A Series of Letters Between Mrs Elizabeth Carter and Miss Catherine Talbot, from the year 1741 to 1770. To which are added, Letters from Mrs Elizabeth Carter to Mrs Vesey, between the years 1763 and 1787

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A Series of Letters Between Mrs Elizabeth Carter and Miss Catherine Talbot, from the year 1741 to 1770. To which are added, Letters from Mrs Elizabeth Carter to Mrs Vesey, between the years 1763 and 1787-1

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ukred-28034 Rambler
ukred-28035 Directions for the Employment of Time
ukred-28036 'Essay on Employment'
ukred-28037 [?The] Patriot
ukred-28038 'Rambler' [essay]
ukred-28039 'Rambler' [essay]
ukred-28040 'Rambler' [essay]
ukred-28041 'notions'
ukred-28042 The Idler
ukred-28043 Morals
ukred-28075 Sir Charles Grandison
ukred-28076 Sir Charles Grandison
ukred-28077 Theorie des sentimens agréables
ukred-28078 Theorie des sentimens agreables
ukred-28079 Sonnet 'Care dell'alma stanca Albengatrici...'
ukred-28080 papers (i.e. essays)
ukred-28081 Sonnet 'Care dell'alma stanca Albengatrici...'
ukred-28082 'love song' opening 'Ecco qual fiero istante'
ukred-28083 Elements of Moral Philosophy
ukred-28084 The Cry
ukred-28085 Characterisks of Men, Manners, Times, Opinions, [volume 1].
ukred-28086 The Cry
ukred-28087 The World, No. CIV
ukred-28088 Characterisks of Men, Manners, Times, Opinions.
ukred-28089 Barbarossa
ukred-28090 'volumes of Stoic philosophy'
ukred-28091 'volumes of Stoic philosophy'
ukred-28092 work on Stoic philosophy
ukred-28125 'To a Lady fond of Life'
ukred-28126 'To a Lady Fond of Life'
ukred-28127 'To a Lady Fond of Life'
ukred-28128 The Centaur not Fabulous
ukred-28129 Theron and Aspasia
ukred-28130 Sermons
ukred-28131 account of Jonathan Swift
ukred-28132 Man: A Paper for Ennobling the Species
ukred-28133 Republic
ukred-28134 [novels]
ukred-28135 Miscellanies
ukred-28136 Preface to Dictionary
ukred-28137 Essay on the Life, &c. of Dr Swift
ukred-28138 Dictionary
ukred-28139 Dissertations on the Prophecies, Which Have Remarkably Been Fulfilled, And Are Being Fulfilled
ukred-28140 Reflections, maxims, and characters, moral, critical, and satirical
ukred-28141 Reflections, maxims, and characters, moral, critical, and satirical [extract]
ukred-28142 Christian Morals
ukred-28143 Religio Medici
ukred-28144 The Lives of Cleopatra and Octavia
ukred-28145 The Ladies' Memorandum Book
ukred-28146 Henrietta
ukred-28147 Memoirs for the History of Anne of Austria
ukred-28149 Le Spectateur Francois
ukred-28150 'ridiculous French books'
ukred-28151 'French plays'
ukred-28152 The Histories of some of the Penitents in the Magadalen House
ukred-28213 Ode
ukred-28215 The Phoenician Women
ukred-28216 Medea
ukred-28217 Orestes
ukred-28218 Hecuba
ukred-28219 Parthenissa
ukred-28220 Oeuvres du philosophe de Sans-Souci
ukred-28221 The Family Instructor
ukred-28222 La Mort d'Abel
ukred-28223 'two pastorals'
ukred-28224 Letters (as 'Orinda')
ukred-28225 'two volumes'
ukred-28226 'two volumes'
ukred-28227 Letters to Sir Charles Cotterel
ukred-28228 poetry
ukred-28229 advertisement for work by 'Mr Hanway'
ukred-28230 La Mort d'Abel
ukred-28231 report of death of Mr Chapone
ukred-28232 The Vision
ukred-28234 'Prologue to a comedy of Plautus'
ukred-28235 Letters to Rosa
ukred-28236 poems
ukred-28237 'the Death of Adam'
ukred-28238 Turkish Embassy Letters
ukred-28239 The History of Lady Julia Mandeville
ukred-28241 treatise 'sur la gaiete'
ukred-28242 Life of Erasmus
ukred-28243 History of England
ukred-28244 'Treatise on Gaiety'
ukred-28245 'refutation of Rousseau's Emile'
ukred-28246 'answer to the Archbishop of Paris's mandement against Emile'
ukred-28247 'Dialogues'
ukred-28248 sonnet
ukred-28249 sonnet
ukred-28250 'French books'
ukred-28251 Messiah
ukred-28252 'History' [extracts]
ukred-28253 Dialogues on the Uses of Foreign Travel Considered as a Part of an English Gentleman’s Education
ukred-28254 Maria; The genuine memoirs of an admired lady of rank and fortune, and of some of her friends
ukred-28255 Memoirs of Lord Herbert of Cherbury
ukred-28256 Sermons
ukred-28257 Works including 'Exposition of the Lord's Prayer'
ukred-28258 The History of the Life and Reign of Philip, King of Macedon
ukred-28259 ?Peruvian Tales (vol 3)
ukred-28260 The Tales of the Genii
ukred-28261 Letters
ukred-28262 Zaide
ukred-28264 Sermons to Young Women
ukred-28265 ?Flos Sanctorum
ukred-28266 Account of 'Mrs Wilson's' visit to New York
ukred-28267 Lloyd's Chronicle
ukred-28268 History of the Life of Henry II
ukred-28270 History of the Crusades
ukred-28271 History of Nourjahad
ukred-28272 Six assemblies; or, ingenious conversations of learned men among the Arabians
ukred-28273 Noah. Attempted from the German of Mr. Bodmer. In twelve books.
ukred-28274 Pharamond; or the History of France
ukred-28275 Histoire des Chevaliers hospitaliers de S. Jean de Jerusalem
ukred-28276 report of illness of Archbishop of Canterbury
ukred-28277 ?An Ecclesiastical History, ancient and modern, from the birth of Christ to the beginning of the present century
ukred-28292 Malincolia d'Alicino
ukred-28293 The Vicar of Wakefield
ukred-28295 ?Royal and Noble Authors
ukred-28296 The Castle of Otranto
ukred-28297 ?Ode for Music
ukred-28299 Sermon on text 'It is well...'
ukred-28300 Sermons
ukred-28301 Sermons
ukred-28302 Essays [?on Various Subjects]
ukred-28303 A New System, or, an Analysis of Ancient Mythology (vol. I)
ukred-28305 Letters to His Son
ukred-28306 A Letter to a Young Nobleman Setting out on his Travels
ukred-28307 report of Burgoyne's actions in American War of Independence
ukred-28308 Hymns
ukred-28310 'Ode'
ukred-28313 A Voyage to the Pacific Ocean
ukred-28314 'ancient account of India'