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ukred-25755 Confessions
ukred-25756 De Civitate Dei [The City of God]
ukred-25757 Pensees
ukred-25758 Provincial Letters
ukred-25759 Studies in the History of the Renaissance
ukred-25760 History of Rome
ukred-25762 The Grammar of Ascent
ukred-25763 Apologia Pro Vita Sua
ukred-25765 Two Essays on Miracles
ukred-25766 The Idea of a University
ukred-25768 Divina Commedia
ukred-25770 Italian Grammar Book
ukred-25771 Italian Dictionary
ukred-25773 [Anthology of all surviving Greek and Latin poetry and Drama]
ukred-25774 Greek Lexicon
ukred-25775 Latin Dictionary
ukred-25778 New Testament in Greek
ukred-25779 History of the Jews
ukred-25781 Life and Works of St Paul
ukred-25783 Complete Poems
ukred-25785 Complete Works
ukred-25786 Sartor Resartus
ukred-25787 Life of Frederick the Great
ukred-25788 Poems
ukred-25790 Poems
ukred-25792 Vie de Jesus
ukred-25793 The Apostles
ukred-25794 History of the Popes
ukred-25795 Critical and Historical Essays
ukred-25796 Essays
ukred-25797 Complete Works
ukred-25801 Gaston de Latour
ukred-25802 History of Latin Christianity
ukred-25803 Complete Works
ukred-25804 Poems
ukred-25805 Dante and Other Essays
ukred-25806 Reliques of Ancient English Poetry
ukred-25807 History of the Middle Ages
ukred-25809 Poems
ukred-25810 Poems
ukred-25811 Morte d'Arthur
ukred-25812 Chronicles
ukred-25813 History of Civilisation
ukred-25814 Canterbury Tales
ukred-25816 Introduction to Dante
ukred-25817 Companion to Dante
ukred-25818 Miscellaneous Essays
ukred-25819 Faust
ukred-25828 Gospels
ukred-26266 Magdalen Walks
ukred-26268 Sidonia the Sorceress
ukred-26269 Melmoth the Wanderer
ukred-26272 Histoire de Charles XII
ukred-26273 ['classics books']
ukred-26278 Agamemnon
ukred-26279 novels
ukred-26280 novels
ukred-26284 Lost Illusions
ukred-26285 A Harlot High and Low
ukred-26286 Scarlet and Black
ukred-26288 Roman History
ukred-26289 The Bacchae
ukred-26292 Studies of the Greek Poets, vols 1 and 2
ukred-26293 Ethics
ukred-26295 Rambles and Studies
ukred-26296 unknown
ukred-26297 The Imitation of Christ
ukred-26299 Dialogues
ukred-26301 Studies in the History of the Renaiisance