Selected Letters of E. M. Forster

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Selected Letters of E. M. Forster-1

Reading experiences

ukred-19973 The Surprising Adventures of Sir Toady Lion
ukred-19974 Northanger Abbey
ukred-19975 "The Greek Feeling for Nature"
ukred-19976 Punch
ukred-19977 The Antiquary: A Magazine Devoted to the Study of the Past
ukred-19978 Nature Notes
ukred-19980 Portrait of a Lady
ukred-19981 The Forest Lovers: A Romance
ukred-19982 plays
ukred-19983 'The Uses of History'
ukred-19984 Punch
ukred-19985 paper
ukred-19986 'The Child's first Lesebuch'
ukred-19987 Erewhon; or, Over the Range
ukred-19988 Marius the Epicurean
ukred-19989 Emma
ukred-19990 Northanger Abbey
ukred-19991 Thais
ukred-19992 Where Angels Fear to Tread
ukred-19993 La Cathedrale
ukred-19994 A Censored Play: The Breaking Point
ukred-19995 The Wooden Horse / 'The House of the Trojans'
ukred-19996 works
ukred-19997 Indian Sculpture and Painting ... with an Explanation of Their Motives and Ideals
ukred-19998 The Brothers Karamazov
ukred-20028 Autobiography
ukred-20029 Storia do Mogor; or Mogul India, 1653-1708
ukred-20031 British Dominion in India
ukred-20032 Idolatry
ukred-20034 Asiatic Studies: Religious and Social
ukred-20035 The Life and Works of Syed Ahmed Khan
ukred-20036 Puck of Pook's Hill
ukred-20037 The New Machiavelli
ukred-20038 The Leading Note
ukred-20039 The Shadow of a Titan
ukred-20040 Indian Unrest
ukred-20041 novels
ukred-20042 The Bracknels
ukred-20043 Ave
ukred-20045 Landmarks in French Literature
ukred-20046 Greek Tragedy
ukred-20047 L'Ame des Anglais
ukred-20048 Dans L'Inde
ukred-20049 The Bracknels
ukred-20050 Emblems of Love
ukred-20051 Ethan Frome
ukred-20052 Zuleika Dobson
ukred-20053 poem
ukred-20054 Memories and Studies
ukred-20055 The Return
ukred-20056 The Reward of Virtue
ukred-20057 story
ukred-20058 'The Ghost Ship'
ukred-20059 Following Darkness
ukred-20060 Following Darkness
ukred-20433 Rambles and Recollections of an Indian Official
ukred-20435 Rambles and Recollections of an Indian Official
ukred-20436 The Private Life of an Eastern King
ukred-20437 unidentified 'sketch'
ukred-20438 Byblis changee en fontaine
ukred-20439 Germany and England
ukred-20441 'White Paper'
ukred-20442 notice on wartime safety measures
ukred-20443 Maurice
ukred-20444 Maurice
ukred-20445 Maurice
ukred-20541 Hyperion
ukred-20542 The White Peacock
ukred-20543 The New Statesman
ukred-20544 The Morning Post
ukred-20545 'What Our Fleet Has Done'
ukred-20546 'A Year of Naval Warfare'
ukred-20549 The Meaning of Good
ukred-20550 Letters from John Chinaman
ukred-20551 'Bombardment'
ukred-20552 'Rousbrugge'
ukred-20553 'Missionary magazine'
ukred-20554 What Maisie Knew
ukred-20555 Portrait of a Lady
ukred-20557 Marius the Epicurean
ukred-20558 [possibly] The Spirit of Man: An Anthology in English & French from the Philosophers and Poets made by the POet Laureate in 1915 & dedicated by gracious permission to His Majesty the King
ukred-20560 The Rainbow
ukred-20562 The Feet of the Young Men
ukred-20563 Ethics
ukred-20564 The Middle Years
ukred-20567 Translations from Lucretius
ukred-20568 My Days and Dreams: Being Autobiographical Notes
ukred-20569 The Sense of the Past
ukred-20573 'Kenneth'
ukred-20574 'The Trial of Witches'
ukred-20575 The Arrow of Gold: A Story Between Two Notes