The Diary of Robert Sharp of South Cave

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The Diary of Robert Sharp of South Cave-1

Reading experiences

ukred-5071 The Morning Herald
ukred-5072 [newspaper]
ukred-5073 Political Register
ukred-5074 Political Register
ukred-5075 Rockingham and Hull Weekly Advertiser
ukred-5076 The Political Register
ukred-5077 The Times OR The Examiner
ukred-5078 Political Register
ukred-5079 The Times
ukred-5080 The Hull Packet and Humber Gazette
ukred-5081 [a newspaper]
ukred-5082 The Courier
ukred-5083 Bell's Life in London and Sporting Chronicle
ukred-5084 Political Register
ukred-5085 A View of Society and Manners in France, Switzerla
ukred-5086 The Spectator
ukred-5087 The Times
ukred-5088 The Deserted Village
ukred-5089 The Times
ukred-5090 The Literary Gazette
ukred-5091 The History of Chivalry; or Knighthood and Its Tim
ukred-5092 Political Register
ukred-5093 [book advertisements]
ukred-5094 The Times
ukred-5095 The Hull Advertiser
ukred-5096 Political Register
ukred-5097 The Times
ukred-5098 The Imperial Magazine; or Compendium of Religious
ukred-5099 The Times
ukred-5100 Political Register
ukred-5101 The Times
ukred-5102 The Times
ukred-5103 Political Register
ukred-5104 The Life of Samuel Johnson
ukred-5105 The History of England from the Invasion
ukred-5106 Edinburgh Review
ukred-5107 The Times
ukred-5108 [The Newspapers] OR [The Times]
ukred-5109 The Times
ukred-5110 Report on the Corn Laws OR Address to the Two Houses
ukred-5111 The Life of Samuel Johnson
ukred-5112 [two newspapers] OR The Times
ukred-5113 The Times
ukred-5114 The Times
ukred-5115 The Times
ukred-5152 Political Register
ukred-5153 Lectures on the Catechism of the Church of England
ukred-5154 Political Register
ukred-5155 The Times
ukred-5156 Memoirs of the Life of the Rt Hon R B Sheridan
ukred-5157 Rockingham and Hull Weekly Advertiser
ukred-5158 Political Register
ukred-5159 The Examiner
ukred-5160 [a newspaper, probably The Times]
ukred-5161 [The Judgement Delivered December 11th 1809...]
ukred-5162 Political Register
ukred-5163 The Times
ukred-5164 The Times
ukred-5165 The Examiner
ukred-5166 The Examiner
ukred-5167 Political Register
ukred-5168 [a newspaper, probably The Times]
ukred-5169 The Times
ukred-5170 The Times
ukred-5171 [a newspaper, probably The Times]
ukred-5172 The Political Register
ukred-5173 The History of Chivalry; or Knighthood and Its Times
ukred-5174 The Hull Packet and Humber Gazette
ukred-5175 [a newspaper]
ukred-5176 ['Wrapper to a No of Hogarth's works' OR [cover to
ukred-5177 Political Register
ukred-5178 The Times
ukred-5179 Political Register
ukred-5180 The Times