The Journal of Sir Walter Scott

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The Journal of Sir Walter Scott-1

Reading experiences

ukred-25228 Secret and True History of the Church of Scotland from the Restoration to the year 1678
ukred-25242 Tea-Table Miscellany: My Jo Janet
ukred-25243 The Vocal Miscellany
ukred-25244 Tom Thumb the Great
ukred-25512 Edinburgh Review: Combinations of Workmen
ukred-25664 Aeneid
ukred-25667 Richard III
ukred-25673 Midsummer Night's Dream
ukred-25678 Julius Caesar
ukred-25680 Sermons
ukred-26459 School for Scandal
ukred-26460 The Critic
ukred-26565 memoranda
ukred-26567 'Essay on Dreams' (extract)
ukred-26569 The Lonely Hearth
ukred-26570 'Spiritual hymns'
ukred-26571 Memoirs
ukred-26573 poems
ukred-26575 Vie de Jacques de Lalaine
ukred-26576 The Omen
ukred-26577 An Account of the Last Illness, Decease, etc. of Napoleon Bonaparte
ukred-26578 Le Duc de Guise a Naples etc. en 1647 et 1648
ukred-26579 Tales of Chivalry and Romance
ukred-26580 Metrical Romances
ukred-26581 Ancient English Metrical Romances
ukred-26582 O'Donnel
ukred-26586 Pride and Prejudice
ukred-26587 Desmond
ukred-26588 Marmion
ukred-26589 The Lady of the Lake
ukred-26590 Granby
ukred-26591 Narrative of Travels in Northern and Central Africa in 1822, 1823, and 1834 [sic in source]
ukred-26592 review of Thomas Moore, Life of Sheridan
ukred-26593 'The murder of [William] Weare by Thurtell and Co. at Gill's-Hill, in Hertfordshire'
ukred-26594 Michaelmas Term
ukred-26595 The Hector of Germany, or The Palsgrave
ukred-26596 Specimens of the Early English Poets
ukred-26597 Specimens of Early English Romances
ukred-26598 Emma
ukred-26599 Northanger Abbey
ukred-26600 Sir John Chiverton
ukred-26601 Brambletye House
ukred-26684 History of the Peninsular War
ukred-26686 The Critic
ukred-26687 The Commissary
ukred-26688 report of funeral of William Gifford
ukred-26689 translation of Juvenal
ukred-26690 The Baviad
ukred-26691 The Maeviad
ukred-26692 Elizabeth de Bruce
ukred-26693 Elizabeth de Bruce
ukred-26694 Henry IV
ukred-26696 'essay [...] on the first encourager of Greek learning in England'
ukred-26697 Bible: Ecclesiastes
ukred-26698 Tale of the Mill
ukred-26699 Historic Doubts on Richard III
ukred-26700 The Maid of Bath
ukred-26701 Memoirs
ukred-26703 Almacks
ukred-26705 De Vere
ukred-26706 The Youth and Manhood of Cyril Thornton
ukred-26707 Memoirs
ukred-26708 Vivian Grey
ukred-26709 Life of Napoleon
ukred-26710 De Vere
ukred-26711 Greek texts
ukred-26712 article on E. T. W. Hoffmann
ukred-26713 Memoirs
ukred-26714 'Refutation' of Walter Scott's Life of Napoleon
ukred-26767 Memoirs of a Highland Lady
ukred-26768 Gazette
ukred-26769 History of the Rebellion 1745-6
ukred-26770 Red Rover
ukred-26771 Prairie
ukred-26772 Sayings and Doings (third series)
ukred-26773 review of Leigh Hunt, Anecdotes of Byron
ukred-26774 Tales of the Munster Festivals
ukred-26775 Tales of an Antiquary
ukred-26776 Sketch Book
ukred-26778 notes 'about her novels'
ukred-26779 Life of Burns
ukred-26780 History of War in the Peninsula (vol. 1)
ukred-26781 The Gentleman's Magazine
ukred-26783 Scotch Trials, containing Trial of Thomas Muir, Esq. etc.
ukred-26784 Scotch Trials, containing Trial of Thomas Muir, Esq. etc.
ukred-26785 'specimen of a historical novel'
ukred-26787 Historical Account of Cumnor ... illustrative of the Romance of Kenilworth
ukred-26788 History of Great Britain; from the invasion of Julius Caesar to the death of Henry VIII
ukred-26791 Picture of Scotland
ukred-26793 'On the size of the brain and the proportion of its parts, as affected by age, sex, or sexual mutilation.'
ukred-26794 Ancient Metrical Tales
ukred-26796 Memoires de Vidocque, Chef de la Police de Surete jusqu'en 1827
ukred-26851 Memoires de Vidocque, Chef de la Police de Surete jusqu'en 1827
ukred-26852 paper on mining-compass design
ukred-26853 Narrative of a Journey through the Upper Provinces of India
ukred-26854 'anecdotes about Cluny Macpherson [ie Ewan Macpherson of Cluny]'
ukred-26855 Prayers
ukred-26856 The Carbonaro, A Piedmontese Tale
ukred-26857 Sir Robert Peel's Parliamentary Bill for metropolitan police force
ukred-26858 The Doom of Devorgoil
ukred-26859 The Book of Rights
ukred-26860 The Five Nights of St Albans
ukred-26861 The Five Nights of St Albans
ukred-26862 Memoirs of General Miller, in the Service of the Republic of Peru
ukred-26863 The Spaewife
ukred-26916 John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, With Life of the Author
ukred-26917 Every-Day Book and Table Book: or Everlasting Calendar of Popular Amusements, Sports, Pastimes, Ceremonies, Manners, Customs, and Events, etc.
ukred-26918 Lawrie Todd
ukred-26919 Civil war tracts
ukred-26920 'German novels'
ukred-26921 The Savoyard
ukred-26922 Fragments of Voyages and Travels
ukred-26923 The Devil's Elixirs
ukred-26925 New Forest
ukred-27312 Constable's Miscellany of Original and Selected Publications in the Various Departments of Literature, the Sciences, & the Arts
ukred-27570 Lonely Hearth
ukred-27571 Elegy - Written in Spring
ukred-27572 Everyman in his Humour
ukred-27573 Memoirs
ukred-27999 Tam o' Shanter