Memoirs of Laetitia Pilkington

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Reading experiences

ukred-19831 Alexander's Feast
ukred-19832 Sacred Eclogue in Imitation of Virgil’s 'Pollio'
ukred-19833 [poetry]
ukred-19834 [letters]
ukred-19835 [letters to her daughter]
ukred-19836 [poems]
ukred-19837 Poems on Several Occasions
ukred-19838 Petition of the Birds, The
ukred-19839 History of the Four Last Years of the Queen
ukred-19840 [letters to Swift]
ukred-19841 [letters to Swift from various correspondents]
ukred-19842 [letters to Swift]
ukred-19843 Dunciad
ukred-19844 Dunciad
ukred-19845 'a Libel on Dr Delany and a Certain Great Lord'
ukred-19846 [letter to Swift]
ukred-19848 Mille et une heures, contes peruviens
ukred-19849 Paper
ukred-19850 Paper
ukred-19851 Paper
ukred-19852 Paper
ukred-19853 Paper
ukred-19854 Sent with a Quill to Dr Swift
ukred-19855 Sent with a Quill to Dr Swift
ukred-19856 [prose works]
ukred-19857 Odes
ukred-19858 Ode, An
ukred-19859 [a Horatian Ode]
ukred-19860 [letter to Swift]
ukred-19861 [letter to Laetitia Pilkington, about Pope]
ukred-19862 Verses on the Death of Dr Swift
ukred-19863 Life and Genuine Character of Dr Swift, The
ukred-19864 Macbeth
ukred-19865 [Plays]
ukred-19866 Essay on Criticism
ukred-19867 Hudibras
ukred-19868 Midsummer Night's Dream, A
ukred-19869 Comus: A Masque
ukred-19870 Odes
ukred-19901 To Colley Cibber, Esq
ukred-19902 Sorrow
ukred-19903 [unknown]
ukred-19904 [Poems]
ukred-19905 [Poems]
ukred-19906 [letter professing to be from Matthew Pilkington's lawyer]
ukred-19907 [Poems]
ukred-19908 [unknown]
ukred-19909 Apology for the Minister, An
ukred-19910 Champion, The
ukred-19911 [newspapers]
ukred-19912 [unknown]
ukred-19913 [books on Roman History]
ukred-19914 Lady's Dressing-Room, The
ukred-19915 [Poems]
ukred-19916 [a French drinking song]
ukred-19921 [Life of Barber]
ukred-19922 [Letter]
ukred-19923 Roman Father, The
ukred-19924 [prison discharge document]
ukred-19925 To Colley Cibber, esq.
ukred-19926 Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded
ukred-19927 Egotist, The
ukred-19928 To Mr Cibber
ukred-19929 [a letter]
ukred-19930 [a letter]
ukred-19931 [inscriptions]
ukred-19932 Female Spectator, The
ukred-19936 [translations of and notes on Homer]
ukred-19937 Poems by the Most Deservedly Admired Mrs Katherine Philips, the Matchless Orinda
ukred-19938 ''in Memory of F.P. who died at Acton the 24 May 1660 at 12 and a 1/2 of Age'
ukred-19939 [Poems]
ukred-19943 [Poems]
ukred-19944 [poem]
ukred-19945 Suspicious Husband, The
ukred-19946 [poetry by various correspondents]
ukred-19947 Old Testament
ukred-20007 Roman Father, The; A Tragedy
ukred-20008 [a love letter]
ukred-20009 To his Excellency the Earl of Chesterfield
ukred-20010 To his Excellency the Earl of Chesterfield
ukred-20011 The Parallel: Or, Pilkington and Phillips Compared, Being Remarks upon the Memoirs of those two celebrated Writers
ukred-20012 To Samuel Foote, Esq. on seeing his Englishman in Paris
ukred-20013 [letters]
ukred-20014 Windsor Forest
ukred-20015 Ethic Epistles
ukred-20016 Eloisa to Abelard
ukred-20017 Il Penseroso
ukred-20018 Cooper's Hill
ukred-20019 Philosophical Rhapsody, A
ukred-20020 [notice in her shop window]
ukred-20021 On the Death of Mr Crashaw
ukred-20022 [Inscription on monument of godfrey Kneller in Westminster Abbey]
ukred-20023 [Memoirs and Poems]
ukred-20024 [Poems]
ukred-20025 [alterations to her poem 'To Mr Cibber']
ukred-20026 To Mr Cibber
ukred-20027 Character and Conduct of Cicero Considered
ukred-20065 [letter to LP's son, Jack]
ukred-20066 Memoirs
ukred-20067 [poems sent by admirers]
ukred-20068 Symposium
ukred-20069 Inquiry into the Originals of our Ideas of Beauty and Virtue, An
ukred-20070 Characteristics
ukred-20071 Ethic Epistles
ukred-20072 Inquiry into the Original of our Ideas of Beauty and Virtue
ukred-20073 Essay on the Nature and Conduct of the Passions and Affections
ukred-20074 Essay on the Nature and Conduct of the Passions and Affections
ukred-20075 Religion of Nature Delineated, The
ukred-20076 [a letter]
ukred-20077 ['Adventures of Eugenius' - veiled Autobiography]
ukred-20078 [Psalms of David in Miltonic verse]
ukred-20079 [letter on the subject of 'The Beggar's Opera']
ukred-20080 [various works sent to Jonathan Swift]
ukred-20081 Memoirs
ukred-20082 Religion of Nature Delineated, The
ukred-20083 [letter asking for financial assistance]
ukred-20084 [letter to LP]
ukred-20085 [Dedication to her 'Memoirs']
ukred-20086 [letter]
ukred-20087 To the Right Hon. the Lord Kingsborough