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ukred-1884 [newspaper]
ukred-1885 Morning Post
ukred-1887 Friendship
ukred-1888 Poems on Various Occasions
ukred-1889 Poems on Various Occasions
ukred-1891 Monthly Literary Recreations
ukred-1895 [morning newspaper]
ukred-1901 unknown
ukred-1902 unknown
ukred-1903 Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
ukred-1906 unknown
ukred-1910 review of Byron, Hours of Idleness
ukred-1920 [newspapers]
ukred-1922 [speech]
ukred-1923 Ode ("Exegi monumentum")
ukred-1924 [newspapers]
ukred-1925 advertisement for Scott, The Lady of The Lake
ukred-1926 Fair Shepherdess, The
ukred-1927 Edinburgh Review
ukred-1928 De Arte Poetica
ukred-1929 [newspapers]
ukred-1932 unknown
ukred-2000 [translation of Juvenal]
ukred-2001 Lady Jane Grey, a Tale; and Other Poems
ukred-2004 Apology for Christianity, in a Series of Letters to Edward Gibbon, Esq.
ukred-2006 Aedipus Judaicus
ukred-2007 Aedipus Judaicus
ukred-2010 [lines on Dermody]
ukred-2011 [lines in the cave at Seaham]
ukred-2012 [poems]
ukred-2013 unknown
ukred-2014 Metrical Effusions
ukred-2015 Travels in Various Countries of Europe, Asia, and Africa (vol 2)
ukred-2018 Morning Chronicle
ukred-2019 [Sunday papers]
ukred-2020 [newspapers]
ukred-2021 [biography]
ukred-2022 [newspapers]
ukred-2023 unknown
ukred-2024 [untitled manuscript]
ukred-2034 [epitaphs]
ukred-2037 Horace in London; consisting of Imitations of the First Two Books of the Odes of Horace
ukred-2039 Examiner, The
ukred-2040 "When Rogers ... "
ukred-2041 Letters from the Levant
ukred-2042 advertisement for William Wadd, Practical Observations on the best mode of curing Strictures...
ukred-2043 advertisement for Modern Poets; a Dialogue in Verse, containing some Strictures on the Poetry of Lord Byron, Mr. Southey, and Others
ukred-2044 Modern Poets; a Dialogue in Verse, containing some Strictures on the Poetry of Lord Byron, Mr. Southey, and Others
ukred-2045 Edinburgh Review
ukred-2046 [poems]
ukred-2047 Charlemagne
ukred-2048 Moeurs, usages costumes des Othomans, et abrege de leur histoire
ukred-2049 unknown
ukred-2050 unknown
ukred-2054 British Review
ukred-2056 Charlemagne
ukred-2061 De l'Allemagne
ukred-2062 [epigram on J. W. Ward]
ukred-2063 [epigram on J. W. Ward]
ukred-2066 De L'Allemagne
ukred-2067 Christian Observer
ukred-2068 Persian Tale
ukred-2069 Correspondance Litteraire
ukred-2073 unknown
ukred-2074 unknown
ukred-2075 unknown
ukred-2076 [books]
ukred-2079 unknown
ukred-2080 [translation of Lucretius]
ukred-2081 Edinburgh Review
ukred-2088 The Ruminator: containing a series of moral, critical and sentimental Essays
ukred-2095 letter with poem
ukred-2096 The Edinburgh Review
ukred-2097 Memoirs of George Frederick Cooke, late of the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden
ukred-2098 English Bards and Scotch Reviewers
ukred-2099 English Bards and Scotch Reviewers
ukred-2101 [letter on the punishment for adultery in Turkey]
ukred-2102 [letter on punishment of adultery in Turkey]
ukred-2103 [letter on punishment for adultery in Turkey]
ukred-2104 [letter on punishment of adultery in Turkey]
ukred-2105 [letter on punishment of adultery in Turkey]
ukred-2106 [letter on the punishment of adultery in Turkey]
ukred-2107 unknown
ukred-2108 Prospectus for Sylvester Douglas, Baron Glenbervie,
ukred-2109 The Monk
ukred-2110 [newspapers]
ukred-2111 unknown
ukred-2112 [Italian]
ukred-2113 The Morning Post
ukred-2114 unknown
ukred-2115 unknown
ukred-2116 The Robbers
ukred-2117 [poster advertising a debate on Byron and Scott]
ukred-2118 Anti-Byron
ukred-2119 Quarrels of Authors
ukred-2120 unknown
ukred-2121 unknown
ukred-2122 unknown
ukred-2123 The Edinburgh Review
ukred-2124 unknown
ukred-2125 Orlando in Roncesvalles
ukred-2126 Patronage
ukred-2127 The Morning Chronicle
ukred-2128 The Morning Post
ukred-2129 The Feast of the Poets
ukred-2130 [ministerial gazettes]
ukred-2131 [letter]
ukred-2155 unknown
ukred-2156 The Book of Job
ukred-2157 The Book of Isaiah
ukred-2158 The Book of Deborah
ukred-2159 Anti-Byron
ukred-2160 The Wanderer, or Female Difficulties
ukred-2161 review of Byron, The Corsair and The Bride of Abydos
ukred-2162 advertisement for William Sotheby, Five Tragedies (1814)
ukred-2163 Bonaparte
ukred-2164 [Roman History]
ukred-2165 unknown
ukred-2166 [article]
ukred-2167 Waverley
ukred-2168 [letter]
ukred-2169 [advertisements for Byron, Lara, and Samuel Rogers, Jacqueline (joint publication)]
ukred-2170 [poem]
ukred-2171 [history book]
ukred-2172 Lines on Leaving a Scene in Bavaria
ukred-2173 unknown
ukred-2174 Letters to Archdeacon Travis
ukred-2175 unknown
ukred-2176 Lara; Jacqueline
ukred-2177 [letter]
ukred-2178 [letter to Byron]
ukred-2179 The Morning Chronicle
ukred-2180 [newspaper]
ukred-2181 [letter]
ukred-2182 unknown
ukred-2183 The Morning Chronicle
ukred-2184 article on Boyd's Select Passages from the Writings of St Chrysostom
ukred-2185 [packet]
ukred-2186 The Annual Register
ukred-2187 [daily newspapers]
ukred-2188 Byron family pedigree
ukred-2189 unknown
ukred-2190 The Story of Rimini (Canto 3)
ukred-2207 [paper on the Methodists]
ukred-2208 Bertram
ukred-2210 Bertram
ukred-2212 [letter]
ukred-2215 The Story of Rimini
ukred-2216 Novelle Amorose
ukred-2217 Animali Parlante
ukred-2218 Julie, ou La Nouvelle Heloise
ukred-2219 advertisement for publications
ukred-2220 Glenarvon
ukred-2221 Adolphe
ukred-2222 memoirs
ukred-2223 epitaph to Edmund Ludlow
ukred-2227 unknown
ukred-2229 [inscription on rock]
ukred-2232 Childe Harold's Pilgrimage Canto III
ukred-2236 review of Goethe, Aus meinem Leben, Dichtung und Wahrheit
ukred-2238 Waterloo and Other Poems
ukred-2239 Ilderim: A Syrian Tale
ukred-2240 The Pamphleteer
ukred-2242 [unknown]
ukred-2245 letters
ukred-2248 "book treating of the Rhine"
ukred-2252 Glenarvon
ukred-2254 ["the Italian version of the French papers"]
ukred-2256 Quarterly Review
ukred-2261 Waterloo and Other Poems
ukred-2264 Review of Byron, Childe Harold Canto III and The Prisoner of Chillon, a Dream, and other Poems
ukred-2266 travel journal
ukred-2267 travel journal
ukred-2268 Oeuvres Completes de Voltaire. De L'Imprimerie de la Societe Litterarie Typographique
ukred-2269 Epistles to Corinthians
ukred-2271 [newspaper]
ukred-2273 Geisterseher
ukred-2274 reviews of Caroline Lamb, Glenarvon, and Byron, Childe Harold Canto III
ukred-2275 Some Account of the Life and Writings of Lope Felix de Vega Carpio
ukred-2276 The Prisoner of Chillon
ukred-2277 Confessions
ukred-2279 unknown
ukred-2280 Tales of my Landlord
ukred-2281 Lallah Rookh
ukred-2282 Lallah Rookh (extracts)
ukred-2283 Lallah Rookh (extracts)
ukred-2284 Manuel
ukred-2285 Lallah Rookh
ukred-2286 [poems]
ukred-2287 [poems]
ukred-2288 [poems]
ukred-2289 Biographia Literaria
ukred-2290 Faust
ukred-2291 Prometheus
ukred-2292 Elegy
ukred-2321 The Sexagenarian, or Recollections of a Literary Life
ukred-2322 [Reviews]
ukred-2323 [obituary]
ukred-2324 The Court and Parliament of Beasts, freely translated from the Animali Parlanti of Casti
ukred-2325 [Italian Gazettes]
ukred-2326 Rob Roy
ukred-2327 Historical Illustrations of the Fourth Canto of Childe Harold
ukred-2328 Review of Leigh Hunt, Foliage
ukred-2329 The Literary Character
ukred-2330 The Literary Character
ukred-2331 Galignani's newspaper
ukred-2332 Galignani's Messenger
ukred-2333 Bertram
ukred-2334 The Friends: a Poem
ukred-2335 Orlando Furioso
ukred-2336 [marginalia]
ukred-2337 Orlando Furioso
ukred-2338 n/a
ukred-2339 Commentary on Dante, Commedia
ukred-2340 Corinne
ukred-2432 [letter]
ukred-2435 [novels]
ukred-2436 [poems]
ukred-2438 The Bride of Lammermoor
ukred-2439 A Legend of Montrose
ukred-2441 [newspapers]
ukred-2442 German periodicals
ukred-2443 Faust
ukred-2444 Works
ukred-2445 Poems of the Late Thomas Little
ukred-2446 Poems of the Late Thomas Little
ukred-2447 "Italian history of the Doges of Venice"
ukred-2448 "Siege of Zara"
ukred-2449 unknown
ukred-2450 History of the Italian Republics in the Middle Ages
ukred-2454 Diary of an Invalid
ukred-2458 [books]
ukred-2460 Gazette
ukred-2461 Dell'amor patrio di Dante
ukred-2462 Galignani's Newspaper
ukred-2476 Sketches Descriptive of Italy
ukred-2478 [speeches]
ukred-2479 Quarterly Review
ukred-2523 papers
ukred-2524 [poetry]
ukred-2526 Del Cenacolo do Leonardo da Vinci OR Delle Opinioni di Leonardo da Vinci
ukred-2528 Tales of my Landlord (3rd series)
ukred-2530 History of Greece
ukred-2533 Retreat of the Ten Thousand
ukred-2534 Retreat of the Ten Thousand
ukred-2536 "apophthegms"
ukred-2539 "apophthegms"
ukred-2540 "apophthegms"
ukred-2541 Anecdotes
ukred-2542 History of Greece
ukred-2544 Histoire Litteraire de l'Italie
ukred-2545 Lope de Vega
ukred-2546 History of Greece
ukred-2549 Anecdotes
ukred-2551 The Life of Lorenzo de Medici, called the Magnificent OR The Life and Pontificate of Leo the Tenth
ukred-2553 Tales of my Landlord (2nd series)
ukred-2554 Lugano Gazette
ukred-2555 unknown
ukred-2556 [books]
ukred-2558 History of Greece
ukred-2559 Rob Roy
ukred-2560 The Vanity of Human Wishes
ukred-2561 accounts
ukred-2562 Specimens of the British Poets (including prefatory Essay on English Poetry)
ukred-2563 Specimens of the British Poets (including prefatory Essay on English Poetry)
ukred-2565 Lives of poets
ukred-2566 unknown
ukred-2567 unknown
ukred-2568 unknown
ukred-2569 unknown
ukred-2570 letters
ukred-2571 [Poets]
ukred-2572 Anecdotes
ukred-2573 Specimens of the British Poets (including prefatory Essay on English Poetry)
ukred-2574 Homer Travestie; Being a new translation of that great poet (1720) OR A Burlesque Translation of Homer (3rd edn of same piece, 1770)
ukred-2575 Specimens of the British Poets (including prefatory Essay on English Poetry)
ukred-2576 Sabrina Fair
ukred-2577 Epistles, Odes and Other Poems
ukred-2578 Sappho
ukred-2579 unknown
ukred-2580 unknown
ukred-2581 unknown
ukred-2582 History of Greece
ukred-2583 tragedies
ukred-2584 tragedies
ukred-2585 unknown
ukred-2586 History of Greece
ukred-2587 Javanese newspaper
ukred-2588 Javanese newspaper
ukred-2589 unknown
ukred-2590 [various books]
ukred-2591 letters
ukred-2592 Memoirs
ukred-2593 Correspondence Litteraire
ukred-2594 Correspondence Litteraire
ukred-2595 unknown
ukred-2596 unknown
ukred-2597 unknown
ukred-2598 History of Literature
ukred-2599 History of Literature
ukred-2600 Correspondence Litteraire
ukred-2601 Memoirs
ukred-2602 unknown
ukred-2603 various
ukred-2604 Documents Historiques, et Reflexions sur le Gouvernement de la Hollande
ukred-2605 Tales of my Landlord
ukred-2606 Correspondence Litteraire
ukred-2607 unknown
ukred-2608 Roman history
ukred-2610 Italian newspaper
ukred-2612 Journal of a Tour in the Levant
ukred-2613 [various novels]
ukred-2614 review of John Keats, Endymion
ukred-2615 The Cenci
ukred-2616 Roman History
ukred-2617 Latin Grammar
ukred-2618 Childe Harold's Monitor, or Lines occasioned by the Last Canto of Childe Harold, including Hints to other Contemporaries
ukred-2619 Saeculo Mastix, or the Lash of the Age we live in
ukred-2620 Notes to (?) Childe Harold's Monitor, or Lines Occasioned by the Last Canto of Childe Harold, including Hints to other Contemporaries
ukred-2622 letter (ie article?)
ukred-2623 John Bull's Letter to Lord Byron
ukred-2627 [private letter]
ukred-2631 Don Juan (Cantos I and II)
ukred-2635 series of five articles alleging plagiarism in Byron's works
ukred-2636 Adverse review of John Keats, Endymion
ukred-2637 Narrative of a Ten Years' Residence at the Court of Tripoli
ukred-2638 pamphlets
ukred-2640 Books of Old Testament
ukred-2652 Monody on Garrick
ukred-2653 Correspondence re Francis Rawdon Hastings, second Earl of Moira
ukred-2654 Correspondence re Francis Rawdon Hastings, second Earl of Moira
ukred-2655 [reviews]
ukred-2656 Prometheus Bound
ukred-2657 unknown
ukred-2658 [letter]
ukred-2659 Memoirs
ukred-2662 Galignani's Messenger
ukred-2663 [unknown]
ukred-2664 advertisement for "Mirandola"
ukred-2665 letter
ukred-2666 Remonstrance against Cain
ukred-2667 article originally appearing in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, January 1822
ukred-2668 [English newspaper]
ukred-2670 unknown
ukred-2671 Advertisement for [John Watkins], Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the Right Honourable Lord Byron
ukred-2672 Lists of subscribers to Irish poor relief funds
ukred-2687 book of prescriptions
ukred-2688 The German's Tale
ukred-2689 Galignani's Messenger
ukred-2690 Journal
ukred-2692 Notices Historiques sur le General Marceau
ukred-2693 Adolphe
ukred-2694 The Times
ukred-2695 Rome
ukred-2696 Life of Haydn
ukred-2697 Life of Mozart
ukred-2698 essay on Racine and Shakespeare
ukred-2699 Essai sur le Genie et le Caractere de Lord Byron par A[madee] P[icho]t
ukred-2700 unknown
ukred-2748 [newspapers]
ukred-2750 Historical Illustrations of the Fourth Canto of Childe Harold
ukred-2753 Critical Review
ukred-2754 The Eclectic Review
ukred-2755 unknown
ukred-2760 Alashtar, an Arabian Tale
ukred-2763 Childe Harold's Pilgrimage
ukred-2771 Galignani's Messenger
ukred-2772 Galignani's Messenger
ukred-2776 review of Byron, The Age of Bronze
ukred-2781 Hellenica Chronica