Harriet Martineau's Letters to Fanny Wedgwood

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Harriet Martineau's Letters to Fanny Wedgwood-1

Reading experiences

ukred-9117 Das Leben Jesu
ukred-9118 'Lake Reminiscences, from 1807-1830. By the English Opium-Eater', in Tait's Edinburgh Magazine
ukred-9120 Lion: A Tale of the Coteries, The
ukred-9122 unknown
ukred-9123 I Promessi Sposi
ukred-9124 Cinq Mars
ukred-9125 [an article]
ukred-9126 Chartism
ukred-9127 Athenaeum [review of Carlyle's Chartism]
ukred-9128 Journals of Two Expeditions of Discovery in Northwest and Western Australia, 1837-1839
ukred-9129 Essays
ukred-9130 Edinburgh Review
ukred-9131 Past and Present
ukred-9132 Clarissa
ukred-9133 Edinburgh Review
ukred-9134 Letters of Horace Walpole, 4th Earl of Orford, to Sir Horace Mann
ukred-9170 Mesmerism in India and its Practical Application in Surgery and Medicine [probably]
ukred-9171 Jane Eyre
ukred-9172 Heny Esmond
ukred-9173 Villette
ukred-9174 Ruth
ukred-9175 [possibly the story, 'Stopped Payment, at Cranford' in Household Words, April 1853]
ukred-9176 Life and Correspondence of... Sir John Malcolm, The
ukred-9177 Selections from the Letters of Robert Southey
ukred-9178 Lectures on the Atomic Theory, and Essays, Scientific and Literary
ukred-9180 History of the Civilisation in England
ukred-9181 History of Friedrich II of Prussia, called Frederick the Great [extracts of]
ukred-9182 On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection
ukred-9199 Thoughts in Aid of Faith
ukred-9200 History of Civilization in England
ukred-9201 Elsie Venner
ukred-9202 Causes of the Civil War in America [probably]
ukred-9203 Autobiography and Correspondence of Mary Granvile (Mrs Delany)
ukred-9205 Secularia; or, Surveys on the Mainstream of History
ukred-9206 Passages of a Working Life
ukred-9207 Extracts of the Journals and Correspondence of Miss Berry from the Year 1783 to 1852
ukred-9208 Plato, and the other Companions of Socrates
ukred-9209 A Lady's Walks in the South of France in 1863
ukred-9210 'My Countrymen' (article in The Cornhill)
ukred-9211 [Liverpool newspaper: squib on Matthew Arnold]
ukred-9212 Daily News (comment on Matthew Arnold)
ukred-9213 The Times (comment on Matthew Arnold)
ukred-9214 Passages from the Life of a Philosopher
ukred-9215 History of England from the Fall of Wolsey to the Defeat of the Spanish Armada [presumably part of]
ukred-9216 Pall Mall Gazette, The
ukred-9217 Charles Lamb: A Memoir
ukred-9218 The Correspondence of Charles, 1st Marquis of Cornwallis
ukred-9219 Collected Papers in Prose and Verse. 1842-1862
ukred-9220 Spectator, The
ukred-9221 [possibly] A Memoir of Maria Edgeworth, with a Selection from her Letters by the late Mrs Edgeworth
ukred-9222 The reform act, 1832; the correspondence of the late Earl Grey with His Majesty King William IV. and with Sir Herbert Taylor, from Nov. 1830 to June 1832
ukred-9223 Lost Tales of Miletus, The