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Reading experiences

ukred-29894 Egypt
ukred-29895 The Times
ukred-29896 La Vie Parisienne
ukred-29897 ?La Divina Commedia
ukred-29898 l'Ile des Pingouins
ukred-29899 unknown
ukred-29900 ?The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
ukred-29901 Les Vivants et les Morts
ukred-29902 The Egoist
ukred-29903 Mr Britling sees it through
ukred-29904 The Ambassadors
ukred-29905 Ancient Art and Ritual
ukred-29906 The Ambassadors
ukred-29907 Embarrassments
ukred-29908 The Other House
ukred-29909 unknown
ukred-29910 Sonnets
ukred-29911 Inferno
ukred-29912 Washington Square
ukred-29913 Fumée
ukred-29921 unknown
ukred-29922 unknown
ukred-29923 A A Short History of the English People
ukred-29924 unknown
ukred-29925 unknown
ukred-29926 The Oxford Book of English Verse
ukred-29927 unknown
ukred-29928 The House of the Dead
ukred-29929 The Rose and the Ring
ukred-29930 The Assemblies of al-Harari
ukred-29931 A Handbook on Mesopotamia
ukred-29932 Gazetteer of the Persian Gulf, Oman and Central Arabia
ukred-29933 Travels in Arabia Deserta
ukred-29934 Blackwood's Magazine
ukred-29935 La Vie Parisienne
ukred-29936 The Odes of Horace, Books i-iv, and the Saecular Hymn
ukred-29937 The Sowers
ukred-29940 The Bible
ukred-29944 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
ukred-29947 Jude the Obscure
ukred-29948 Race and Language
ukred-29949 The Odyssey
ukred-29950 Middlemarch
ukred-29951 The Oxford Book of English Verse
ukred-29955 The Little Schoolmaster Mark: A Spiritual Romance
ukred-29959 Sinister Street, vol. 2
ukred-29964 unknown
ukred-29969 A Diversity of Creatures
ukred-29970 In India
ukred-29971 The War of the Worlds
ukred-29972 More New Arabian Nights: The Dynamiter
ukred-29973 unknown
ukred-29975 unknown
ukred-29977 The Soul of a Bishop: A novel (with just a little love in it) about conscience and religion and the real troubles of life
ukred-29978 The Gentle Grafter
ukred-29979 The Architecture of Humanism: A Study in the History of Taste
ukred-29980 Cabbages and Kings
ukred-29981 Paradise Lost
ukred-29982 The Story of Jerusalem
ukred-29983 Paradise Lost
ukred-29984 Histoire du Peuple d'Israel