The Woman Reader: 1837-1914

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The Woman Reader: 1837-1914

Reading experiences

ukred-4753 Jane Eyre
ukred-4754 Works including The Tapestry Chamber
ukred-4755 The Ingoldsby Legends
ukred-4756 Autobiography
ukred-4757 Autobiography
ukred-4758 Histoire de ma vie
ukred-4759 The Prelude
ukred-4760 The Wide, Wide World
ukred-4761 The Faerie Queene
ukred-4762 Complete poetry
ukred-4763 Divina Commedia
ukred-4764 Gerusalemme Liberata
ukred-4765 The Iliad
ukred-4766 The Odyssey
ukred-4767 The Aeneid
ukred-4768 Pharsalia
ukred-4777 Zend Avesta
ukred-4778 Institutes of Menu
ukred-4780 translated ancient philosophical texts
ukred-4781 Biographical Dictionary
ukred-4791 Moralia
ukred-4792 Memorabilia
ukred-4794 The Corsair
ukred-4795 The Bible
ukred-4796 Fraser's Magazine
ukred-4797 The Times
ukred-4798 The Times
ukred-4800 History of England
ukred-4801 The Bible and Modern Thought
ukred-4802 Analogy of Religion
ukred-4803 Memorials of Fox
ukred-4804 The American Revolution
ukred-4805 Ancient History
ukred-4806 Church History
ukred-4807 Works
ukred-4808 An Essay Concerning Human Understanding
ukred-4809 Characteristics of Women
ukred-4810 Modern Painters
ukred-4811 Texts in/on early Spanish
ukred-4812 Orpheus:A History of Religions
ukred-4813 Prolegomena to the Study of Greek Religion
ukred-4814 Cults of the Greek States
ukred-4815 The Golden Bough
ukred-4818 poem on family Bible
ukred-4819 The Better Land
ukred-4820 Sunday School Union magazines
ukred-4822 The Hound of Heaven
ukred-4823 The Bible
ukred-4824 The Mill on the Floss
ukred-4825 life of Edward Bouverie Pusey
ukred-4826 The Science of Wealth
ukred-4827 New Worlds for Old
ukred-4828 The First Men in the Moon
ukred-4833 novels
ukred-4834 novels
ukred-4835 Jane Eyre
ukred-4836 The Clarion
ukred-4837 Merrry England
ukred-4838 God and My Neighbour
ukred-4839 weekly girls' paper
ukred-4840 theological works
ukred-4841 early Methodist magazines
ukred-4842 cookery books
ukred-4843 crime/horror fiction
ukred-4844 The Castle of Otranto: A Gothic Story
ukred-4845 poems
ukred-4846 local newspaper (including verse)
ukred-4847 library books
ukred-4848 bookstall stock
ukred-4849 Vestiges of Creation
ukred-4850 popular serial fiction
ukred-4851 travel writing
ukred-4852 The Englishwoman's Journal
ukred-4853 The Bible
ukred-4854 The Arabian Nights
ukred-4856 Children of Gibeon
ukred-4857 Life of Mazzini
ukred-4858 poetry
ukred-4859 poetry
ukred-4860 poetry
ukred-4861 Leaves of Grass
ukred-4862 Votes for Women
ukred-4863 The War Cry
ukred-4867 The Story of an African Farm
ukred-4869 Uncle Tom's Cabin
ukred-4870 Pilgrim's Progress
ukred-4871 The Holy War
ukred-4872 The Odyssey
ukred-4873 The French Revolution
ukred-4874 newspapers
ukred-4875 feminist writings
ukred-4876 works on political science
ukred-4877 works on economics
ukred-4878 works on psychology
ukred-4879 works in anthropology
ukred-4880 The Psychology of Sex
ukred-4881 unknown
ukred-4882 A Healthy Home, and How to Keep It
ukred-4883 The Scottish Chiefs
ukred-4884 LIfe and Labour
ukred-4885 Lives of women reformers
ukred-4886 Life of Joan of Arc
ukred-4887 novels