Diary of a Lady-in-Waiting, The

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Diary of a Lady-in

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ukred-18281 Letters
ukred-18282 'The Triumph of the Whale'
ukred-18283 Memoirs of the latter years of the Right Honourable Charles James Fox
ukred-18284 Memoirs of the Life of Mrs. Sumbel, Late Wells; of the Theatres- Royal, Drury-Lane, Covent-Garden, and Haymarket: Including Her Correspondence
ukred-18285 [verbal sketches of well known people]
ukred-18286 MEMOIRS OF FREDERICA SOPHIA WILHELMINA, Princess Royal of Prussia, Margravine of Bareith, sister of Frederick the Great
ukred-18287 Candide
ukred-18288 Candide
ukred-18289 Candide
ukred-18290 [papers and correspondence]
ukred-18291 Les Malheurs de l'Inconstance
ukred-18293 Rokeby
ukred-18294 Posthumous Fragments of Margaret Nicholson
ukred-18298 Song of Solomon
ukred-18301 Letters of Anna Seward: Written Between the Years 1784 and 1807
ukred-18302 Missionary, The: An Indian Tale
ukred-18303 Vision of Don Roderick , The
ukred-18304 [Plays]
ukred-18305 Broken Heart, The
ukred-18307 Memorie of the Somervilles being a history of the baronial House of Somerville
ukred-18310 Don Sebastian Or The House Of Braganza
ukred-18344 Letter
ukred-18345 Petits Romans
ukred-18347 'Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte'
ukred-18348 Wanderer, The
ukred-18349 Evelina
ukred-18350 De l'Allemagne
ukred-18351 De l'Allemagne
ukred-18352 Scottish Chiefs, The
ukred-18354 Treatise on the Influence of the Passions
ukred-18355 Essai sur les fictions
ukred-18356 [historical work]
ukred-18357 [a novel]
ukred-18358 [newspapers]
ukred-18359 verses
ukred-18361 [letters]
ukred-18362 [letters]
ukred-18364 'curious books on the black arts'
ukred-18365 Letters
ukred-18366 Diary
ukred-18368 Psalms
ukred-18369 Essais
ukred-18405 Life of William Lord Russell, with Some Account of the Times
ukred-18406 Florence Macarthy: An Irish Tale
ukred-18407 [Catholic books]
ukred-18408 [life of Goethe]
ukred-18409 Lights and Shadows of Scottish Life
ukred-18410 Lights and Shadows of Scottish Life
ukred-18411 Adam Blair
ukred-18412 Valerius
ukred-18413 Memoirs of the kings of France, of the race of Valois
ukred-18414 Letters
ukred-18415 Essays on the superstitions of the Highlanders of Scotland: to which are added, translations from the Gaelic
ukred-18416 [ review of 'Essays on the superstitions of the Highlanders of Scotland: to which are added, translations from the Gaelic...' by Anne Grant]
ukred-18417 [ review of new edition of Ford's plays]
ukred-18418 Broken Heart, The
ukred-18419 Lover's Melancholy, The
ukred-18420 Lady of the Lake, The
ukred-18421 O'Donnel: A National Tale
ukred-18422 Thoughts On the Late Transactions Respecting Falkland's Islands
ukred-18423 [poems to Stella]
ukred-18424 [poems]
ukred-18425 'Minstrel, The'
ukred-18426 Gentle Shepherd, The
ukred-18427 Il Pastor Fido
ukred-18428 Novice of St Dominic, The
ukred-18429 Letters
ukred-18430 Letters
ukred-18431 Letters of the Marquise du Deffand to the Hon. Horace Walpole
ukred-18432 [Letters to Voltaire]
ukred-18433 De l'Allemagne
ukred-18434 Marriage
ukred-18435 Woman, or Ida of Athens
ukred-18464 Roderick: The Last of the Goths
ukred-18465 unknown
ukred-18466 Memoirs of Richard Cumberland: written by Himself
ukred-18467 Observer, The: Being a Collection of Moral, Literary and Familiar Essays
ukred-18468 [novels]
ukred-18470 Corsair, The
ukred-18471 Patronage
ukred-18472 [ballads]
ukred-18473 'To the Glow-Worm'
ukred-18474 [letters from Princess Caroline]
ukred-18475 [probably] Geschichte der alten und neuen Literatur
ukred-18476 The Story of a Life. By the Author of Scenes and Impressions in Egypt and Italy, Recollections of the Peninsula, &c
ukred-18477 [possibly] Autobiography: Truth and Fiction Relating to My Life
ukred-18478 Remains of the late John Tweddell, fellow of Trinity college, Cambridge: Being a selection of his letters... With a republication of his Prolusiones Juveniles, etc
ukred-18479 Letters
ukred-18480 Letters to his Son
ukred-18481 Letters
ukred-18482 Letters
ukred-18483 Letters
ukred-18484 [Letters to Abelard]
ukred-18485 unknown
ukred-18488 Glenarvon
ukred-18489 'Winter Amusements'
ukred-18490 De l'Allemagne
ukred-18491 [various MS letters, religious charters and poems]
ukred-18492 [volumes published by the Bannatyne club]
ukred-18493 Letters and Works of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
ukred-18495 Mademoiselle de La Fayette : ou le siecle de Louis XIII
ukred-18496 Les voeux temeraires : ou L' enthousiasme
ukred-18497 [possibly lines from 'The Corsair' =- 'Weep, Daughter of a Royal Line']
ukred-18498 Il Pastor Fido
ukred-18499 Odyssey and Iliad
ukred-18500 Paradise Lost
ukred-18501 Eclogues
ukred-18502 [books about Roman /ancient history]
ukred-18503 Night Thoughts
ukred-18504 A Series Of Discourses On The Principles of Religious Belief
ukred-18505 Il Pastor Fido
ukred-18506 Emma
ukred-18507 Rhoda
ukred-18508 Antiquary, The
ukred-18509 [Letters]
ukred-18510 [volume of religious meditations]
ukred-18511 Letters from the Mountains