The Letters of Robert Louis Stevenson, April 1874-July 1879

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The Letters of Robert Louis Stevenson, April 1874-July 1879

Reading experiences

ukred-17567 unknown
ukred-17572 unknown
ukred-17574 Christmas Stories (2, unnamed)
ukred-17610 "On the Enjoyment of Unpleasant Places"
ukred-17613 ?John Knox and his Relations with Women??
ukred-17614 Included "Miss Griffin"?
ukred-17621 Emblems
ukred-17622 unknown
ukred-17649 The Pilgrim?s Progress from this world to that which is to come, delivered under the similitude of a dream
ukred-17655 Petits poemes en prose
ukred-17669 The Aeneid, Books III and probably V
ukred-17670 Ode on the Death of the Duke of Wellington.
ukred-17758 La Tentation de Saint Antoine.
ukred-17849 Bible, O.T., Judges, Chapter 5.
ukred-17893 works on the Reformation
ukred-17921 [Japanese picture books]
ukred-17976 unknown "Tale"
ukred-18015 Petits Poemes en Prose
ukred-18016 unknown
ukred-18017 Desiderata
ukred-18054 To One in Paradise (1834)
ukred-18073 King Pest: A Tale Containing An Allegory.
ukred-18080 A Midsummer Night's Dream.
ukred-18089 Review of Basil Champneys' book A Quiet Corner of England.
ukred-18134 Various unspecified books concerning John Knox.
ukred-18141 Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre and/or Wanderjahre
ukred-18143 To my Mother.
ukred-18160 unknown poetry
ukred-18316 unknown
ukred-18318 unknown
ukred-18445 [unknown verses]
ukred-18577 Principles of Biology
ukred-18578 The Village on the Cliff. A Novel.
ukred-18579 John Knox and the Controversy about Female Rule
ukred-18580 An Autumn Effect.
ukred-18595 [Notices on Titian and Daniel Maclise]
ukred-18679 A Country Dance
ukred-18830 unknown
ukred-18872 [poems]
ukred-19076 Le Pantheon de Poche
ukred-19077 unknown
ukred-19405 Twelfth Night, Or What You Will.
ukred-19598 Ausführliche Erklärung der Hogarthischen Kupferstiche
ukred-20132 unknown
ukred-20258 law books
ukred-20266 The Unseen Universe or Physical Speculations on a Future State
ukred-20342 Letter
ukred-20404 Henry V
ukred-20499 [law books]
ukred-20506 Frederick Walker. In Memoriam.
ukred-20512 [memorial on grave]
ukred-20688 Notes on the Firth
ukred-20689 Hospital Outlines: Sketches and Portraits.
ukred-20730 annotations
ukred-20731 The History of a Pavement
ukred-20732 [second series of] Hospital Poems
ukred-21349 When the Devil Was Well.
ukred-21350 unknown
ukred-21432 Les lauriers sont coupes[acute accent over the e].
ukred-21433 Les lauriers sont coupes[acute accent over the e].
ukred-21435 Catechism
ukred-21491 unknown
ukred-21492 [article on Montaigne]
ukred-21521 Essay on Burns
ukred-21522 The first line of a poem, itself based on an earlier nursery rhyme, in [italics]Les Stalactites[end italics].
ukred-21523 Waly, Waly.
ukred-21724 [Texts by or about 15th-century French literary and historical figures]
ukred-21733 At the Land's End of France.
ukred-21783 unknown
ukred-21784 The Gentle Shepherd
ukred-21785 Poems
ukred-21871 Life of Samuel Johnson.
ukred-21872 History of France
ukred-21873 unknown
ukred-21874 A Son Nez
ukred-21881 material about Burns
ukred-21882 Memoires
ukred-21883 unknown
ukred-21884 Hamlet
ukred-21954 Guido and Lita: A Tale of the Riviera.
ukred-21957 Song
ukred-21958 The Inn Album
ukred-22162 La Défense et illustration de la langue francaise[cedilla under the c].
ukred-22163 Romeo and Juliet.
ukred-22165 King James Bible, Matthew 5:22.
ukred-22166 [works on the fifteenth century]
ukred-22203 Hours in a Library, No. XII. − Macaulay
ukred-22204 French Peasant Songs.
ukred-22313 ‘A Greek Hymn’.
ukred-22314 Shorter Catechism (see below, 11. Additional Comments.
ukred-22387 The Republic; some Dialogues.
ukred-22388 The Cruise of the Polly Ann.
ukred-22628 Illustrated London News
ukred-23488 The Graphic
ukred-23753 Review article; and 'Husbands and Wives'.
ukred-23772 Le Courant
ukred-23781 Review of George Eliot's "Daniel Deronda"
ukred-24420 letter
ukred-25124 letter
ukred-25125 Les Feuilles Vertes
ukred-26678 letter
ukred-26846 "Giotto's Gospel of Labour"
ukred-26848 "The Grosvenor Gallery"
ukred-26849 Sweet Girl Graduate: A Christmas Story and Random Rhymes
ukred-27352 Clarissa: or The History of a Young Lady.
ukred-27584 [political manifesto]
ukred-27586 Christianity Confirmed by Jewish and Heathen Testimony and the Deductions from Physical Science
ukred-27589 'The Omadhaun at the Queen's'.
ukred-27944 Bret Harte in Relation to Modern Fiction.
ukred-27946 Daniel Deronda
ukred-27947 'Noll and Nell'; 'England - 1877'.
ukred-28044 Clarissa: or The History of a Young Lady.
ukred-28567 [letter]
ukred-28568 [letter]
ukred-28569 unknown
ukred-28857 [letter]
ukred-28858 The Way We Live Now
ukred-28860 [letter]
ukred-28981 Review of 'An Inland Voyage'
ukred-28982 [Review of 'An Inland Voyage']
ukred-28983 [Book review]
ukred-28994 [Books on Camisards]
ukred-28996 'A French Journalist'
ukred-28997 The Scots Worthies
ukred-30398 [See below, Additional Comments.]
ukred-30399 A Beleaguered City.