Letters of Sarah Harriet Burney, The

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Reading experiences

ukred-17534 Memoires pour servir a l'histoire de Madame de Maintenon
ukred-17535 Camilla; or, a Picture of Youth
ukred-17536 Paradise Lost
ukred-17537 Paradise Regained
ukred-17538 Paradise Regained
ukred-17539 Paradise Lost
ukred-17540 Paradise Lost
ukred-17541 Paradise Regained
ukred-17544 Lay of the Last Minstrel, The
ukred-17545 Thalaba the Destroyer
ukred-17546 Historical and critical essay on the revival of the drama in Italy, An
ukred-17547 Letters written during a short residence in Spain and Portugal
ukred-17548 History of Tom Jones, a foundling, The
ukred-17549 L'Olimpiade
ukred-17550 Demofoonte
ukred-17551 Giuseppe riconosciuto
ukred-17552 Gioas re de Giuda
ukred-17553 La Clemenza di Tito
ukred-17554 Catone in Utica
ukred-17555 Attilio Regolo
ukred-17556 Ciro riconosciuto
ukred-17557 Zenobia
ukred-17558 Aminta
ukred-17559 Orlando Furioso
ukred-17560 Il balliano; ovvero Il vero amore ne'cimenti e piu forte
ukred-17561 La bella Pellegrina
ukred-17562 La zingara
ukred-17563 La Merope
ukred-17564 [unknown]
ukred-17565 Observations and Reflections made in the course of a journey through FRance, Italy and Germany
ukred-17566 Elisabeth, ou les Exiles de Siberie
ukred-17576 Alphonsine, ou la tendresse maternelle
ukred-17577 The exposition of the Creed, by J. Pearson... abridged for the use of young persons
ukred-17578 Dictionary of the English Language, A
ukred-17579 Analogy of Religion, Natural and Revealed, to the constitution and course of Nature
ukred-17580 Analogy of Religion, Natural and Revealed, to the constitution and course of Nature
ukred-17581 Essay Concerning Humane Understanding, An
ukred-17582 Lady of the Lake, The
ukred-17583 Marmion
ukred-17584 Day in Spring, A
ukred-17585 [unknown]
ukred-17586 [a letter]
ukred-17587 Lady of the Lake, The
ukred-17588 Monthly Review [review of Southey's "The Curse of Kehama"]
ukred-17589 Quarterly Review [review of Southey's "The Curse of Kehama"]
ukred-17590 Self-control
ukred-17591 Self-control
ukred-17592 Self-control
ukred-17593 [letters to her daughter - exact title uncertain]
ukred-17594 [letters]
ukred-17672 History of Greece, The
ukred-17673 Cottage Dialogues Among the Irish Peasantry
ukred-17674 Practical Piety
ukred-17675 Louis XIV, sa cour et le Regent
ukred-17676 [review of Pierre Jouhaud, "Paris dans le dix-neuvieme siecle"]
ukred-17677 [review of Jean-Pierre-Guillaume Catteau-Calleville, Voyage en Allemagne et en Suede]
ukred-17678 Practical Piety
ukred-17679 Reflexions ou sentences et maximes morales
ukred-17680 [unknown]
ukred-17681 Voyage du jeune Anacharsis en Grece
ukred-17682 De l'Allemagne
ukred-17683 Pride and Prejudice
ukred-17684 De L'Allemagne
ukred-17685 Zulma, et trois nouvelles
ukred-17686 Peacock "at home", The
ukred-17687 Patronage
ukred-17688 Guy Mannering
ukred-17689 Self Control
ukred-17690 Emma
ukred-17691 Emma
ukred-17692 Emma
ukred-17693 Waverley; or, 'Tis Sixty years Since
ukred-17694 Visit to Paris in 1814, A
ukred-17695 Paris revisited in 1815 by way of Brussels
ukred-17696 Authentic Memoirs of the Life of John Sobieski
ukred-17697 Travels through the Southern Provinces of the Russian Empire in 1793 and 1794
ukred-17721 Baxteriana
ukred-17722 Of Coversing [sic] with God in Solitude
ukred-17723 Miser Married, The
ukred-17725 Narrative of a Voyage in His Majesty's late ship the Alceste to the Yellow Sea
ukred-17726 Journal of the proceedings of the late embassy to China
ukred-17727 Letters from Mrs Delany... to Mrs frances Hamilton, from the year 1779, to the year 1788
ukred-17728 Kenilworth
ukred-17729 Monastery, The
ukred-17730 Abbot, The
ukred-17731 Narrative of the Operations and Recent Discoveries within the pyramids, temples, tombs, and excavations, in Egypt and Nubia
ukred-17732 Village of Mariendorpt, The
ukred-17733 Fortunes of Nigel, The
ukred-17734 Pirate, The
ukred-17735 Histoire de Napoleon et de la grande armee, pendant l'annee 1812
ukred-17736 Memoirs of Samuel Pepys
ukred-17737 History and Antiquities of the Tower of London, the
ukred-17738 Tour in Germany, and some of the southern provinces of the Austrian Empire, in... 1820, 1821, 1822
ukred-17739 Memoires
ukred-17740 Tor Hill
ukred-17741 Spy, The
ukred-17742 Last of the Mohicans, The
ukred-17743 Book of Nature, The
ukred-17744 Life of Napoleon Buonaparte
ukred-17745 [Reviews in the Quarterly Review of Bishop Heber's Journal]
ukred-17746 Narrative of a Second expedition to the Shores of the Polar Sea, in the years 1825, 1826 and 1827
ukred-17747 Commedie
ukred-17748 Commedie
ukred-17749 Antonio Foscarini
ukred-17750 Storia della Toscana sino al principato
ukred-17883 Storia della Toscana sino al principato
ukred-17884 [newspapers]
ukred-17885 Histoire des Croisades
ukred-17886 Aristodemo
ukred-17887 Galeotto Manfredi
ukred-17888 Caio Gracco
ukred-17889 [Gospels and Psalms]
ukred-17890 Consolations in Travel, or the Last days of a Philosopher
ukred-17891 Tablettes romaines; contenant des faits, des anecdotes et des observations sure les moeurs, les usages, les ceremonies, le gouvernement de Rome
ukred-17892 Adventures of a Younger Son
ukred-17927 Zohrab the Hostage
ukred-17928 Letters of Madame de Sevigne to her daughter and her friends
ukred-17929 Histoire de la Revolution Francaise
ukred-17930 Storia d'Italia, continuata da quella del Guicciardini
ukred-17931 Memoires
ukred-17932 Memoires de Madame la comtesse de Barri
ukred-17933 History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles V
ukred-17934 [History plays]
ukred-17935 Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson, LL.D.
ukred-17936 Lives
ukred-17942 Storia d'Italia
ukred-17943 [Works]
ukred-17944 [plays]
ukred-17945 History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles V
ukred-17946 Lives
ukred-17947 Evidence of the Truth of the Christian Religion, derived from the literal fulfilment of prophecy
ukred-17948 Dissertations on the Prophecies, which have remarkably been fulfilled, and at this time are fulfilling in the world
ukred-17949 Memoires
ukred-17950 Letters of Charles Lamb, with a sketch of his Life
ukred-17951 Account of the manners and customs of the Modern Egyptians
ukred-17952 Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians
ukred-17956 Sketches by 'Boz'
ukred-17957 Memoirs of Joseph Grimaldi
ukred-17958 Recollections of an Artillery Officer including scenes and adventures in Ireland, America, Flanders and France
ukred-17959 Memoirs of Joseph Grimaldi
ukred-17960 Memoirs of Charles Mathews, comedian
ukred-17961 Poetical Works of the Rev. George Crabbe
ukred-17962 Life of Mrs Siddons
ukred-17963 Diary and letters of Madame d'Arblay
ukred-17964 Diary and letters of Madame d'Arblay
ukred-17965 Diary and letters of Madame d'Arblay
ukred-17966 Inheritance, The
ukred-17967 [Review of Madame d'Arblay's "Diary and Letters" in the "Edinburgh Review"]
ukred-17968 My Last Tour and First Work; or, a Visit to the Baths of Wildbad and Rippoldsau
ukred-17969 Frederick the Great, His Court and Times
ukred-17970 Frederick the Great, His Court and Times
ukred-17971 Historical and Descriptive Narrative of Twety Years' Residence in South America
ukred-17972 Life of Richard Earl Howe, K.G., Admiral of the Fleet, and General of Marines