Congenial Spirits: The Selected Letters of Virginia Woolf

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ukred-17762 Doctor Faustus
ukred-17763 Edward II
ukred-17764 Cymbeline
ukred-17765 eighteenth-century texts
ukred-17766 Pericles and Aspasia
ukred-17767 short stories
ukred-17768 Cahiers de Jeunesse
ukred-17769 poems
ukred-17770 poems
ukred-17771 poems
ukred-17772 The American Scene
ukred-17773 Principia Ethica
ukred-17774 'new novels'
ukred-17775 Crime and Punishment
ukred-17776 An Old Wives Tale
ukred-17798 letters
ukred-17799 Art
ukred-17800 'works'
ukred-17801 The Insulted and Injured
ukred-17802 Past and Present
ukred-17803 The Times
ukred-17804 Electra
ukred-17808 complete works
ukred-17811 The Bride of Lammermoor
ukred-17812 Women in Love
ukred-17813 Bliss
ukred-17816 A l'ombre des jeunes filles en fleurs
ukred-17818 The Judge
ukred-17819 The Wings of a Dove
ukred-17820 Ulysses
ukred-17824 Mrs Dalloway
ukred-17825 Letters
ukred-17826 A Holiday by the Sea
ukred-17827 Knole and the Sackvilles
ukred-17833 Anna Karenina
ukred-17835 Harriet Hume
ukred-17836 Cakes and Ale
ukred-17837 Sons and Lovers
ukred-17839 From My Private Diary
ukred-17840 Middlemarch
ukred-17841 Thus to Revisit
ukred-17842 As You Like It
ukred-17845 The Story of San Michele
ukred-17846 Tobit Transplanted
ukred-17847 The Waves
ukred-17850 short story
ukred-17851 letter
ukred-17853 report of death of Sir George Duckworth
ukred-17855 A Backward Glance
ukred-17856 To the Lighthouse
ukred-17858 The Bible
ukred-17859 St Paul
ukred-17860 New Testament
ukred-17862 David Copperfield
ukred-17863 Life of Charles Dickens
ukred-17864 Sido
ukred-17867 The Prelude
ukred-17868 Which Way to Peace?
ukred-17869 Memoires (vol 5)
ukred-17901 unknown
ukred-17904 Jacob's Room
ukred-17905 Night and Day
ukred-17907 The Fable of the Bees; or, Private Vices, Publick Benefits
ukred-17908 The Diary of Lady Frederick Cavendish
ukred-17909 article on the Munich Crisis
ukred-17911 unknown
ukred-17912 paper on women and war
ukred-17913 study on Virginia Woolf
ukred-17914 unknown
ukred-17915 unknown
ukred-17916 unknown
ukred-17917 letter to Virginia Woolf
ukred-17918 Roger Fry