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ukred-6401 Review of Matthew Arnold, Essays in Criticism
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ukred-6490 "reply to a 'Swedenborgian'"
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ukred-6522 "Is Marriage Holy?"
ukred-6523 poem
ukred-6524 "A Pedestrian Tour"
ukred-6525 The Ring and the Book
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ukred-6539 [unidentified story]
ukred-6540 Life of Charles Dickens
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ukred-6542 Le Figaro
ukred-6543 Review of Hippolyte Taine, "On Intelligence"
ukred-6544 The Atlantic, including articles by Henry James and William Dean Howells
ukred-6545 A Midsummer Night's Dream
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ukred-6549 anecdote/account ("story of Mr Webster")
ukred-6550 "criticism of Middlemarch"
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ukred-6586 comments on Henry James's April 1873 North American Review article on Theophile Gautier
ukred-6587 A Chance Acquaintance (fifth part)
ukred-6588 Marjory Daw
ukred-6589 A Chance Acquaintance
ukred-6590 Eugene Pickering
ukred-6592 unknown
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ukred-6595 wedding announcement
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ukred-6598 review of Henry James, A Passionate Pilgrim
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ukred-6892 Miss Bretherton
ukred-6893 The Literary Remains of the Late Henry James
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ukred-6897 Miss Brown
ukred-6898 Germinal
ukred-6899 Bel-Ami
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ukred-6904 The Early Letters of Carlyle
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ukred-6913 The Master of Ballantrae
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ukred-7025 A Hazard of New Fortunes vol 1
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ukred-7032 Coeur de Femme
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ukred-7037 The South Seas
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ukred-7047 Ghosts
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ukred-7145 Across the Plains
ukred-7146 La Terre promise
ukred-7148 Island Nights
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ukred-7154 The Diary of Alice James
ukred-7155 Lord Ormont and His Aminta
ukred-7156 "paper on Pater"
ukred-7157 Memoir of John Addington Symonds
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ukred-7160 L'Immortel
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ukred-7176 Locksley Hall
ukred-7177 The Civilisation of the Renaissance in Italy
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ukred-7274 article on "Brute and Human Intellect"
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ukred-7276 Daisy Miller
ukred-7277 The Lady of the Aroostook
ukred-7278 [book]
ukred-7279 Jacques Vingtras
ukred-7280 review of Correspondence de C. A. Sainte-Beuve
ukred-7281 The Undiscovered Country
ukred-7283 [extracted texts]
ukred-7284 The Undiscovered Country
ukred-7285 poems
ukred-7286 The Times
ukred-7287 Historical Studies of Church Building in the Middle Ages: Venice, Siena, Florence
ukred-7290 article (?in response to work by William James)
ukred-7291 Dr. Breen's Practice
ukred-7292 Daisy Miller
ukred-7293 The Academy
ukred-7294 The Saturday Review
ukred-7295 letter to Henry James Sr
ukred-7296 article on American novels
ukred-7298 dissertation on Jane Austen's novels
ukred-7510 review of Barrett Wendell's critical study of Shakespeare
ukred-7511 critical study of Shakespeare
ukred-7512 The Times
ukred-7513 two stories
ukred-7514 Aphrodite: moeurs antiques
ukred-7515 Rome
ukred-7516 article on death of Edmond de Goncourt
ukred-7517 Du Sang, de la Volupte et de la Mort
ukred-7518 Letters
ukred-7519 Diary
ukred-7522 The Times
ukred-7523 MS story
ukred-7552 La Femme et le Pantin
ukred-7553 [unidentified novel]
ukred-7554 Jean d'Agreve
ukred-7555 The Life of William Morris
ukred-7557 His Honour and a Lady
ukred-7558 The Time Machine
ukred-7559 MS notes to Balzac's Letters
ukred-7560 Preface [on Balzac]
ukred-7561 Un Roman d'Amour
ukred-7562 Lettres a l'Etrangere
ukred-7563 Drames de Famille
ukred-7564 Interpretations of Poetry and Religion
ukred-7565 Poems for Pictures
ukred-7566 Ragged Lady
ukred-7567 Their Silver Wedding Journey
ukred-7568 'Pursuit of the Piano' (short story)
ukred-7569 article
ukred-7570 A Pair of Patient Lovers
ukred-7571 The Tory Lover
ukred-7572 Kim
ukred-7573 Life of Robert Louis Stevenson
ukred-7574 The Virginian
ukred-7575 The Valley of Decision
ukred-7576 article on Zola
ukred-7578 The Morgesons
ukred-7579 Two Men
ukred-7581 Italie des Romantiques
ukred-7582 Belchamber
ukred-7583 A Sketch from Memory
ukred-7601 The Story of a Soldier's Life
ukred-7602 [book on Greek history]
ukred-7603 Mankind in the Making
ukred-7604 Twelve Stories and a Dream
ukred-7605 The House of Mirth (second instalment)
ukred-7606 The House of Mirth (final instalment)
ukred-7607 A Modern Utopia
ukred-7608 Kipps
ukred-7609 [Unidentified recently published writings]
ukred-7610 Les Deux Soeurs
ukred-7611 Astarte
ukred-7612 Byron family papers
ukred-7613 The Mirror of the Sea
ukred-7614 The Future in America
ukred-7624 Etudes et portraits
ukred-7625 article on Ferdinand Brunetiere
ukred-7626 The Whole Family (chapter)
ukred-7627 [unidentified book of fairy stories]
ukred-7628 "Roderick Eaton's Children"
ukred-7629 "Covering End"
ukred-7630 Pragmatism: A New Name for Some Old Ways of Thinking
ukred-7631 journal articles on psychology
ukred-7632 The Fruit of the Tree
ukred-7633 Byron family papers
ukred-7634 letters to Lady Melbourne (copies)
ukred-7635 Maradick at Forty
ukred-7636 Mr. Perrin and Mr. Traill
ukred-7637 Phi Beta address on the work and influence of William James
ukred-7638 review of Henry James, The Outcry
ukred-7639 "the Green Book"
ukred-7640 The Getting Well of Dorothy
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ukred-7647 The Maid of France, being the Story of the Life and Death of Jeanne d'Arc
ukred-7648 compendium of English literature
ukred-7650 The Reef: A Novel
ukred-7704 Round the Corner
ukred-7705 War and Peace
ukred-7706 The Passionate Friends
ukred-7707 War and Peace
ukred-7708 The Last Letters of Aubrey Beardsley
ukred-7709 Sinister Street (vol.1)
ukred-7710 Carnival
ukred-7711 chronicle of trial of Mary Blandy
ukred-7712 Chance
ukred-7713 unknown
ukred-7714 unknown
ukred-7715 Sinister Street (vol 2)
ukred-7716 Sir Isaac Harman's Wife
ukred-7717 critique of George Bernard Shaw, Common Sense about the War
ukred-7718 critique of George Bernard Shaw, Common Sense about the War
ukred-7719 The Times
ukred-7720 The Morning Post
ukred-7722 sonnets
ukred-7723 Diary
ukred-7724 Diaries
ukred-7725 Boon, The Mind of the Race, The Wild Asses of the Devil, and The Last Trump