Collected Letters of James Hogg, The

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ukred-18513 Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border, The
ukred-18514 Sabbath, The
ukred-18515 Lay of the Last Minstrel, The
ukred-18668 Mountain Bard, The
ukred-18669 [a parody of Scott's 'Marmion']
ukred-18670 'Glenfinlas; Or, Lord Ronald's Coronach'
ukred-18671 Marmion
ukred-18672 'To Henry Erskine, Esq'
ukred-18673 [reviews of The Mountain Bard and The Shepherd's Guide]
ukred-18674 'Ode to Dr Thomas Percy'
ukred-18675 Curse of Kehama, The
ukred-18676 Bridal of Triermain, The
ukred-18677 Hoggiad, The
ukred-18687 'To James Hogg, the Ettrick Shepherd, author of The Queen's Wake. By A Gentleman of Suffolk'
ukred-18688 'To James Hogg, the Ettrick Shepherd, author of The Queen's Wake. By A Gentleman of Suffolk'
ukred-18689 [Tales published in the Spy]
ukred-18690 Edinburgh Review
ukred-18691 Scotish Review
ukred-18692 Monthly Magazine
ukred-18693 Scotish Review [sic]
ukred-18694 [pre-publication comments on Hogg's 'The Hunting of Badlewe'
ukred-18695 [pre-publication comments and marginal notes on Hogg's 'The Hunting of Badlewe'
ukred-18696 Legend of Iona, The
ukred-18742 [juvenile poems]
ukred-18743 Hunting of Badlewe, The
ukred-18744 Anster Fair
ukred-18745 Anster Fair
ukred-18746 Hunting of Badlewe, The
ukred-18747 Eighteen Hundred and Thirteen: A Poem
ukred-18748 [review in the Edinburgh Review of Southey's 'Carmen Triumphale for the Commencement of the Year 1814']
ukred-18749 [review in the Scottish Review of JH Craig's The Hunting of Badlewe]
ukred-18750 Waverley; or, 'Tis Sixty Years Since
ukred-18752 Bridal of Triermain, The
ukred-18753 Waverley; or, 'Tis Sixty Years Since
ukred-18779 Lara
ukred-18780 Corsair, The
ukred-18781 Jacqueline
ukred-18782 Roderick, The Last of the Goths
ukred-18783 Excursion, The
ukred-18784 Roderick, The Last of the Goths
ukred-18785 Roderick, The Last of the Goths
ukred-18786 Excursion, The
ukred-18787 Lord of the Isles, The
ukred-18788 Roderick, The Last of the Goths
ukred-18789 Roderick, The Last of the Goths
ukred-18790 Excursion, The
ukred-18791 [review of The Excursion in The Edinburgh Review]
ukred-18796 Lord of the Isles, The
ukred-18797 Lord of the Isles, The
ukred-18798 Quarterly Review
ukred-18799 Pilgrims of the Sun, The
ukred-18800 Quarterly Review
ukred-18801 Edinburgh Review [review of Scott's 'Lord of the Isles']
ukred-18802 Quarterly Review
ukred-18803 Guy Mannering
ukred-18809 Poems by William Wordsworth, including Lyrical Ballads
ukred-18810 Hebrew Melodies
ukred-18811 Irish Melodies
ukred-18812 'Siege of Corinth, The'
ukred-18813 'Parisina'
ukred-18814 'Parisina' and 'The Siege of Corinth'
ukred-18815 City of the Plague, The
ukred-18816 Childe Harold's Pilgrimage (canto III)
ukred-18817 Quarterly Review
ukred-18818 [review of Hogg's 'Dramatic Tales']
ukred-18819 'Translation from an Ancient Chaldee Manuscript'
ukred-18820 'Letter to the Lord High Constable, from Mr Dinmont'
ukred-18821 [prize essay on sheep, prize awarded by the Highland Society of Scotland]
ukred-18822 Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine
ukred-18824 Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine - anonymous poem and articles
ukred-18825 'Sagacity of a Shepherd's Dog'
ukred-18826 Frogs, The: A Fable
ukred-18827 Childe Harold's Pilgrimage (canto IV)
ukred-18828 Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, including the poetic 'Notices'
ukred-18836 Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine
ukred-18837 Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine
ukred-18838 Quarterly Review
ukred-18839 Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine
ukred-18840 Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine - anon. political article entitled 'The Warder'
ukred-18841 'Recollections No. I. - The Cameronians' [in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine]
ukred-18842 History and Antiquities of the County Palatinate of Durham, The
ukred-18843 Historical Anecdotes of Some of the Howard Family
ukred-18844 [unidentified sonnet]
ukred-18845 Historical Anecdotes of Some of the Howard Family
ukred-18846 Mountain Bard, The
ukred-18854 Life of Andrew Melville, The
ukred-18855 Life of John Knox, The
ukred-18856 'Recollections of Mark Macrabin the Cameronian'
ukred-18857 [Letter from America to his son]
ukred-18858 'Recollections of Mark Macrabin, the Cameronian'
ukred-18859 [ review of 'Hogg's Tales, &c.']
ukred-18860 [ essay on H.H. Milman's painting 'The Fall of Jerusalem']
ukred-18861 'Testimonium, A Prize Poem by James Scott, Esq.'
ukred-18862 'Dietrich Knickernocker's History of New York'
ukred-18863 'Cameronian Song'
ukred-18865 [various pieces in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, September 1820]
ukred-18866 'Letter to Peter Morris, M.D. On the Sorts and Uses of Literary Praise'
ukred-18867 'The Ayrshire Legatees; Or, The Correspondenceof the Pringle Family. No IV'
ukred-18868 Art of reading and conversing on the works of the living poets of Great Britain
ukred-18869 Annals of the Parish
ukred-18881 [traditional tales]
ukred-18882 Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine
ukred-18883 Three Perils of Man, The
ukred-18885 [review of new edition of 'the Mountain Bard' - Edinburgh Monthly Review]
ukred-18886 [MS volume of Jacbite material]
ukred-18887 Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine
ukred-18888 [attack on Hogg's 'Memoir' in the new edition of 'The Mountain Bard' -Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine]
ukred-18889 'True, but Stupid History of Tom MacFribble, The'
ukred-18890 Lights and Shadows of Scottish Life
ukred-18891 Provost
ukred-18892 [review in 'Edinburgh Monthly Review' of Hogg's 'The Mountain Bard'
ukred-18893 [various items in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine]
ukred-18900 Trials of Margaret Lyndsay, The
ukred-18901 Reginald Dalton
ukred-18903 Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine; 'Noctes Ambrosianae. no. IX'
ukred-18904 Percy Mallory
ukred-18905 'Letters of Timothy Tickler Esq. to Eminent Literary Characters. No XII. To Christopher North, Esq.' in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine
ukred-18906 'Wrestliana', in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine
ukred-18907 St Johnstoun; or, John, Earl of Gowrie
ukred-18908 Northern Whig, The
ukred-18909 Marriage
ukred-18910 Inheritance, The
ukred-18911 [articles concerning Hogg's poem 'Queen Hynde' in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine]
ukred-18912 Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine
ukred-18913 [article on 'Agriculture' in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine]
ukred-18914 [letters in ] Edinburgh Weekly Journal
ukred-18915 'Hints for the Holidays. No. III' [in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine]
ukred-18916 German Stories, selected from the works of Hoffmann, De la Motte-0Fouque, Pichler, Kruse, and others
ukred-18917 Elizabeth de Bruce
ukred-18918 Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine
ukred-18919 Youth and Manhood of Cyril Thornton, The
ukred-18920 'Hymn to Hesperus'
ukred-18926 Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner, The
ukred-18927 'Cameronian Preacher's Tale, The'
ukred-18928 [articles in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine]
ukred-18929 Shepherd's Calendar, The
ukred-18930 'Noctes Ambrosianae. No. XLII' [Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine]
ukred-18931 Jacobite Minstrelsy, with notes Illustrative of the Text, and Containing Historical Details in Relation to the House of Stuart from 1640-1784
ukred-18932 'Ode to the Harp of Zion'
ukred-18933 Friendship's Offering
ukred-18934 'The Age - A Poem - in Eight Books' [Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine]
ukred-18935 Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine
ukred-18936 [poem]
ukred-18937 'Adventures of Colonel Peter Aston, The'
ukred-18938 ['Literary Gossip' articles in Newcastle Magazine]
ukred-18939 Quarterly Review
ukred-18940 [possibly] the 'Edinburgh Advertiser'
ukred-18941 'La petite Madelaine'
ukred-18942 'Unimore. A Dream of the Highlands'
ukred-18943 [possibly] 'A true Ballad of St Antidius, the Pope, and the Devil'
ukred-18944 Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine
ukred-18945 Quarterly Review