Selected Letters and Journals of George Crabbe

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Selected Letters and Journals of George Crabbe-1

Reading experiences

ukred-19459 [Romances]
ukred-19460 [Novels and poetry]
ukred-19461 [Latin medical books]
ukred-19462 [botany books]
ukred-19463 Materia medica botanica
ukred-19464 Maximes
ukred-19465 [funeral address for Duke of Rutland]
ukred-19466 Polyolbion
ukred-19467 Six Month's Tour Through the North of England, A
ukred-19468 Rural Economy of the Midland Counties, The; Including the Management of Livestock in Leicestershire and its Environs'
ukred-19469 Systema entomologiae
ukred-19470 [newspapers]
ukred-19471 Parish Register, The
ukred-19472 Library, The
ukred-19473 Village, The
ukred-19474 Village, The
ukred-19475 Library, The
ukred-19476 [Annual Register - extract of Crabbe's 'The Library']
ukred-19477 [Annual Register - extract of Crabbe's 'The Village']
ukred-19478 Patron, The
ukred-19479 Tales in verse
ukred-19488 Lower World, The
ukred-19489 Scotish Review, The
ukred-19490 Edinburgh Review
ukred-19491 Lady of the Lake, The
ukred-19492 [Latin poems and hymns]
ukred-19493 Rokeby
ukred-19494 Sympathy; a Poem
ukred-19495 Lay of the Last Minstrel, The
ukred-19496 Marmion
ukred-19497 Lady of the Lake, The
ukred-19498 Rokeby
ukred-19499 Horace in London
ukred-19500 Rejected Addresses
ukred-19501 [poems]
ukred-19502 Rime of the Ancient Mariner, The
ukred-19503 [Works]
ukred-19504 [Works]
ukred-19505 [Works]
ukred-19506 [letters from Crabbe to Charlotte Ridout's friend Charlotte Williams]
ukred-19507 Lord of the Isles, The
ukred-19508 Lord of the Isles, The
ukred-19550 Waverley; or, Tis Sixty Years Since
ukred-19551 Guy Mannering
ukred-19552 Glenarvon
ukred-19553 Village, The
ukred-19554 Library, The
ukred-19555 Newspaper, The
ukred-19556 Deserted Village, The
ukred-19557 Parish Register, The
ukred-19558 Tales in Verse
ukred-19559 Borough, the
ukred-19560 Edinburgh Review
ukred-19561 [verses]
ukred-19562 [unknown]
ukred-19563 [unknown]
ukred-19564 [pamphlet]
ukred-19565 Journal of A Residence in India
ukred-19566 [Dramas]
ukred-19567 Father and Daughter, The: a Tale in Prose, with an Epistle from the Maid of Corinth to her Lover, and Other Poetical Pieces
ukred-19568 Human Life
ukred-19569 [verses]
ukred-19571 Tales from the Hall
ukred-19572 Human Life, A Poem
ukred-19573 Human Life, A Poem
ukred-19574 Human Life, A Poem
ukred-19575 [review of Crabbe's 'Tales from the Hall']
ukred-19576 Alashtar, an Arabian Tale [?]
ukred-19577 [Works]
ukred-19578 Man of Feeling, The
ukred-19579 [Miscellany]
ukred-19580 [poetry]
ukred-19581 Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine
ukred-19582 Systems of Physiological Botany
ukred-19583 [Travels]
ukred-19584 Faust
ukred-19585 Arabian Tales; or, A Continuation of The Arabian Nights Entertainments
ukred-19586 History of English Poetry, The
ukred-19589 Liber Amoris, or the New Pygmalion
ukred-19590 Phrenology
ukred-19591 Calvinistic Doctrines Refuted
ukred-19592 Morning Herald, The
ukred-19593 Gaieties and Gravities; A Series of Sketches, Comic Tales, and Fugitive Vagaries
ukred-19594 [unknown]
ukred-19595 Quarterly Review
ukred-19635 Parochial History of Bremhill, The
ukred-19636 Inquiry into the Doctrines of Necessity & Predestination
ukred-19637 History of the Church of Christ
ukred-19638 Cardiphonia, or Utterance of the Heart
ukred-19639 [book on witchcraft trials]
ukred-19641 Hulsean Lectures for 1822: On Scripture Difficulties; Twenty Discourses
ukred-19642 [unknown work on religious enthusiasm]
ukred-19643 [newspapers at time of Reform debate]
ukred-19644 Blackwoods Edinburgh Magazine
ukred-19645 Lady Barbara
ukred-19646 Ellen
ukred-19647 [sermons]