The Life and Letters of Anne Isabella, Lady Noel Byron

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ukred-26044 History
ukred-26051 poetry
ukred-26052 'Lines Supposed to be Spoken at the Grave of Dermody' and other verses
ukred-26360 Paradise Lost
ukred-26361 poetry
ukred-26362 Iliad
ukred-26363 Evelina
ukred-26367 Madoc
ukred-26368 novels
ukred-26369 Vathek
ukred-26370 Childe Harold's Pilgrimage
ukred-26371 The Faerie Queene
ukred-26372 Childe Harold's Pilgrimage
ukred-26373 Childe Harold's Pilgrimage (cantos I and II)
ukred-26374 Pride and Prejudice
ukred-26375 The Giaour
ukred-26376 ode to Napoleon Bonaparte
ukred-26377 Lara
ukred-26378 Italian Republics
ukred-26379 Don Sebastian
ukred-26380 The Lord of the Isles
ukred-26381 Caleb Williams
ukred-26382 article 'on Diseased Volition'
ukred-26383 article 'on Diseased Volition'
ukred-26384 Rimini
ukred-26385 Rimini
ukred-26387 Northanger Abbey
ukred-26388 Persuasion
ukred-26389 Childe Harold's Pilgrimage (Canto III)
ukred-26390 Don Juan
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ukred-26395 Memoirs
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ukred-26397 The Giaour
ukred-26398 'Fare thee well' (lyric verses)
ukred-26399 'the Satire'
ukred-26400 Five Years of Youth
ukred-26401 'astronomy'
ukred-26402 Within and Without
ukred-9265 Complete History of England
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ukred-9267 [poetry]
ukred-9268 Paradise Lost
ukred-9269 Comus
ukred-9270 The Merchant of Venice
ukred-9271 The Merchant of Venice
ukred-9272 Iliad
ukred-9273 [unknown]
ukred-9274 Evelina
ukred-9275 [unknown]
ukred-9276 [unknown]
ukred-9277 Madoc
ukred-9278 [unknown]
ukred-9279 Vathek
ukred-9280 Childe Harold's Pilgrimage
ukred-9281 The Faerie Queene
ukred-9282 Pride and Prejudice
ukred-9283 Treatise on the Reasonableness of Christianity
ukred-9284 Analogy of Religion
ukred-9285 Bible
ukred-9286 history of the Italian republics;: Being a view of the origin, progress, and fall of Italian freedom, A
ukred-9287 Lara
ukred-9288 history of the Italian republics;: Being a view of the origin, progress, and fall of Italian freedom, A
ukred-9289 Litt?rature du midi de l'Europe
ukred-9290 Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
ukred-9291 [book on Philip of Spain]
ukred-9292 History of the House of Austria
ukred-9293 Memoirs of the Bourbon Kings of Spain
ukred-9294 [book(s) on Revolutions]
ukred-9295 [30 vol. History of 'Conjurazioni]
ukred-9296 Roderick
ukred-9297 Don Sebastian
ukred-9298 Lord of the Isles
ukred-9299 Lord of the Isles
ukred-9300 [article on 'Diseased Volition']
ukred-9301 Rimini
ukred-9302 Northanger Abbey
ukred-9303 Persuasion
ukred-9304 Don Juan
ukred-9305 The Giaour
ukred-9306 Fare Thee Well
ukred-9307 [a Satire - on Annabella?]
ukred-9308 Five Years of Youth: or, Sense and Sentiment
ukred-9309 Within and Without