Lady Charlotte Schreiber. Extracts from her Journal 1853-1891

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Lady Charlotte Schreiber. Extracts from her Journal 1853-1891

Reading experiences

ukred-27526 report of death of W. Blagrove
ukred-27527 Guinevere
ukred-27528 Hereward
ukred-27529 Life of Macaulay
ukred-27530 Pride and Prejudice
ukred-27531 Pride and Prejudice
ukred-27532 Northanger Abbey
ukred-27533 Persuasion
ukred-27534 Mansfield Park
ukred-27535 History
ukred-27536 Esmond
ukred-27537 A Tale of Two Cities
ukred-27538 Peregrine Pickle
ukred-27539 Old Court Life in France
ukred-27540 works on ceramics
ukred-27541 Sybil, or The Two Nations
ukred-27542 Sybil, or The Two Nations
ukred-27543 report of Sir Charles Du Cane's appointment to Government post
ukred-27544 Alroy
ukred-27545 Wilhelm Meister
ukred-27546 report of Sir E. Tyler's probable Parliamentary canditature
ukred-27547 Friendship
ukred-27548 History of the Eighteenth Century in England
ukred-27550 The Merry Wives of Windsor
ukred-27551 history plays
ukred-27552 Selections from the Poets
ukred-27553 South Sea Bubble
ukred-27554 pamphlet [featuring descriptions of Syria and Cyprus]
ukred-27555 Humorists
ukred-27556 Psalm
ukred-27557 'account of the Bayeux tapestry'
ukred-27558 Humorists
ukred-27559 Anne of Austria
ukred-27560 Henri III
ukred-27561 Jeanne d'Albret
ukred-27562 Memoirs of the Cambridge A. D. C.
ukred-27563 report of Merthyr Guest's Parliamentary candidacy
ukred-27564 memoir of Henri IV
ukred-27565 Life of Marguerite de Valois
ukred-27566 report on Liberal petition against return of Charles Schreiber to Parliament
ukred-27719 Journal
ukred-27720 Journal
ukred-27721 Walpoliana
ukred-27722 Tristram Shandy
ukred-27724 Humphrey Clinker
ukred-27725 Roderick Random
ukred-27726 A Sentimental Journey
ukred-27727 Peregrine Pickle
ukred-27728 Endymion
ukred-27773 Rob Roy
ukred-27774 Barnaby Rudge
ukred-27775 The Old Curiosity Shop
ukred-27776 reports on talks towards Franchise Bill
ukred-27778 Memoirs
ukred-27779 life of Thomas Carlyle
ukred-27780 'sketch [of Maria Edgeworth]'
ukred-27781 'sketch [of Anna Laetitia Barbauld]'
ukred-27782 'sketch [of Amelia Opie]'
ukred-27783 Essay on Atterbury
ukred-27784 History
ukred-27785 Divine service
ukred-27787 journals of c.1833
ukred-27788 journals
ukred-27789 'book on his early travels'
ukred-27790 Venetian Studies
ukred-27791 Nollekens and his Times