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Reading experiences

ukred-22484 La Nouvelle Heloise
ukred-22486 Life of Cervantes
ukred-22487 [verses on Mrs Pitt bathing]
ukred-22489 [French epitaphs]
ukred-22490 [French epitaph translated by Mrs Thrale and Bennet Langton]
ukred-22492 Paradise Lost
ukred-22493 Paradise Lost
ukred-22494 [verses on a dog named Pompey]
ukred-22496 'To Miss Salusbury'
ukred-22497 Greek Anthology
ukred-22498 La manière de bien penser dans les ouvrages d'esprit
ukred-22500 ife and Memoirs of Mr Ephraim Tristram Bates, commonly called Corporal Bates, a broken-hearted Soldier
ukred-22501 ife and Opinions of Tristram Shandy
ukred-22502 Collection of Poems by Various Hands
ukred-22503 Miscellanies
ukred-22504 Consolation of Philosophy
ukred-22505 Bonduca
ukred-22506 [Plays]
ukred-22507 Consolation of Philosophy
ukred-22514 fifth Eclogue
ukred-22515 [a Spanish play]
ukred-22518 [French poems]
ukred-22519 Odyssey
ukred-22520 Cato
ukred-22521 Philosophical Arrangements
ukred-22522 Lectures of Morality
ukred-22523 [Letters]
ukred-22524 Essay on the Dramatic Character of Sir John Falstaff
ukred-22526 [verses on Mrs Greville and Mrs Crewe]
ukred-22527 Menagiana
ukred-22528 'Ye meaner beauties of the night'
ukred-22529 'Ye meaner beauties of the night'
ukred-22530 'Irregular Ode on the English Poets'
ukred-22531 'Irregular Ode on the English Poets'
ukred-22578 'Verses on the Fall of the Great Ash Tree in Offley Park'
ukred-22579 'To Miss Salusbury'
ukred-22581 Essay on the Nature and Immutability of Truth
ukred-22582 'Offley Park'
ukred-22583 [translation of one of Martial's 'Epigrams']
ukred-22584 Sermons to Young Women
ukred-22585 [pamphlet on benefits of children]
ukred-22587 Free Inquiry into the Nature and Origin of Evil
ukred-22588 Ethic Epistles
ukred-22589 Ethic Epistles
ukred-22683 Religion of Protestants a Safe Way to Salvation
ukred-22685 [Greek Testament]
ukred-22686 [history]
ukred-22687 [verses on Garrick's Lear]
ukred-22689 [sonnet to Voltaire]
ukred-22691 [sonnet to Voltaire]
ukred-22692 [verses to a wife, about a penknife]
ukred-22693 [poems]
ukred-22694 [verses on a lady and a pen knife]
ukred-22695 [Odes]
ukred-22696 Ode to Indifference
ukred-22697 [Odes]
ukred-22698 [Odes]
ukred-22699 [Odes]
ukred-22700 Bible
ukred-22701 Paradise Lost
ukred-22702 Every Man in his Humour
ukred-22703 Companion for the festivals and fasts of the Church of England: With collects and prayers for each solemnity , A
ukred-22705 Faerie Queene, The
ukred-22719 Contest
ukred-22732 De veritate religionis Christianae
ukred-22733 Hamlet
ukred-22736 [verses printed in the Gentleman's Magazine]
ukred-22737 [Essays]
ukred-22744 Rehearsal, The
ukred-22745 Rehearsal, The
ukred-22751 History of Music
ukred-22755 [book on gardening]
ukred-22757 History Of the Four last years Of the Queen
ukred-22759 Essay on the History of Civil Society
ukred-22760 Essay on the History of Civil Society
ukred-22761 History Of the Four last years Of the Queen
ukred-22763 Huetania
ukred-22767 Prophecy of Famine, a Scots Pastoral
ukred-22769 Ghost, The
ukred-22770 Ghost, The
ukred-22772 Rambler, The
ukred-22823 [MS 'character' of Johnson]
ukred-22824 [Dedication in] Hermes: or, a Philosophical Inquiry concerning Language and Universal Grammar
ukred-22825 Epigrams
ukred-22826 Adriano
ukred-22827 [translation of lines from Metastasio's 'Adriano']
ukred-22828 [poem about Mrs Thrale]
ukred-22829 [verses modelled on 'The Dunciad']
ukred-22830 [a story book]
ukred-22831 Essays on Poetry and Music
ukred-22832 [newspaper]
ukred-22833 Dove
ukred-22834 [MS Ode on St Cecilia's Day]
ukred-22835 [a New York newspaper]
ukred-22836 'Solitude: An Ode'
ukred-22837 Sugar Cane, The
ukred-22842 Continuation of the Life of Edward Earl of Clarendon
ukred-22843 Journal of the Plague Year
ukred-22844 Grecian Daughter, the: A tragedy
ukred-22845 Irene: A Historical Tragedy
ukred-22846 Cato
ukred-22847 London Merchant, or the History of George Barnwell
ukred-22848 Earl of Essex, The, a tragedy
ukred-22849 Mourning Bride, The
ukred-22850 Gentleman Instructed, In the Conduct of a Virtuous and Happy Life
ukred-22851 [verses written to Dr Parker by a clergyman]
ukred-22852 [verses written to Kitty Parker]
ukred-22855 [translation of Voltaire's 'A Madame de Chatelet']
ukred-22856 Rival, The
ukred-22857 [Ode on life]
ukred-22858 Amurath
ukred-22859 Adventurer, The
ukred-22862 Ferdinand Count Fathom
ukred-22863 Female Quixote, The
ukred-22864 Tom Jones
ukred-22865 Joseph Andrews
ukred-22931 Evelina
ukred-22932 Evelina
ukred-22933 Evelina
ukred-22934 Menagiana
ukred-22935 [verses on death]
ukred-22936 [verses on death]
ukred-22937 Sketches of the History of Man
ukred-22938 History of the Earth and Animated Nature
ukred-22939 Seasons, The - 'Spring'
ukred-22940 Seasons, The - 'Summer'
ukred-22941 Irene: A Historical Tragedy
ukred-22942 Histoire Naturelle
ukred-22943 History of Quadrupeds.
ukred-22944 Esop; a comedy
ukred-22945 Epigrams
ukred-22946 Conjectures on Original Composition. In a Letter to the Author of Sir Charles Grandison
ukred-22947 The Bubble: A Poem; aka, The South Sea Project
ukred-22948 Fatal marriage, The; or, the innocent adultery
ukred-22949 Fatal Curiosity: A True Tragedy of Three Acts
ukred-22950 Provoked Husband, The
ukred-22951 Old Batchelor, The
ukred-22952 Cato
ukred-22953 Irene: a Historical Tragedy
ukred-22954 Mourning Bride, The
ukred-22955 Mourning Bride, The
ukred-22956 'Love Letter from Captain Roach to Mrs Rudd'
ukred-22957 'Heroic Epistle to Sir William Chambers'
ukred-22958 Le Bourgeois gentilhomme
ukred-22959 Song for St. Cecilia's Day
ukred-22960 Ode for Music on St Cecilia's Day
ukred-23136 Shepheardes Calendar, The
ukred-23139 Night Thoughts
ukred-23141 [unknown poem praising Young]
ukred-23142 Night Thoughts
ukred-23143 The Sylph: a Novel
ukred-23145 Volpone
ukred-23147 [a poem on a Geranium]
ukred-23149 [an inscription]
ukred-23151 The Witlings
ukred-23152 The Witlings
ukred-23153 The Witlings
ukred-23155 Telluris Theoria Sacra
ukred-23157 Astronomical Year, The: Or an Account of the Great Year MDCCXXXVI. Particularly of the Late Comet, Which was foretold by Sir Isaac Newton
ukred-23159 L'Homme Singulier
ukred-23160 [an epigram]
ukred-23162 [ladies memorandum books]
ukred-23166 [burlesque translation of Euripides in the manner of Potter]
ukred-23171 [translation of a provencale ballad]
ukred-23172 Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life
ukred-23173 Rambler, The
ukred-23174 Anecdotes
ukred-23175 Anecdotes
ukred-23176 Anecdotes
ukred-23177 [Anecdotes]
ukred-23184 [poetry]
ukred-23186 Eloisa to Abelard
ukred-23187 Comus: A Masque
ukred-23188 Alma; or, The Progress of the Mind
ukred-23190 'Preface' to Fresnoy's 'Art of Painting'
ukred-23192 Essay on Man
ukred-23193 Life and Fame
ukred-23249 Critic, The
ukred-23250 School for Scandal, The
ukred-23251 Tom Jones
ukred-23252 Clandestine Marriage, The
ukred-23253 Lives of the Poets
ukred-23254 Alma
ukred-23255 Fair Penitent, The
ukred-23256 Fatal Dowry, The
ukred-23257 [a book of travels dealing with Abyssinia]
ukred-23258 Rape of the Lock, The
ukred-23259 Dunciad, The
ukred-23260 [a sonnet]
ukred-23261 Old Mans Wish, The
ukred-23262 Elmerick; Or Justice Triumphant
ukred-23263 Chevræana, ou Diverses Pensées
ukred-23264 Anacreon to himself
ukred-23265 [letter to his daughter, 1641]
ukred-23266 Maxims, Characters, and Reflections
ukred-23267 [translation of a French Chanson]
ukred-23268 [articles contributed to the 'Universal History']
ukred-23270 Sorberiana
ukred-23271 [MS of his translations of Homer]
ukred-23272 Letters
ukred-23273 Letters
ukred-23274 Gazette
ukred-23275 [prose works]
ukred-23276 [prose works]
ukred-23277 Dunciad, The
ukred-23278 Love of Fame, The Universal Passion
ukred-23363 Ancient History
ukred-23364 [Letters]
ukred-23365 'St Peter and the Minstrel, a Tale'
ukred-23366 Way of the World, The
ukred-23367 Henry V
ukred-23368 [translation of Gray's Elegy into Italian]
ukred-23369 [sonnet about Piozzi]
ukred-23370 [verses on Franklin's stove]
ukred-23371 [verses on Franklin's stove]
ukred-23374 '8th Ode'
ukred-23375 [a sonnet on love and friendship]
ukred-23376 [a sonnet]
ukred-23377 'North American Death Song'
ukred-23378 La maniere de bien penser dans les ouvrages d'esprit. Dialogues.
ukred-23379 'Cadenus and Vanessa'
ukred-23387 Pastorals
ukred-23388 'Third pastoral'
ukred-23389 'Second Eclogue'
ukred-23390 [a Song]
ukred-23393 Cecilia
ukred-23396 Eloisa to Abelard
ukred-23400 Anatomy of Melancholy, The
ukred-23401 'L'Allegro'
ukred-23402 'Il Penseroso'
ukred-23403 Wanderer, The
ukred-23404 'The Medicine, A Tale - for the Ladies'
ukred-23406 [a story]
ukred-23408 Taming of the Shrew, The
ukred-23414 Cecilia
ukred-23648 Aeneid
ukred-23649 View of Society and Manners in France, Switzerland and Germany
ukred-23650 Tale of a Tub, A
ukred-23651 [translation into Latin of Pope's 'Messiah']
ukred-23652 Physico-Theology, or, A Demonstration of the Being and Attributes of God, from His Works of Creation
ukred-23653 'To Melancholy'
ukred-23654 [verses beginning 'Pass gentelle Thought to her whom I love best']
ukred-23655 [French Memoirs]
ukred-23656 [English history]
ukred-23657 [Roman history]
ukred-23658 Bible
ukred-23661 [translations of Homer and other works]
ukred-23662 [books of European travels]
ukred-23663 Vicar of Wakefield, The
ukred-23664 Zadig
ukred-23666 works
ukred-23667 [plays]
ukred-23668 Method of Teaching and Studying the Belles Lettres