensative against the poyson of supposed prophesies
ukred-9530 Semeiotice
ukred-9531 Broadsheet listing merchandise (including pharmaceuticals) of John Hester
ukred-9532 Works
ukred-9533 Works
ukred-9534 Works
ukred-9535 Works
ukred-9536 The stratagemes
ukred-9537 The stratagemes
ukred-9538 The stratagemes
ukred-9539 The arte of Rhetorike, for the use of all such as are studious of Eloquence
ukred-9540 The foure chiefest Offices belonging to Horsemanship
ukred-9541 Historiarum, et Chronicorum Totius Mundi Epitome
ukred-9542 Description of Swedland, Gotland, and Finland
ukred-9543 Facetie, motti, et burle
ukred-9544 An Orthographie
ukred-9545 Il Pastor Fido
ukred-9546 Hystoria de Vitis pontificum
ukred-9547 Praxis Medicinae Theorica
ukred-9548 Synopsis Politica
ukred-9549 Florio his first fruites: a perfect induction to the Italian and English tongues
ukred-9550 Discorsi ("First Decade")
ukred-9551 unknown
ukred-9552 Spanish Grammer
ukred-9553 Bibliotheca Hispanica
ukred-9554 The Art of Riding
ukred-9555 The Arte of Warre
ukred-9556 Certain wayes for the ordering of Soldiours
ukred-9557 unknown
ukred-9558 unknown
ukred-9559 Commentarius Bellicus ... praecepta, consilia et stratagemata
ukred-9560 unknown
ukred-9561 unknown
ukred-9562 unknown
ukred-9563 unknown
ukred-9564 Textus de Sphaera
ukred-9565 Annuli ... super astrologiam
ukred-9566 First book of geometry
ukred-9567 The Mathematical Jewel, Shewing the making, and most excellent use of a singuler Instrument so called ... The use of which Jewel ... leadeth ... through the whole Artes of Astronomy, Cosmography, Geography, Topography, Navigation, Longitudes ...
ukred-9568 Tractatus Astrologicus
ukred-9569 unknown
ukred-9570 unknown
ukred-9571 unknown
ukred-9572 unknown
ukred-9573 Theatrum
ukred-9574 unknown
ukred-9575 "Idyll I"
ukred-9576 epitaphs
ukred-9577 epitaphs
ukred-9578 unknown
ukred-9579 unknown
ukred-9580 unknown
ukred-9581 The Song of Songs
ukred-9582 Parthenophil and Parthenope. Sonnettes, madrigals, elegies and odes.
ukred-9583 Compendium Romanae historiae, oppido quam succintum, & jam primum in lucem editum
ukred-9584 A Regiment for the Sea, Containing verie necessarie matters for all sorts of men and travailers; whereunto is added an Hydrographicall discourse touching the five severall passages to Cattay
ukred-9585 Ane admonition direct to the trew Lordis mantenaris of the Kingis Graces Authoritie M.G.B. ... accordyng to the Scottish copie Printed at Strivilyng by Robert Lekpreuik
ukred-9586 M. Tul. Ciceronis ad C. Trebatium Iurisconsultum Topica; Audomari Talaei praelectionibus explicata, ad Carolum Borbonium Cardinalem Vindocinum
ukred-9587 M. Tul. Ciceronis ad C. Trebatium Iurisconsultum Topica; Audomari Talaei praelectionibus explicata, ad Carolum Borbonium Cardinalem Vindocinum
ukred-9588 M. Tullii Ciceronis Epistolae Ad Atticum. Ad M. Brutum, Ad Quinctum Fratrem, Cum correctionibus Pauli Manutii