Letters of Mrs Gaskell, The

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Reading experiences

ukred-18995 [Exercise book]
ukred-18996 [lectures on poetry]
ukred-18997 'Deserted House, The'
ukred-18998 Doctor, The
ukred-19000 Hour and the Man, The
ukred-19001 Deerbrook
ukred-19003 [a sermon]
ukred-19004 Jane Eyre
ukred-19005 Notes From Books, in Four Essays
ukred-19006 Friends in Council: A Series of Readings and Discourse Thereon
ukred-19007 [advertisement for 'Mary Barton' in Edinburgh Review]
ukred-19008 Susan Hopley
ukred-19009 Times, The
ukred-19010 Kenilworth
ukred-19011 Mary Barton
ukred-19012 [letter approving 'Mary Barton']
ukred-19013 Life and Times of Oliver Goldsmith, The
ukred-19014 Lives of the Statesmen of the Commonwealth
ukred-19015 [review, probably in 'The Examiner' of 'Mary Barton']
ukred-19016 [encouraging letter about 'Mary Barton']
ukred-19017 [article in 'London Examiner' on Chas Buller]
ukred-19082 [remarks on Gaskell's 'Mary Barton']
ukred-19083 Ambarvalia
ukred-19084 [prospectus]
ukred-19085 [review of 'Margaret, a tale of the Real and the Ideal']
ukred-19086 Margaret, a Tale of the Real and the Ideal
ukred-19087 David Copperfield
ukred-19088 Lives of the Lindsays; Or, A memoir of the houses of Crawford and Balcarres
ukred-19089 Oenone
ukred-19090 'Sleeping Beauty, The'
ukred-19091 [possibly] Discourses to Mixed Congregations
ukred-19092 Shirley
ukred-19094 [unknown review]
ukred-19095 [Sermons]
ukred-19096 [Poems]
ukred-19097 'Sleeping Beauty, The'
ukred-19098 Jane Eyre
ukred-19099 [MS. novel]
ukred-19100 [review of Browning's 'Christmas Eve and Easter-Day']
ukred-19101 Shirley
ukred-19102 Passages in the life of a Daughter at Home
ukred-19103 [Sermon on 'Religion versus God']
ukred-19104 Sartor Resartus
ukred-19105 Libbie Marsh's Three Eras
ukred-19106 Modern Painters
ukred-19107 [works by all three sisters]
ukred-19108 [reviews of Jane Eyre]
ukred-19109 Jane Eyre
ukred-19110 Modern Painters
ukred-19111 Leader, The
ukred-19112 Atlas, The [review of Gaskell's 'The Moorland Cottage']
ukred-19113 Guardian, The [review of Gaskell's 'The Moorland Cottage']
ukred-19114 Fraser's Magazine [review of Gaskell's 'The Moorland Cottage']
ukred-19115 Times, The [review of a Thackeray book, perhaps Pendennis]
ukred-19118 Seven Lamps of Architecture, The
ukred-19119 Seven Lamps of Architecture, The
ukred-19120 Santo Sebastiano: or, The Young Protector
ukred-19121 Henry Esmond
ukred-19122 Palissy the Potter
ukred-19123 North British Review [review of Gaskell's 'Ruth']
ukred-19124 Literary Gazette [review of Gaskell's 'Ruth']
ukred-19125 [various periodicals: reviews of Gaskell's 'Ruth']
ukred-19126 Ruth
ukred-19127 [letter of a 'First Hand']
ukred-19128 'Lady's Dream, The'
ukred-19129 Villette
ukred-19130 Villette
ukred-19131 Condition of Poor Children in English and German Towns
ukred-19132 Villette
ukred-19133 Examiner [review of Thackeray's 'Henry Esmond']
ukred-19134 Examiner [review of Thackeray's 'Henry Esmond']
ukred-19135 Memoirs of Frederick Perthes or Literary, Religious and Political Life in Germany from 1789 to 1848
ukred-19136 'Edmund Burkke and the Annual Register'
ukred-19137 [tales]
ukred-19138 Folious appearances. a consideration on our ways of lettering books
ukred-19139 Times, The [review of H.F. Chorley's play 'The Duchess Eleanor']
ukred-19140 Shirley
ukred-19141 Mary Barton
ukred-19142 Lectures on the Lancashire Dialect
ukred-19143 'Brother Mieth and his Brothers'
ukred-19144 'Brother Mieth and his Brothers'
ukred-19146 Commonplace Book of Thoughts, A
ukred-19147 Household Words [?]
ukred-19148 North and South
ukred-19149 Shirley
ukred-19150 [remarks on 'North and South']
ukred-19151 [letters to Ellen Nussey]
ukred-19152 Little Dorrit
ukred-19153 [letters to W.S. Williams]
ukred-19154 [book on Yorkshire]
ukred-19155 [manuscripts]
ukred-19156 [manuscripts]
ukred-19157 Professor, The
ukred-19182 Little Dorrit
ukred-19183 [verses]
ukred-19184 Professor, The
ukred-19185 Examiner, The
ukred-19186 Professor, The
ukred-19187 [letter offering his opinion of Gaskell's biography of Charlotte Bronte]
ukred-19188 Autobiography of Lutfullah, a Mohammedan gentleman : and his translations with his fellow-creatures
ukred-19189 Bombay Quarterly Review
ukred-19190 Athenaeum [review of Eastwick's 'Lutfullah']
ukred-19191 Poems by Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell
ukred-19192 Times, The
ukred-19193 [possibly] Administration of the East India Company, The
ukred-19194 [possibly] Government of India, The
ukred-19195 Homeward Mail, The
ukred-19196 Ballads
ukred-19198 [articles in the 'Atlantic Monthly' on India and an exhibition]
ukred-19199 [article in the 'Atlantic Monthly']
ukred-19200 Atlantic Monthly
ukred-19201 Scenes from Clerical Life
ukred-19202 'Lucknow'
ukred-19203 Atlantic Monthly
ukred-19204 Biography of Elisha Kent Kane
ukred-19205 Life and Times of Aaron Burr, The
ukred-19206 [Life of Barnum]
ukred-19207 Apercu Historique et genealogique
ukred-19226 [advertisement for the 'Psychological' magazine]
ukred-19227 Telegraph
ukred-19228 [unknown]
ukred-19229 Lyra Germanica
ukred-19230 Notes on Matters affecting the Health, Efficiency, and Hosptal Administration of the British Army
ukred-19233 Rita
ukred-19234 Amos Barton
ukred-19235 Adam Bede
ukred-19236 Blackwood's Magazine
ukred-19237 Adam Bede
ukred-19238 [American cookery books]
ukred-19239 [unknown]
ukred-19240 [unknown]
ukred-19241 Three Introductory Lectures on the study of Ecclesiastical History
ukred-19242 Three Introductory Lectures on the study of Ecclesiastical History
ukred-19243 Popular Tales from the Norse
ukred-19244 Times, The
ukred-19245 Three Paths, The
ukred-19246 Friends in Council
ukred-19247 [unknown]
ukred-19249 [unknown]
ukred-19250 Domestic Annals of Scotland: from the reformation to the revolution
ukred-19251 Times, The
ukred-19252 Cousin Stella
ukred-19253 Cousin Stella
ukred-19254 Fool of Quality, The
ukred-19255 On Liberty
ukred-19256 Eric
ukred-19257 Adam Bede
ukred-19258 [review of his own 'Idylls of the King']
ukred-19259 Excursion, The
ukred-19260 Miscellanies
ukred-19261 Complete Guide to the English Lakes
ukred-19262 [MS narrative]
ukred-19263 Travel in Northumberland and the Border
ukred-19264 Marble Faun, The
ukred-19265 Historical Memorials of Canterbury
ukred-19266 Janet's Repentance
ukred-19267 Missing Link, The; or Bible Women In The Homes Of The London Poor
ukred-19268 Macmillan's Magazine
ukred-19269 Virginians, The
ukred-19270 Scenes from Clerical Life
ukred-19271 Adam Bede
ukred-19272 'Amos Barton'
ukred-19273 [Inaugural Ode for the Cornhill Magazine in the persona of 'Father Prout']
ukred-19274 [Saturday Review - review of the play 'Dead Heart']
ukred-19275 Framley Parsonage
ukred-19276 Lovel the Widower
ukred-19277 Cornhill Magazine
ukred-19278 All the Year Round [article]
ukred-19279 [review of Mme Lenorment's 'Souvenirs et Correspondance de Madame Recamier]
ukred-19280 Cousin Stella
ukred-19281 Framley Parsonage
ukred-19282 Annual Register
ukred-19283 Melle Mori
ukred-19284 New Life of Dante, An Essay with Translations
ukred-19285 Mill on the Floss, The
ukred-19286 Scarsworth
ukred-19287 [anthology of laudatory sonnets]
ukred-19288 London Guardian
ukred-19289 [German/English dictionary]
ukred-19290 Biographies
ukred-19291 History of Latin Christianity
ukred-19297 [Manchester newspaper]
ukred-19298 Modern Painters
ukred-19299 Glaciers of the Alps, The
ukred-19300 Amber Witch, The
ukred-19301 Notes of Travel and Study in Italy
ukred-19302 'Purgatory'
ukred-19303 Fraser's Magazine
ukred-19304 Atlantic Monthly
ukred-19305 Elsie Venner
ukred-19306 Silex Scintillans
ukred-19307 They are all gone into the world of light
ukred-19308 [newspaper acconts of events in America in run up to Civil War]
ukred-19309 Pastoral Visits
ukred-19310 [paper on 'The Advantages of Defeat]
ukred-19311 Marble Faun, The
ukred-19313 [Letters]
ukred-19314 Carr of Carrlyon
ukred-19315 [MS of impressions of manufacturing districts of Lancashire and Yorkshire]
ukred-19317 Cleopatra
ukred-19318 Two Summers
ukred-19319 [American newspaper extracts]
ukred-19345 [unknown]
ukred-19347 Bird's-eye Views of Society
ukred-19348 [Report of the Sanitary Commission]
ukred-19349 Atlantic Monthly
ukred-19350 [poem]
ukred-19351 [Letters]
ukred-19352 Thoughts on Xmas. In Florence, 1863
ukred-19353 Fireside Travels
ukred-19354 Tony Butler
ukred-19355 [story with title like 'Jem']
ukred-19356 Cranford
ukred-19357 Cranford
ukred-19358 Cranford
ukred-19360 Daily News
ukred-19361 [reviews of 'The Gayworthys' by Mrs ADT Whitney]
ukred-19363 [book on portraits of Dante]
ukred-19364 Fireside Travels
ukred-19365 [poems]
ukred-19366 Biglow Papers, The
ukred-19368 Pall Mall Gazette
ukred-19409 Rachel Gray
ukred-19410 Baby May and Other Poems on Infants
ukred-19411 Triumph for Salamis, the: a lyrical ballad
ukred-19412 Essays of Elia
ukred-19413 Guesses at Truth
ukred-19414 Inquirer, The
ukred-19415 [a history of the French Revolution]
ukred-19416 Bessy's Troubles at Home
ukred-19417 Jane Eyre
ukred-19418 Times, The
ukred-19419 [letters]
ukred-19421 [letters]
ukred-19422 [account of Anne Bronte's death]
ukred-19423 [letters]
ukred-19424 ['standard works'; not novels]
ukred-19425 [unknown]
ukred-19426 [French]
ukred-19427 [unknown]
ukred-19428 [letter to Marianne Gaskell]
ukred-19429 Modern Painters
ukred-19430 [possibly] French Women of Letters
ukred-19431 [unknown]
ukred-19432 Rime of the Ancient mariner, The