Women's reading in Britain, 1750-1835. A dangerous recreation.

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Women's reading in Britain, 1750-1835. A dangerous recreation.

Reading experiences

ukred-5822 The Faerie Queene
ukred-5823 [unknown]
ukred-5864 Voyage to the Pacific Ocean
ukred-5865 letters
ukred-5866 Life of Waller
ukred-5867 Coelebs in search of a wife
ukred-5868 Patronage
ukred-5869 The Creole
ukred-5870 The Missionary
ukred-5871 some new novels
ukred-5872 Caleb Williams
ukred-5873 The Novice of Saint Dominick
ukred-5874 The Beggar Girl and her Benefactors
ukred-5875 Tales of a Fashionable Life
ukred-5876 The Children of the Abbey
ukred-5877 Joseph Andrews
ukred-5878 Sir Charles Grandison
ukred-5879 A Sentimental Journey
ukred-5880 Memoirs of Modern Philosophers
ukred-5884 Les ruines
ukred-5886 The Rights of Man
ukred-5887 The Age of Reason
ukred-5888 The Empire of the Nairs
ukred-5889 Vindication of the Rights of Woman
ukred-5891 The spectator
ukred-6416 essays
ukred-6417 David Simple
ukred-6418 Essays
ukred-6419 History of Florence
ukred-6420 an account of the government in Venice
ukred-6421 his answer to Christianity not founded on argument
ukred-6422 works
ukred-6423 works
ukred-6424 Candide
ukred-6425 works
ukred-6426 Roderick Random
ukred-6427 various novels
ukred-6428 Henrietta
ukred-6429 many works
ukred-6430 French romances
ukred-6431 An account of voyages undertaken... for making discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere and performed by Commodore Byrone, Captain Wallis, Captain Carteret and Captain Cook (from 1702 to 1771) drawn up from the Journals...
ukred-6432 Memoirs of modern philosophers
ukred-6471 a number of novelists
ukred-6472 Evelina
ukred-6473 A Tale of the Times and other works
ukred-6474 A Sicilian Romance [and other novels]
ukred-6475 Emmeline
ukred-6476 Desmond