The Diary of Virginia Woolf

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Reading experiences

ukred-17977 Guy Mannering
ukred-17978 The Idiot
ukred-17979 Histoire de France
ukred-17980 'Life'
ukred-17981 The Rape of the Lock
ukred-17982 Essay on Criticism
ukred-17983 Epistle to Dr Arbuthnot
ukred-17984 unknown
ukred-17985 critical work on Pope
ukred-17986 'The Three Jews'
ukred-17987 The Wise Virgins, A Story of Words, Opinions, and a Few Emotions
ukred-17988 A Shropshire Lad
ukred-17989 Histoire de France
ukred-17990 The Times
ukred-17991 The Leading Note
ukred-17992 journal
ukred-17993 Life of Sir Charles Wentworth Dilke
ukred-17994 Purgatorio
ukred-17995 'book on Children & Sex'
ukred-17996 unknown
ukred-17997 unknown
ukred-17998 masques
ukred-17999 'The Old Way'
ukred-18024 Gaudier-Brzeska. A Memoir
ukred-18025 newspapers
ukred-18026 newspapers
ukred-18027 Memoirs of a Most Respectable Family
ukred-18028 unknown
ukred-18029 unknown
ukred-18030 unknown
ukred-18031 'Lines Written in Early Spring, 1798'
ukred-18033 Du Cote de chez Swann
ukred-18034 Lysistrata
ukred-18035 Ulysses
ukred-18036 unknown
ukred-18037 notice of death of Sarah Emily Duckworth
ukred-18038 The Life and Letters of Lord Macaulay
ukred-18039 unknown
ukred-18041 Review of Siegfried Sassoon, Counter-attack, and Other Poems
ukred-18042 Letter to John Middleton Murry regarding his review of Siegfried Sassoon, Counter-attack, and Other Poems, in The Nation 13 July 1918
ukred-18043 Letter to Philip Morrell regarding his defence of his work against John Middleton Murry's review of Siegfried Sassoon, Counter-attack, and Other Poems, in The Nation 13 July 1918
ukred-18045 Memoir of Christina Rossetti
ukred-18047 'Bliss'
ukred-18049 life of Byron
ukred-18093 Empire and Commerce in Africa. A Study in Economic Imperialism
ukred-18094 autobiographical essay
ukred-18095 autobiographical essay
ukred-18096 autobiographical essay
ukred-18097 autobiographical essay
ukred-18098 autobiographical essay
ukred-18099 autobiographical essay
ukred-18100 autobiographical essay
ukred-18101 Notice of birth of Mark Arnold-Foster
ukred-18102 Don Quixote
ukred-18103 Trachiniae
ukred-18104 unknown
ukred-18105 'reminiscences'
ukred-18106 unknown
ukred-18107 'The Modern English Novel Plus' (review of Virginia Woolf, NIght and Day, and The Voyage Out
ukred-18108 The Wings of a Dove
ukred-18109 stories
ukred-18110 [journalism]
ukred-18111 Moby Dick
ukred-18112 La Princesse de Cleves
ukred-18113 Old Mortality
ukred-18114 The Life of Robert, Marquis of Salisbury
ukred-18115 Small Talk at Wreyland (vol 1 and/or 2)
ukred-18116 Life of Tennyson
ukred-18117 Life of [?Samuel] Johnson
ukred-18118 Nightmare Abbey
ukred-18119 Crotchet Castle
ukred-18120 Old Mortality
ukred-18121 unknown
ukred-18122 Lord Byron's Correspondence
ukred-18123 La Princesse de Cleves
ukred-18124 The New Statesman
ukred-18125 The Nation
ukred-18188 unknown
ukred-18189 unknown
ukred-18190 The Voyage Out
ukred-18191 unknown
ukred-18192 Books on the Table
ukred-18193 The Autobiography of Leigh Hunt
ukred-18194 Epilegomena to the Study of Greek Religion
ukred-18195 unknown
ukred-18196 advertisement/announcement on racing
ukred-18197 The Waste Land
ukred-18198 Ulysses
ukred-18199 Bliss
ukred-18202 Review of James Joyce, Ulysses
ukred-18203 Ulysses
ukred-18204 Anecdotes of the Late Doctor Johnson
ukred-18205 English Prisons Today. Being the Report of the Prison System Enquiry Committee
ukred-18206 Epicoene, or The Silent Woman
ukred-18207 [unidentified plays]
ukred-18208 unknown
ukred-18209 Wives and Daughters
ukred-18210 '18th Century prose'
ukred-18211 unknown
ukred-18212 unknown
ukred-18213 unknown
ukred-18214 Letters
ukred-18215 Life of Walter Scott
ukred-18216 unknown
ukred-18217 biographical works
ukred-18218 unknown
ukred-18219 unknown
ukred-18220 unknown
ukred-18221 The Common Reader
ukred-18222 The Common Reader
ukred-18223 On the Lake
ukred-18224 diaries
ukred-18225 1923 diary
ukred-18226 My Apprenticeship
ukred-18227 Anna Karenina
ukred-18228 novels
ukred-18229 unknown
ukred-18230 [manuscripts]
ukred-18231 Two or Three Graces
ukred-18232 C
ukred-18237 unknown
ukred-18238 unknown
ukred-18239 The Architecture of Humanism. A Study in the History of Taste
ukred-18240 Passenger to Teheran
ukred-18243 unknown
ukred-18244 'sporting memoirs'
ukred-18245 Notice of death of the Hon. Philip Charles Thomson Ritchie
ukred-18246 Othello
ukred-18247 French texts
ukred-18248 Elizabeth and Essex
ukred-18249 Notebooks
ukred-18250 Alice Meynell. A Memoir
ukred-18251 Virginia Water
ukred-18253 God: an Introduction to the Science of Metabiology
ukred-18255 ?Collected Essays, 1880-1920
ukred-18256 The Arte of English Poesie
ukred-18257 A Discourse of English Poetrie
ukred-18258 Works
ukred-18259 Commonplace Book
ukred-18260 Letter Book, 1573-1580
ukred-18261 unknown
ukred-18262 'Lord Chaplin's life'
ukred-18263 Dodo
ukred-18264 unknown
ukred-18265 report of air crash on 21 July
ukred-18266 Inferno
ukred-18267 A Note in Music
ukred-18268 La Divina Commedia
ukred-18269 A Tour through the Whole Island of Great Britain
ukred-18270 The Autobiography of Archibald Hamilton Rowan
ukred-18271 As We Were: A Victorian Peep-Show
ukred-18272 unknown
ukred-18273 The Journal of a Somerset Rector
ukred-18274 Letters
ukred-18322 unknown
ukred-18323 Sons and Lovers
ukred-18324 The Man Who Died
ukred-18325 Don Juan
ukred-18326 biographies
ukred-18327 Judith Paris
ukred-18328 Ivanhoe
ukred-18329 The Waves
ukred-18330 The Waves
ukred-18331 The Waves
ukred-18332 The Waves
ukred-18333 Faust
ukred-18334 Coningsby
ukred-18335 The Science of Life
ukred-18336 The Work, Wealth, and Happiness of Mankind
ukred-18337 Greek grammar
ukred-18338 A Three-Legged Tour in Greece
ukred-18339 The Literary Mind: Its Place in an Age of Science
ukred-18340 unknown
ukred-18341 unknown
ukred-18342 unknown
ukred-18343 Review of W. H. Auden, The Orators
ukred-18371 The Waves
ukred-18372 Souvenirs
ukred-18373 Reminiscences
ukred-18374 Pen Portraits and Reviews
ukred-18375 Adventures Social and Literary
ukred-18376 'novel'
ukred-18377 poems
ukred-18378 letters
ukred-18380 The Letters of D. H. Lawrence
ukred-18381 The Life of Joseph Wright (vol 1)
ukred-18382 The Life of Charles Stuart Parnell
ukred-18383 The Sacred Fount
ukred-18386 The Creevey Papers
ukred-18387 The Golden Bough
ukred-18388 Henry IV Part 1
ukred-18389 [poem]
ukred-18390 'French poetry'
ukred-18392 diaries
ukred-18393 Life of Thomas Hardy
ukred-18394 A Character Study of the Oxford Movement
ukred-18395 unknown
ukred-18396 Confessions
ukred-18398 Testament of Youth
ukred-18399 More Memories
ukred-18400 Sidney and Beatrice Webb
ukred-18401 Hugh Walpole: A Study
ukred-18403 study of Virginia Woolf
ukred-18533 announcement of death of Stella Benson
ukred-18535 letters
ukred-18536 unknown
ukred-18537 Travels in France during the Years 1787, 1788, and 1789
ukred-18538 Travels in France during the Years 1787, 1788, and 1789
ukred-18539 Travels in France during the Years 1787, 1788, and 1789
ukred-18540 unknown
ukred-18541 First Childhood
ukred-18542 Dorothy Wordsworth
ukred-18543 Queen Elizabeth
ukred-18544 report of death of George Duckworth
ukred-18545 Pericles
ukred-18546 Titus Andronicus
ukred-18547 Coriolanus
ukred-18548 The Rock. A Pageant Play
ukred-18549 poems
ukred-18550 Une Vie
ukred-18551 Lost London. The Memoirs of an East End Detective
ukred-18552 Memoirs
ukred-18553 Preface, Portrait of a Lady
ukred-18554 Pages de Journal, 1929-1932
ukred-18555 Troilus and Cressida
ukred-18556 Pericles
ukred-18557 The Taming of the Shrew
ukred-18558 Cymbeline
ukred-18559 unknown
ukred-18560 unknown
ukred-18561 Memoirs
ukred-18562 unknown
ukred-18563 Autobiography
ukred-18564 Experiment in Autobiography
ukred-18565 Good Morning and Good Night
ukred-18566 Modern Prose Style
ukred-18567 Alice James: Her Brothers -- Her Journal
ukred-18568 The Seasons
ukred-18569 The Sun in Capricorn
ukred-18570 life of James Boswell
ukred-18571 diaries
ukred-18572 Antigone
ukred-18573 Experiment in Autobiography
ukred-18574 St Paul
ukred-18575 newspapers
ukred-18576 Acts of the Apostles
ukred-18602 Experiment in Autobiography
ukred-18603 letter to John Maynard Keynes, 11 December 1935
ukred-18606 The Faerie Queene
ukred-18607 unknown
ukred-18608 'Italian novel'
ukred-18610 unknown
ukred-18611 John Nash, Architect to King George IV
ukred-18612 My Life
ukred-18614 The Destructive Element
ukred-18615 Belchamber
ukred-18616 Aaron's Rod
ukred-18617 report of death of T. E. Lawrence
ukred-18618 The Letters of Katherine Mansfield
ukred-18620 'on Rome'
ukred-18621 Virginia Woolf: A Study
ukred-18623 Miss Mole
ukred-18624 unknown
ukred-18625 The Hind and the Panther
ukred-18626 The Hind and the Panther
ukred-18627 D. H. Lawrence: A Personal Record
ukred-18628 John Bailey, 1864-1931, Letters and Diaries
ukred-18629 unknown
ukred-18630 unknown
ukred-18631 Love for Love
ukred-18632 Anthony Hope and His Books
ukred-18633 The Lover's Melancholy
ukred-18634 Middle Age: 1885-1932
ukred-18635 A Room of One's Own
ukred-18709 poems
ukred-18710 Star
ukred-18711 poems
ukred-18712 Don Quixote
ukred-18713 Paradise Lost
ukred-18714 unknown
ukred-18715 Paradise Lost
ukred-18716 newspaper report of US presidential message
ukred-18717 The Voyage Out
ukred-18718 Diary
ukred-18719 unknown
ukred-18720 A Writer's Recollections
ukred-18721 A Writer's Recollections
ukred-18722 Samuel Butler, Author of Erewhon (1835-1902): A Memoir
ukred-18724 Memoirs
ukred-18725 The Trumpet-Major
ukred-18726 Wild Wales
ukred-18727 The Strange Life of Willy Clarkson
ukred-18728 The Times
ukred-18729 David Copperfield
ukred-18730 Byron. The Years of Fame
ukred-18731 letters
ukred-18732 Divine Comedy
ukred-18733 unknown
ukred-18734 unknown
ukred-18735 letters
ukred-18736 Mes Apprentisages
ukred-18737 Le Misanthrope
ukred-18738 What Then Must We Do?
ukred-18740 review of Virginia Woolf, The Years
ukred-18804 The Years
ukred-18805 unknown
ukred-18806 Elle et Lui
ukred-18807 Beckford
ukred-18808 lecture on Sir Leslie Stephen
ukred-18946 unknown
ukred-18947 Things Past Redress
ukred-18948 Emma
ukred-18949 unknown
ukred-18950 unknown
ukred-18951 Three Guineas
ukred-18952 Three Guineas
ukred-18953 Greek verse
ukred-18954 Review of Virginia Woolf, Three Guineas
ukred-18955 unknown
ukred-18956 unknown
ukred-18957 unknown
ukred-18958 Bible
ukred-18959 valedictory editorial article
ukred-18960 Journal de Eugene Delacroix
ukred-18961 Diary (17 May 1932)
ukred-18962 Mont Blanc
ukred-18963 The Family Reunion
ukred-18964 The Family Reunion
ukred-18965 A Number of People
ukred-18966 unknown
ukred-18967 unknown
ukred-18968 unknown
ukred-18969 Speech denouncing 1935 Anglo-German Naval Agreement and 1934 German-Polish Non-Agression Pact
ukred-18970 Speech denouncing 1935 Anglo-German Naval Agreement and 1934 German-Polish Non-Agression Pact
ukred-18971 unknown
ukred-18972 unknown
ukred-18973 unknown
ukred-18974 Andre Gide's Journal 1885-1939
ukred-18975 'Characters'
ukred-18976 unknown
ukred-18977 unknown
ukred-18978 Group Psychology
ukred-18979 Self-Portrait, Taken from the Letters & Journals of Charles Ricketts, RA
ukred-18980 Letters and Diaries of Henry, Tenth Earl of Pembroke and his Circle, 1734-80
ukred-18981 The Ages of Man: Shakespeare's Image of Man and Nature
ukred-19019 Autobiography
ukred-19020 South Riding
ukred-19021 unknown
ukred-19022 mock epitaph for Virginia Woolf
ukred-19023 My Life
ukred-19024 Talks with Tolstoi
ukred-19025 War and Peace
ukred-19026 Sense and Sensibility
ukred-19027 letters
ukred-19028 letters
ukred-19029 Thomas Aquinas
ukred-19030 unknown
ukred-19031 letters
ukred-19032 unknown
ukred-19033 Biographia Literaria
ukred-19034 essay on Coleridge
ukred-19036 Scrutiny
ukred-19037 letters
ukred-19038 Goodbye West Country
ukred-19039 Goodbye West Country
ukred-19040 Studies French and English
ukred-19041 Histoire de France
ukred-19042 Histoire de France vol.15
ukred-19043 History of England
ukred-19044 Final Edition, an Informal Autobiography
ukred-19045 'The Leaning Tower'
ukred-19046 Annals of Innocence and Experience
ukred-19047 Annals of Innocence and Experience
ukred-19048 Thyrsis
ukred-19049 account of the Great Fire of London
ukred-19050 Drama
ukred-19051 Ulysses
ukred-19052 La Porte Etroite
ukred-19158 The Years
ukred-19159 'Memoir Club' paper
ukred-19161 Flaubert and Madame Bovary. A Double Portrait
ukred-19162 More Portraits of a Lifetime, 1918-38
ukred-19163 Last Lectures
ukred-19164 'life of Erasmus'
ukred-19165 The Evening Standard
ukred-19166 Little Dorrit
ukred-19167 Pain, Sex and Time: A New Outlook on Evolution and the Future of Man