Emma Darwin: A Century of Family Letters, 1792-1896

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Emma Darwin: A Century of Family Letters, 1792-1896

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ukred-29201 Rapid Journeys across the Pampas
ukred-29202 Paradise Lost
ukred-29203 Sartor Resartus
ukred-29207 Violet; or the Danseuse
ukred-29208 The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club
ukred-29235 Life of William Wiberforce
ukred-29268 [Letter]
ukred-29269 Unknown
ukred-29270 Hope
ukred-29280 The Wanderer
ukred-29333 The Corsair
ukred-29334 [Letter]
ukred-29341 Glenarvon
ukred-29342 The Statesman's Manual, a Lay Sermon
ukred-29343 Unknown
ukred-29382 Chartism
ukred-29386 The Lancashire Wedding or Darwin Moralized
ukred-29400 Mr Hogarth's Will
ukred-29453 Memoirs of Baron Bunsen
ukred-29490 History of Napoleon I
ukred-29493 Causeries du lundi (Monday Chats)
ukred-29494 Notes of Thought
ukred-29513 England's Mission
ukred-29514 Is popular judgement in politics more just than that of the higher classes?
ukred-29611 The Task, Book VI, Winter Walk at Noon
ukred-29612 The Task, Book VI, Winter Walk at Noon
ukred-29613 The Light Cavalry Brigade in the Crimea
ukred-29614 Life, Letters and Journals
ukred-29615 [letters]
ukred-29616 unknown
ukred-29617 [letters]
ukred-29620 Memorials of a Quiet Life
ukred-29621 Letters and Memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle
ukred-29622 [letters]
ukred-29709 Preparatory notes to 'The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin'
ukred-29712 [letters]
ukred-29714 The Life of Frederick Denison Maurice. Chiefly told in his own Letters.
ukred-29719 A Journal to Stella
ukred-29788 Life of Lord Jeffrey
ukred-29789 The History of Napoleon the First
ukred-29790 Charles Darwin
ukred-29800 Journal
ukred-29804 The Life of Mother Henrietta Kerr, Religious of the Sacred Heart
ukred-29914 Unknown
ukred-29915 unknown
ukred-29916 The Antiquary
ukred-29917 unknown
ukred-29918 unknown
ukred-29919 unknown
ukred-29920 [letters]
ukred-30181 Rousseau
ukred-30182 Review of Mme Epinay's Memoirs
ukred-30199 Squire Arden?
ukred-30200 Unknown
ukred-30226 The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin
ukred-30227 Unknown, possibly Letters and Memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle
ukred-30228 New Arabian Nights
ukred-30229 Forster's Life
ukred-30230 The Moral Ideal, a Historic Study
ukred-30231 Thomas Poole and his Friends
ukred-30232 Sir H. Taylor's Letters
ukred-30233 Life in a Southern County
ukred-30234 Paradise Regained
ukred-30235 The Confessions of Jean-Jaques Rousseau
ukred-30236 ?Prose Remains of Arthur Hugh Clough: With a Selection of His Letters and a Memoir
ukred-30237 Essays, by the Late George Brimley
ukred-30238 In Memoriam
ukred-30239 In Darkest Africa: Or the Quest, Rescue, and Retreat of Emin, Governer of Equatoria.
ukred-30240 The Correspondence of Princess Lieven and George Grey
ukred-30257 Literary Essays
ukred-30258 ?Aspects of Poetry
ukred-30259 unknown
ukred-30260 The Life and Letters of J. Severn
ukred-30261 Letters of Samuel Johnson, LLD
ukred-30262 Unknown
ukred-30263 Hours in a Library
ukred-30264 Diary, Reminiscences, and Correspondence of Henry Crabb Robinson.
ukred-30317 Unknown
ukred-30318 The Life and Correspondence of Arthur Penrhyn Stanley
ukred-30319 The Message of Israel in the Light of Modern Criticism
ukred-30320 The Story of Two Noble Lives: being Memories of Charlotte, Countess Canning, and Louisa ,Marchioness of Waterford
ukred-30321 The Work of John Ruskin: Its influence on Modern Thought and Life.
ukred-30371 Unknown
ukred-30374 ?Terre de France
ukred-30375 La Folle du Logis
ukred-30376 Unknown
ukred-30377 [Biography of Catherine and Susannah Winkworth]
ukred-30378 The Bible
ukred-30379 The Life and Letters of Lord Macauley
ukred-30380 Cranford
ukred-30381 The Foundations of Belief
ukred-30382 The Age of Lewis XIV
ukred-30390 The Heart of a Continent:a Narrative of Travels in Manchuria, Across the Gobi Desert, through the Himalayas, the Pamirs and Central Chitral
ukred-30391 The Weir of Hermiston
ukred-30393 [general reference to Thackeray's novels]
ukred-30394 Ruth
ukred-32044 The Mysteries of Udolpho
ukred-32045 The Romance of the Forest
ukred-32046 Guy Mannering
ukred-32047 Guy Mannering
ukred-32049 Court Secrets: or the Lady's Chronicle Historical and Gallant
ukred-32050 German Stories, selected from the works of Hoffman, De La Motte Fouque,Pichler, Kruse and others.
ukred-32052 Conversations of Lord Byron
ukred-32053 Lover's Vows: or the child of love A play in five acts
ukred-32054 The Letters of Madame de Maintenon
ukred-32055 The Bible
ukred-32056 The Bible
ukred-32057 The Bible
ukred-32072 History of the Revolution in England in 1688
ukred-32073 Two Old Men's Tales: The deformed and The Admiral's Daughter
ukred-32074 [Review of Wordsworth]
ukred-32138 The History of the French
ukred-32140 History of England
ukred-32141 Moral Philosophy
ukred-32146 Journal of researches into the geology and natural history of the various countries visited during the voyage of the HMS Beagle round the world
ukred-32152 Letters of Madame Sevigne to her daughters and her friends
ukred-32155 unknown
ukred-32158 Memoirs of Mrs Elizabeth Fry
ukred-32162 The Soul
ukred-32229 Revue des Deux Mondes
ukred-32230 The Life of Jesus Christ
ukred-32231 [papers and correspondence]
ukred-32232 Selections from the writings of the Rev. Sydney Smith
ukred-32233 2 Henry VI
ukred-32234 Locksley Hall
ukred-32237 The Descent of Man
ukred-32238 [articles in the 'Academy']
ukred-32239 Man the only Revelation of God
ukred-32240 The French Revolution
ukred-32241 The Life and Travels of Mungo Park
ukred-32242 The Life of Sir Walter Scott bart.
ukred-32243 Remarks on some of the Characters of Shakespeare
ukred-32244 The History of Greece
ukred-32245 The Iliad
ukred-32246 The Last Days of Pompeii
ukred-32247 The Life of Mrs Godolphin
ukred-32248 Letters of Madame de Sevigne to her daughter and her friends
ukred-32249 Guy Mannering
ukred-32250 Guy Mannering
ukred-32251 Spectator
ukred-32252 [article in the 'Academy']