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ukred-20733 The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman
ukred-20737 Moll Flanders
ukred-20738 The Craft of Fiction
ukred-20739 Tom Jones
ukred-20740 Evan Harrington
ukred-20741 The Provok'd Wife
ukred-20742 Robinson Crusoe
ukred-20743 Robinson Crusoe
ukred-20744 Gulliver's Travels
ukred-20745 Clarissa, or The History of a Young Lady
ukred-20746 The Ambassadors
ukred-20747 D. H. Lawrence and Maurice Magnus: A Plea for Better Manners
ukred-20748 Billy Budd
ukred-20749 Great Expectations
ukred-20750 Lolly Willowes
ukred-20751 A Man in the Zoo
ukred-20752 Lady into Fox
ukred-20753 The Sailor's Return
ukred-20754 The Vicar of Wakefield
ukred-20826 Poetics
ukred-20827 Letter to Lytton Strachey
ukred-20828 Epistles
ukred-20829 The Magic Mountain
ukred-20830 article on E. M. Forster
ukred-20831 Oscar Browning
ukred-20832 'I love me' (song lyric)
ukred-20833 Peer Gynt
ukred-20834 Peer Gynt
ukred-20835 short stories
ukred-20836 Le Desert de l'Amour
ukred-20837 La Pharisienne
ukred-20838 Stars and Atoms
ukred-20839 The Gentle Craft part II
ukred-20840 Letter to George Montagu, 13 November 1760
ukred-20841 The Nature of the Physical World
ukred-20842 Science and the Modern World
ukred-20843 The Kalahari and its Native Races
ukred-20844 'Tradition and the Individual Talent'
ukred-20845 'Uprooted'
ukred-20846 'Quickness'
ukred-20847 'The Graces'
ukred-20849 Byron
ukred-20850 Wolf Solent
ukred-20893 In Memoriam
ukred-20894 'A Farewell'
ukred-20895 Poem LII ('Far in a western brookland')
ukred-20896 Trois Discours
ukred-20897 The Conquest of Granada
ukred-20898 An Essay of Heroic Plays
ukred-20899 Rodogune
ukred-20900 Preface, The Maiden Queen
ukred-20901 Rasselas
ukred-20902 Life of [Richard] Savage
ukred-20903 Preface to Dictionary
ukred-20904 Plan [for Dictionary]
ukred-20905 remarks on Othello
ukred-20906 Johnson on Shakespare
ukred-20907 The Battle of the Books
ukred-20908 A Tale of a Tub
ukred-20909 L'Art Poetique
ukred-20910 De Vulgari Eloquentia
ukred-20911 Saint Joan
ukred-20912 Ulysses
ukred-20915 The Letters of Henry James (vol.I)
ukred-20916 The Scandal and Credulities of John Aubrey
ukred-20917 Des Singularites de la Nature
ukred-20918 'Critical Introduction'
ukred-20919 Romeo and Juliet
ukred-21053 Histoire de Charles XII (Book 3)
ukred-21054 Mr Norris Changes Trains
ukred-21055 A Farewell to Arms
ukred-21056 Mardi
ukred-21057 Letter to Nathaniel Hawthorne, ?1 June 1851
ukred-21058 Together
ukred-21059 Oedipus Tyrannus
ukred-21060 Le Morte D'Arthur
ukred-21061 Book of Zechariah
ukred-21062 passages from The Correspondence of Henrik Ibsen
ukred-21063 Essay no. 5 ('The Garden')
ukred-21064 The Life and Death of Mr Badman
ukred-21065 'Du Coeur'
ukred-21066 The Life and Death of Mr Badman
ukred-21067 Sur la Litterature et l'Art: Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels
ukred-21072 address on national art
ukred-21077 (excerpted) writings on literature
ukred-21080 The Stones of Venice (vol 1 chapter 1)
ukred-21083 History of the British Expedition to Egypt
ukred-21086 Memoir of Ben Jonson
ukred-21087 Memoir of Ben Jonson
ukred-21090 Science and Politics in the Ancient World
ukred-21092 From Religion to Philosophy
ukred-21096 Sermon IV ('The Lord Coming to His Temple')
ukred-21097 The Dunciad (books I and II)
ukred-21098 Dipsychus
ukred-21099 A Lecture on the Study of History
ukred-21100 The Prelude
ukred-21101 'Sonnet on Napoleon'
ukred-21102 Letters
ukred-21116 Horace Walpole: A Biography
ukred-21117 Zaide
ukred-21118 For Whom the Bell Tolls
ukred-21119 Sonnets of the Imagination XLII
ukred-21120 Silas Marner
ukred-21121 'Consolation a Monsieur du Perier, sur la Mort de sa Fille'
ukred-21122 'Pour le Roi, allant chatier la Rebellion des Rochelois'
ukred-21123 The Creed of Christ: An Interpretation of the Lord's Prayer
ukred-21124 'The Disappointment of God'
ukred-21125 Sylvia's Lovers
ukred-21126 A History of Europe
ukred-21127 'The Pleasures of Deed' (Lecture II in series 'The Pleasures of England')
ukred-21128 'Petition pour les Villageois que l'on empeche de Danser' (1822)
ukred-21130 De Civitate Dei
ukred-21191 Italy and Her Invaders 376-476 (vol. I)
ukred-21192 Aeneid (Book II)
ukred-21193 Middlemarch
ukred-21194 History of European Morals from Augustus to Charlemagne
ukred-21195 'On Marriage and Concupiscence'
ukred-21196 article on Pelagius
ukred-21197 The Political Aspects of St Augustine's City of God
ukred-21198 Select Letters of St Jerome
ukred-21199 Letters (vol.II)
ukred-21200 A History of Later Greek Literature
ukred-21201 Ecclesiastical History
ukred-21202 Michael Bakunin
ukred-21203 Le Temps Retrouve
ukred-21204 Du Cote de chez Swann
ukred-21205 The Voyage of the Beagle
ukred-21206 Allenby: Soldier and Statesman
ukred-21207 Le Silence de la Mer
ukred-21208 'Prelude de Pan'
ukred-21209 Illusions perdues
ukred-21210 Journal
ukred-21211 'Du schlank un rein wie eine flamme'
ukred-21212 'Hymne' ('A la tres-chere, a la tres-belle')
ukred-21213 The Ordeal of Mark Twain
ukred-21214 A Lecture on the Study of History
ukred-21215 A Study of History (vol I)
ukred-21216 A Handbook for Travellers in Surrey, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight
ukred-21217 Ecclesiastical History (Bk 5 ch 13)
ukred-21218 Fragments d'un Journal Intime
ukred-21219 Wanderings in South America
ukred-21220 Appendix no. 2
ukred-21221 Introduction to Notes on Turner drawings