Felicia Hemans: Selected Poems, Letters, Reception Materials

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Felicia Hemans: Selected Poems, Letters, Reception Materials-1

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ukred-8504 War and Peace -- A Poem. Written at the age of Fifteen
ukred-8505 unknown
ukred-8506 unknown
ukred-8507 unknown
ukred-8508 unknown
ukred-8509 A Classical Tour of Italy, An. MDCCCII (vol.1)
ukred-8510 Volkslieder
ukred-8511 Hope Leslie
ukred-8512 Memoir of the Queen of Prussia
ukred-8513 early poems
ukred-8514 newspapers
ukred-8515 Le Siege de la Rochelle
ukred-8516 Memoirs
ukred-8517 Discourses
ukred-8518 The Scottish Chiefs
ukred-8519 advertisement for poetry translation competition
ukred-8520 newspaper (reporting progress of Peninsular Campaign)
ukred-8521 advertisements for books on the arts
ukred-8526 Memoir of Mary Brunton
ukred-8527 Emmeline: With Some Other Pieces
ukred-8528 Solitary Hours
ukred-8529 poetical/prose "pieces"
ukred-8530 poem ("nuptial benediction")
ukred-8531 De L'Allemagne
ukred-8532 Reports on Mary Russell Mitford's play, Rienzi
ukred-8533 Rienzi (excerpts)
ukred-8534 Life of Byron
ukred-8610 unknown
ukred-8611 Laodamia
ukred-8612 Lines. Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey, On Revisiting the Banks of the Wye During a Tour, 13th July 1798
ukred-8613 sonnets
ukred-8614 Review of Thomas Moore's Life of Byron
ukred-8615 "The Graves of a Household"
ukred-8616 Poems
ukred-8617 American edition comprising two collections of poetical works
ukred-8618 uncollected poems
ukred-8619 National Lyrics and Songs for Music
ukred-8620 "Pilgrim's Song to the Evening Star"
ukred-8621 Scenes and Hymns of Life &c
ukred-8622 "Elysium"
ukred-8623 plays
ukred-8624 Stanzas ("My Sister -- my sweet Sister")