Romilly-Edgeworth Letters 1813-1818

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Romilly-Edgeworth Letters 1813

Reading experiences

ukred-20586 [legal briefs]
ukred-20587 Sandford and Merton
ukred-20588 Corinne, or Italy
ukred-20589 [letter to Madame de Stael]
ukred-20590 Annals of Philosophy
ukred-20591 Patronage
ukred-20592 [novel by a lady novelist]
ukred-20593 [novel by a lady novelist]
ukred-20594 Patronage
ukred-20595 Quarterly Review
ukred-20596 Quarterly Review
ukred-20597 [pamphlet on press freedom]
ukred-20598 [pamphlet on press freedom]
ukred-20599 [pamphlet on press freedom]
ukred-20600 [various books]
ukred-20601 Harry and Lucy
ukred-20602 Harry and Lucy
ukred-20603 Rosamond
ukred-20604 [review of 'Les Peines et les Recompenses']
ukred-20605 Philanthropist, The
ukred-20606 [speech on the Slave Trade]
ukred-20607 [speech on the Slave Trade]
ukred-20608 Edinburgh Review [review of Madame de Stael's 'De l'Allemagne']
ukred-20609 Waverley; or, Tis Sixty Years Since
ukred-20610 Waverley; or, Tis Sixty Years Since
ukred-20612 [children's books]
ukred-20613 Rosamond
ukred-20614 [title page of a children's book]
ukred-20615 [a narrative]
ukred-20632 Practical Education
ukred-20633 [writings about England, never published as 'De L'Angleterre', as originally planned]
ukred-20634 Mémoires sur la guerre des Français en Espagne
ukred-20635 Mémoires sur la guerre des Français en Espagne
ukred-20636 Edinburgh Review [review of 'Waverley']
ukred-20637 Waverley
ukred-20638 Lord of the Isles, The
ukred-20639 Lady of the Lake, The
ukred-20640 Marmion
ukred-20641 Lord of the Isles, The
ukred-20642 Lord of the Isles, The
ukred-20643 Rokeby
ukred-20644 Discipline
ukred-20645 Mémoires Sur La Guerre Des Français En Espagne
ukred-20646 Eugene
ukred-20648 Traveller, The; or, A Prospect of Society
ukred-20649 [Essays]
ukred-20650 Readings on poetry
ukred-20652 Fare thee well
ukred-20653 Sketch from Private Life, A
ukred-20654 Morning Chronicle
ukred-20655 Sketch from Private Life, A
ukred-20656 Fare thee well
ukred-20657 [children's plays]
ukred-20658 Old Poz
ukred-20659 Fare thee well
ukred-20660 Sketch from Private Life, A
ukred-20661 [Reports on Mendicity]
ukred-20662 Emma
ukred-20663 [unidentified novel]
ukred-20664 Adolphe
ukred-20665 Adolphe
ukred-20666 Glenarvon
ukred-20667 Glenarvon
ukred-20668 Rambler, The
ukred-20669 Glenarvon
ukred-20670 [newspaper extract of Preface to "Glenarvon"]
ukred-20671 Glenarvon
ukred-20672 Conversations on Political Economy
ukred-20673 Conversations on Political Economy
ukred-20674 Manfred
ukred-20675 Childe Harold
ukred-20676 Darkness
ukred-20677 [poems]
ukred-20678 Tales of my Landlord
ukred-20679 Tales of my Landlord
ukred-20680 [letters to his wife Harriet]
ukred-20681 [newspaper]
ukred-20682 [works]
ukred-20683 Papers Relative to Codification and Public Instruction
ukred-20684 History of British India, The
ukred-20685 France
ukred-20686 Quarterly Review