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ukred-15961 Les Aventures de Telemaque
ukred-15962 plays
ukred-15963 Thalaba the Destroyer
ukred-15964 Latin grammar
ukred-15965 Latin Bible
ukred-15966 Manoeuvring
ukred-15967 Patronage
ukred-15968 Rob Roy
ukred-15969 Works including The Corsair
ukred-15970 Reviews of the Corsair
ukred-15973 An Essay on Certain Points of Resemblance between the Ancient and Modern Greeks
ukred-15974 An Historical Display of the Effects of Physical and Moral Causes on the Character and Circumstances of Nations
ukred-15975 Letters
ukred-15976 Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, Canto the Fourth
ukred-15977 "Simple Susan"
ukred-15978 Whim and Contradiction: A Tale
ukred-15979 Greek epitaph
ukred-15980 verses
ukred-15981 Leila
ukred-15982 unknown
ukred-15983 unknown
ukred-15984 unknown
ukred-15985 Lines on the Death of Lord Byron
ukred-15986 Review of Robert Southey, A Tale of Paraguay (1825) (including extracts from poem)
ukred-15990 An Essay on Mind with Other Poems
ukred-15991 'fugitive pieces'
ukred-15992 An Essay on Mind
ukred-15993 An Essay on Mind with Other Poems
ukred-15994 An Essay on Mind with Other Poems
ukred-15995 An Essay on Mind with Other Poems
ukred-15996 An Essay on Mind with Other Poems
ukred-15997 An Essay on the Modern Pronunciation of the Greek and Latin Languages
ukred-15998 comments on Uvedale Price, An Essay on the Modern Pronunciation of the Greek and Latin Languages
ukred-15999 dissertation on modern pronunciation of classical Greek
ukred-16000 The Subaltern
ukred-16001 dissertation on modern pronunciation of classical Greek
ukred-16003 Satyricon
ukred-16004 Pharonnida, an Heroic Poem
ukred-16005 The Minstrel
ukred-16006 The Tempest
ukred-16007 An Excelente Balade of Charitie
ukred-16047 "The Development of Genius"
ukred-16048 prayers
ukred-16049 An Essay on Mind, with Other Poems
ukred-16050 An Essay on Mind, with Other Poems
ukred-16055 An Essay on Mind, with Other Poems
ukred-16064 The Famous Historie of the Seven Champions of Christendom
ukred-16069 'History of England and Rome'
ukred-16070 'History of Greece'
ukred-16071 The Minstrel
ukred-16073 The Iliad
ukred-16074 The Odyssey
ukred-16075 Paradise Lost (extracts)
ukred-16076 The Tempest
ukred-16077 Othello
ukred-16088 unknown
ukred-16090 unknown
ukred-16095 The Battle of Marathon
ukred-16097 unknown
ukred-16100 Temper, or Domestic Scenes
ukred-16101 unknown
ukred-16102 unknown
ukred-16103 unknown
ukred-16104 unknown
ukred-16105 unknown
ukred-16106 unknown
ukred-16107 unknown
ukred-16114 Miriam; Or, the Power of Truth
ukred-16115 Harry and Lucy
ukred-16116 'A Day of Pleasure at Malvern'
ukred-16117 A Malvern Tale
ukred-16118 Prologue and Epilogue to poems of St Gregory
ukred-16119 'Elegy'
ukred-16120 Translation from Sophocles' Electra
ukred-16121 correspondence on pronunciation of classical languages
ukred-16123 Review of William Mitford, An Inquiry into the Principles of Harmony in Language...
ukred-16124 Reflections on the Atoning Sacrifice of Jesus Christ
ukred-16125 (probably) "The Development of Genius"
ukred-16126 Select Passages from the Writings of St Chrysostom, St Gregory Nazianzen, and St Basil
ukred-16127 An Essay on the Modern Pronunciation of the Greek and Latin Languages
ukred-16128 Pharsalia
ukred-16129 An Essay on the Modern Pronunciation of the Greek and Latin Languages
ukred-16130 Hebrew scriptures
ukred-16131 Prometheus Bound
ukred-16132 Review of Elizabeth Barrett, An Essay on Mind with Other Poems
ukred-16133 Review of Elizabeth Barrett, An Essay on Mind with Other Poems
ukred-16134 The Botanic Garden, a Poem
ukred-16135 unknown
ukred-16136 unknown
ukred-16138 'Review'
ukred-16200 Essay on the Picturesque
ukred-16204 Essays on the Perception of an External Universe
ukred-16209 poem
ukred-16210 'elegy'
ukred-16211 Parriana; or, Notices of the Rev. Samuel Parr, collected by E. H. Barker
ukred-16212 The Claims of Sir Philip Francis, K.B., to the Authorship of Junius's Letters, Disproved
ukred-16213 Thoughts on an Illustrious Exile
ukred-16214 Cicero's Catilinian Orations
ukred-16215 Aethiopica
ukred-16216 notes to the Agamemnon
ukred-16217 'Essay on the Greek Article'
ukred-16218 essays
ukred-16219 essays
ukred-16220 In laudem virginitatis
ukred-16221 poems
ukred-16222 Sermons on Subjects Chiefly Practical
ukred-16223 Voyage du jeune Anarcharsis en Grece (introduction)
ukred-16224 Oration on Barlaam
ukred-16225 Oration on Gordius
ukred-16226 Treatise on reading the books of the Gentiles
ukred-16227 Homily 'De Fide'
ukred-16228 'treatise on Geology'
ukred-16229 'In Eutropium Eunuchum, Patrium et Consulem'
ukred-16230 De Sublimitate
ukred-16231 orations including (probably) Homily on 1 Corinthians
ukred-16232 Phaedon
ukred-16233 Greek epitaph 'On the death of a favourite Tom Cat'
ukred-16234 'In Epistolarum primam ad Corinthos'
ukred-16235 'In Epistolarum primam ad Corinthos'
ukred-16236 Annotations to St Chrysostom, 'In Epistolarum primam ad Corinthos'
ukred-16237 De Sublimitate
ukred-16238 Rhesus
ukred-16307 Latin epigraph
ukred-16308 report on change-ringing
ukred-16309 plays
ukred-16310 plays
ukred-16311 report of marriage of Emily Bayford and Charles George Butler
ukred-16312 Life of Napoleon
ukred-16313 A Dissertation upon the Epistles of Phalaris
ukred-16314 Letters and Journals of Lord Byron: with Notices of His Life
ukred-16315 Commentaries on the Laws of England
ukred-16316 'Reform of Parliament the Ruin of Parliament'
ukred-16317 'Letter to the Lords' (article concerning Reform Bill)
ukred-16318 preface
ukred-16319 Consolation in Travail
ukred-16327 Carmina Homerica
ukred-16328 Genesis
ukred-16329 Corinne, ou L'Italie
ukred-16330 Genesis
ukred-16331 Hebrew lexicon
ukred-16332 I Promessi Sposi
ukred-16333 sequel to I Promessi Sposi
ukred-16334 The Lady of the Lake
ukred-16335 Francis the First, an Historical Drama
ukred-16336 The Life of Samuel Johnson
ukred-16337 Greek text/s
ukred-16338 Hebrew Bible
ukred-16339 Pelham, or The Adventures of a Gentleman
ukred-16340 Hymns
ukred-16342 Orestes
ukred-16343 Odes
ukred-16344 Alcestis
ukred-16345 Troades
ukred-16346 Aeneid
ukred-16347 Biblia Hebraica
ukred-16348 novels including The Disowned
ukred-16349 Domestic Manners of the Americans
ukred-16350 'works'
ukred-16351 The Theatre of the Greeks
ukred-16352 Uber dramatische Kunst und Literatur (extracts)
ukred-16353 Rosalind and Helen, a Modern Eclogue
ukred-16354 An Account of the Infancy, Religious and Literary Life of Adam Clarke
ukred-16355 The Messiah
ukred-16356 poems
ukred-16357 Parmenides
ukred-16358 Resignee
ukred-16359 Lelia (chapter VIII)
ukred-16360 Lectures on the Philosophy of the Human Mind
ukred-16363 A Discourse upon Natural Theology
ukred-16365 works including Dissertation sur le Passage du Rhone et les Alpes par Annibal
ukred-16366 Bridgewater Treatises
ukred-16367 Chemistry, Meteorology, and the Function of Digestion Considered with Reference to Natural Theology
ukred-16368 On the Power, Wisdom and Goodness of God as Manifested in the Adaptation of External Nature to the Moral and Intellectual Constitution of Man
ukred-16369 work 'upon necessity'
ukred-16370 A Dissertation on the Scriptural Authority, Nature, and Uses, of Infant Baptism
ukred-16371 The Habits and Instincts of Animals
ukred-16372 Lectures on the Philosophy of the Human Mind
ukred-16373 Ion
ukred-16374 autobiography
ukred-16375 Dramatic Scenes, Sonnets and Other Poems
ukred-16376 The Library
ukred-16377 Paracelsus
ukred-16378 The Countess of Essex
ukred-16379 'Jesse Cliffe'
ukred-16380 'The Mermaid'
ukred-16381 'Saunders & Ottley's catalogue of new publications'
ukred-16382 Memorials of Mrs Hemans
ukred-16383 Reliques of Ancient English Poetry
ukred-16384 Minstrelsy of the Scottish Borders
ukred-16385 'old English [i.e. Renaissance] drama'
ukred-16386 plays
ukred-16387 Notre-Dame de Paris
ukred-16388 Chronicles
ukred-16389 'The Poet's Vow'
ukred-16390 The Wrecker's Daughter
ukred-16391 plays (extracts)
ukred-16392 plays (extracts)
ukred-16393 Apologia Prima Pro Christianis (LVXI,2)
ukred-16394 Dialogus cum Tryphone Judaeo, 70
ukred-16395 annotations to Robert Browning, Strafford
ukred-16396 Elements of Phrenology
ukred-16397 The Faithful Shepherdess
ukred-16398 Otto of Wittelsbach
ukred-16399 The Star of Seville
ukred-16400 "The Widow's Dog"
ukred-16401 dramatic poems
ukred-16402 Translations from the Italian
ukred-16403 The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club
ukred-16406 The Star of Seville
ukred-16415 Country Stories
ukred-16418 The Age of Bronze
ukred-16419 death notice for Harriet Baker (d.17 August)
ukred-16429 Die Jungfrau von Orleans
ukred-16430 Maria Stuart
ukred-16431 Gotz von Berlichingen mit der eisenen Hand
ukred-16432 Egmont
ukred-16433 Letters of Charles Lamb, With a Sketch of His Life
ukred-16434 Letters
ukred-16435 Letter to Elizabeth Barrett
ukred-16436 The Vicar of Wrexhill (extracts)
ukred-16437 novels
ukred-16438 Pauline
ukred-16439 An Essay on Mind
ukred-16503 Letters of Anna Seward: Written Between the Years 1784 and 1807
ukred-16504 Letters
ukred-16505 Letters
ukred-16506 poems
ukred-16507 advertisement for rare antique Bible
ukred-16508 poems
ukred-16509 The Dispensary, a Poem
ukred-16510 "The Exile"
ukred-16511 Memorials of a Residence on the Continent, and Historical Poems
ukred-16512 "The Greek Wife"
ukred-16513 The Seraphim
ukred-16514 Italy
ukred-16515 The Athenian Captive
ukred-16517 letter (extract)
ukred-16518 Visions of the Western Railways
ukred-16519 Visions of the Western Railways
ukred-16520 'romance'
ukred-16521 Duty and Inclination
ukred-16522 Findens' Tableaux of the Affections: A Series of Picturesque Illustrations of the Womanly Virtues
ukred-16524 poems 'The Gazelles' and 'On Presenting a Young Invalid With a Bunch of Early Violets'
ukred-16525 Die Rauber
ukred-16531 unknown
ukred-16532 Sermons
ukred-16533 Italy
ukred-16534 Beatrix ou les Amours Forces
ukred-16535 "Scenes"
ukred-16536 An Hebrew and English Lexicon
ukred-16537 A Grammar of the Hebrew Language
ukred-16538 Cheveley, or the Man of Honour
ukred-16539 Notes of a Wanderer in Search of Health, Through Italy, Egypt, Greece, Turkey; Up the Danube and Down the Rhine
ukred-16540 unknown
ukred-16541 stanzas on the death of Letitia Elizabeth Landon
ukred-16542 Ceracchi, a Drama and other Poems
ukred-16543 poems
ukred-16544 The Lion, a Tale of the Coteries
ukred-16545 Sketches of a Sea Port Town
ukred-16546 Two Old Men's Tales: The Deformed, and The Admiral's Daughter
ukred-16547 racing programme
ukred-16548 Melaia, and Other Poems
ukred-16549 Church of England catechism
ukred-16564 Catalogue of library of Samuel Parr
ukred-16565 Preferment: or, My Uncle the Earl
ukred-16566 One Fault. A Novel
ukred-16567 Select Memoirs of Port Royal
ukred-16569 Jack Sheppard: A Romance
ukred-16570 Essays, Letters from Abroad, Translations and Fragments
ukred-16571 Review of William Reade's poems Italy and The Deluge
ukred-16572 The Philosophy of a Happy Futurity est. on the Sure Evidence of the Bible
ukred-16573 novels
ukred-16574 A Legend of Florence
ukred-16576 Paracelsus
ukred-16577 Sylvia; or, The May Queen
ukred-16592 The History of Napoleon
ukred-16593 Thomas a Becket
ukred-16594 Glencoe
ukred-16595 The Return of the Druses
ukred-16596 Our Village
ukred-16597 poems
ukred-16598 'L.E.L.'s Last Question'
ukred-16599 'The Legend of the Browne Rosarie'
ukred-16600 'The Legend of the Browne Rosarie'
ukred-16709 response to article in the Monthly Critic
ukred-16713 Nick of the Woods: A Story of Kentucky
ukred-16716 'Orpheus'
ukred-16721 Life and Literary Remains of L.E.L.
ukred-16724 Sordello
ukred-16725 Pippa Passes
ukred-16726 The History of a Flirt: Related by Herself
ukred-16728 poems
ukred-16729 Pippa Passes (Bells and Pomegranates, No. I)
ukred-16730 Exposition of the False Medium and Barriers Excluding Men of Genius from the Public
ukred-16731 Our Village
ukred-16732 'On the Portrait of the Duchess of Burlington, Painted after her Death by Mr Lucas'
ukred-16733 'The Doom of Cheynholme'
ukred-16734 poems
ukred-16735 letters to Mary Russell Mitford
ukred-16736 Martinuzzi
ukred-16737 Martinuzzi
ukred-16738 Biography and Poetical Remains of the late Margaret Miller Davidson
ukred-16739 Lord Byron and Some of His Contemporaries
ukred-16740 'Upper Austria'
ukred-16741 poem on death of Letitia Elizabeth Landon
ukred-16843 The Roman Brother: A Tragedy
ukred-16844 Theory of Pneumatology
ukred-16845 One Tract More, or, The System Illustrated by "The Tracts for the Times," Externally Regarded: by a Layman
ukred-16846 Gaston de Blondeville
ukred-16847 Joan of Arc
ukred-16848 daily newspapers
ukred-16849 writings including Conversations on the State of Art and Literature in Germany (1837)
ukred-16850 The Blue Belles of England
ukred-16851 Autobiography
ukred-16852 Recollections of a First Visit to the Alps, in August and September 1841
ukred-16853 A Disquisition on the Scene, Origin, Date, etc. of Shakespeare's Tempest
ukred-16854 Chapters on the Poets of Ancient Greece
ukred-16855 Note to Elizabeth Barrett
ukred-16856 The Blue Belles of England
ukred-16857 Poetae Graeci Christiani, una cum Homericus Centonibus
ukred-16858 Alsargis
ukred-16859 Poems
ukred-16860 Diary and Letters (Volume 1)
ukred-16861 The Life and Correspondence of M. G. Lewis
ukred-16862 Memoirs of the Life and Writings of William Hayley, Esq ... Written by Himself
ukred-16863 Diary and Letters (Volume 1)
ukred-16864 Music and Manners
ukred-16865 De legibus
ukred-16866 Works including Dissertation sur le Passage du Rhone et les Alpes par Annibal
ukred-16867 works attributed to Plato
ukred-16868 plays
ukred-16869 plays
ukred-16870 plays
ukred-16871 Poetics
ukred-16872 Ethics
ukred-16873 'work upon rhetoric'
ukred-16939 Memoires
ukred-16940 Zanoni
ukred-16941 Correspondence
ukred-16942 poem on the departure and farewell sermon of George Augustus Selwyn, on his being appointed Bishop of New Zealand
ukred-16943 letter to Mary Russell Mitford
ukred-16944 speeches of Daniel O'Connell
ukred-16945 plays
ukred-16946 plays
ukred-16947 plays
ukred-16948 Select Collection of Old Plays
ukred-16949 Plighted Troth
ukred-16978 Memoirs of a Cavalier
ukred-16979 Robinson Crusoe
ukred-16980 A Journal of the Plague Year
ukred-16981 unknown
ukred-16982 A Year's Life
ukred-16983 A Rhymed Plea for Tolerance
ukred-16984 The Beggar Girl and Her Benefactors
ukred-16985 'Some Account of the Greek Christian Poets'
ukred-16986 'Some Account of the Greek Christian Poets'
ukred-16987 'Some Account of the Greek Christian Poets'
ukred-16988 'Some Account of the Greek Christian Poets'
ukred-16989 'Some Account of the Greek Christian Poets'
ukred-16990 'Some Account of the Greek Christian Poets'
ukred-16991 The Works of William Cowper, Esq., ... With a Life of the Author
ukred-16992 Poems, Chiefly of Early and Late Years; Including The Borderers, a Tragedy
ukred-16993 Poems, Chiefly of Early and Late Years; Including The Borderers, a Tragedy
ukred-16994 Memoires
ukred-16995 Memoires
ukred-16996 'The Cardinal and the Dog'
ukred-16997 letter to Elizabeth Barrett
ukred-16998 Poems
ukred-16999 'Tom Cringle's Log'
ukred-17000 death notice of Lady Sidmouth
ukred-17007 Essays: First Series
ukred-17008 Poems
ukred-17009 Eva; the Ill-omened Marriage, and Other Tales and Poems (extracts)
ukred-17010 A Vindication of the Rights of Woman
ukred-17011 novels
ukred-17012 'little books'
ukred-17013 Memoirs of the Life of Sir Samuel Romilly, Written by Himself
ukred-17014 The Berkshire Chronicle
ukred-17015 report of reprieve of condemned criminal Elizabeth Barrett
ukred-17017 poems
ukred-17018 unknown
ukred-17019 letter to the Sheffield Mercury regarding formation of a School of Design in Sheffield.
ukred-17020 The Barnabys in America
ukred-17021 A Diary in America, With Remarks on its Institutions
ukred-17022 The Keepsake for 1843
ukred-17023 unknown
ukred-17024 unknown
ukred-17025 unknown
ukred-17026 unknown
ukred-17027 Bells and Pomegranates III (Dramatic Lyrics)
ukred-17028 'Waring'
ukred-17029 Leila
ukred-17030 Les derniers jours d'un condamne
ukred-17031 unknown
ukred-17032 The Course of Time
ukred-17033 review article on Tennyson and/or Browning
ukred-17034 review article on Tennyson and/or Browning
ukred-17035 The Neighbours: A Story of Everyday Life
ukred-17074 Diary and Letters (Volume 5)
ukred-17078 Letter announcing financial/property loss
ukred-17080 The Seven Temptations
ukred-17081 'Oriana'
ukred-17082 Lays of Ancient Rome (extracts)
ukred-17083 'Locksley Hall'
ukred-17084 Bells and Pomegranates III (Dramatic Lyrics)
ukred-17085 Le Pere Goriot
ukred-17086 Leila
ukred-17087 Jacques
ukred-17088 Indiana
ukred-17089 Letter to Mary Russell Mitford
ukred-17090 Le Sopha, Conte Moral
ukred-17091 Memoires d'une Femme de Qualite sur Louis XVIII, sa Cour et son Regne
ukred-17092 Adele et Theodore, ou Lettres sur l'Education
ukred-17093 'Carthon'
ukred-17094 Gorgias
ukred-17095 autobiography
ukred-17096 A Critical Dissertation on the Poems of Ossian
ukred-17097 Ossian poems
ukred-17098 Zenobia: or, The Fall of Palmyra
ukred-17099 The Life of Beethoven
ukred-17100 Poems of Darthula
ukred-17101 Encyclopedia entry on 'Ossian' controversy
ukred-17102 unknown
ukred-17104 Martin Chuzzlewit
ukred-17105 Confessio Amantis
ukred-17107 The Death of Cuchullin
ukred-17108 The Recreations of Christopher North (vol. 3)
ukred-17109 The Last of the Barons (extract)
ukred-17117 'The Cherry Orchard'
ukred-17118 'Rosamond'
ukred-17119 Duty and Inclination (volume 1)
ukred-17120 Duty and Inclination
ukred-17121 unknown
ukred-17122 Memoirs and Correspondence of Francis Horner, M.P. (volume I)
ukred-17123 Memoirs and Correspondence of Francis Horner, M.P. (volume II)
ukred-17125 Roderick, the Last of the Goths
ukred-17128 The Last of the Barons
ukred-17130 The History of British Birds (extracts)
ukred-17133 letter to Crabbe Robinson
ukred-17135 Hargrave, or the Adventures of a Man of Fashion
ukred-17138 The Death of Cuchullin
ukred-17139 De Bello Gallico
ukred-17142 article regarding Ossian controversy
ukred-17143 unknown
ukred-17172 'life' of David Wilkie
ukred-17173 journal
ukred-17174 Past and Present
ukred-17175 notice of death of David Wilkie (on 1 June 1841)
ukred-17176 Grace Darling
ukred-17177 The Home: or, Family Cares and Family Joys
ukred-17178 'Modern Turkish Travellers'
ukred-17179 Oberon's Vision in the Midsummer-Night's Dream
ukred-17180 article on Royal Commission on Children's Employment
ukred-17181 Sacred Poems
ukred-17182 Delle vite de piu eccelenti pittori, scultori, ed archittetori
ukred-17183 Festus
ukred-17184 Festus
ukred-17185 IX Poems by V. (extracts)
ukred-17186 unknown
ukred-17187 'On Rationalism'
ukred-17190 Orion
ukred-17195 Pride and Prejudice
ukred-17196 Orion
ukred-17200 novels
ukred-17204 Memoires
ukred-17211 The Bible in Spain; or, The Journeys, Adventures, and Imprisonment of an Englishman, in an Attempt to Circulate the Scriptures in the Peninsula
ukred-17213 Charles O'Malley
ukred-17217 Tom Cringle's Log
ukred-17238 Rural and Domestic Life of Germany
ukred-17243 The Dead Pan
ukred-17244 Orion
ukred-17245 'The Legend of the Browne Rosarie'
ukred-17246 'The House of Clouds'
ukred-17247 Motley Book
ukred-17248 Behemoth, a Legend of the Moundbuilders
ukred-17250 Pippa Passes
ukred-17251 review of Richard Hengist Horne, Orion
ukred-17252 'The Legend of the Browne Rosarie'
ukred-17254 Lays of Ancient Rome
ukred-17255 The Seraphim
ukred-17256 'On Bonaparte'
ukred-17258 Predestination and Election, Considered Scripturally
ukred-17259 An Introduction to the Study of Animal Magnetism ... With an Appendix Containing Reports of British Practitioners in Favour of the Science
ukred-17260 'Lay of the Humble'
ukred-17261 'The Song of the Shirt'
ukred-17262 Historical Memoirs of the Queens of England from the Commencement of the Twelfth Century
ukred-17263 The Poetry of Life
ukred-17264 unknown
ukred-17265 unknown
ukred-17266 Bible
ukred-17267 The Birth-Day
ukred-17268 A Christmas Carol
ukred-17270 epitaph for Robert Southey
ukred-17271 Orion
ukred-17272 lines of poetry
ukred-17273 Ode to a Skylark
ukred-17274 Alastor
ukred-17275 Prometheus Unbound
ukred-17276 The Revolt of Islam (Canto I)
ukred-17290 Book catalogue
ukred-17291 novels
ukred-17292 Beads from a Rosary
ukred-17293 unknown
ukred-17294 poems
ukred-17295 plays
ukred-17296 The Ballad of Delora
ukred-17297 Annotations in Richard Hengist Horne, The Ballad of Delora
ukred-17298 The Ballad of Delora
ukred-17299 novels
ukred-17300 Harry Lorrequer
ukred-17301 'tales' (extracts)
ukred-17302 The Mysteries of Paris
ukred-17303 The Mysteries of Paris
ukred-17304 Mathilde, Memoires d'une Jeune Femme
ukred-17305 Festus
ukred-17306 Additional scene for Festus
ukred-17307 Philip van Artevelde
ukred-17308 Colombe's Birthday
ukred-17309 letter to Mary Russell Mitford
ukred-17310 criticism on lines of Aeschylus attributed to Sophocles
ukred-17311 'recognised fragments of Sophocles'
ukred-17312 A Memoir of ... The Late William Taylor of Norwich
ukred-17317 poems
ukred-17318 poems
ukred-17319 poems
ukred-17320 Colombe's Birthday
ukred-17321 novels
ukred-17322 A New Spirit of the Age
ukred-17323 letter to Robert Browning
ukred-17324 Paracelsus
ukred-17325 The Duchess of Malfi
ukred-17326 The White Devil
ukred-17327 Poems
ukred-17328 A New Spirit of the Age
ukred-17329 The Dream, and Other Poems
ukred-17330 poetry
ukred-17331 Agathonia
ukred-17332 Memorials of Mrs Hemans
ukred-17333 Life and Literary Remains of L.E.L.
ukred-17334 Poems
ukred-17335 unknown
ukred-17336 Poems
ukred-17337 Poems
ukred-17338 Wild Flowers; or Poetic Gleanings from Natural Objects
ukred-17339 Le Lys dans la Vallee (including Preface)
ukred-17340 La Vieille Fille
ukred-17341 Poems
ukred-17342 Coningsby: or, The New Generation
ukred-17343 Le Juif Errant
ukred-17344 'Recent Developments of Puseyism'
ukred-17345 'Early Administrations of George the Third: The Earl of Chatham'
ukred-17346 Some Passages in the Life of Mr. Adam Blair Minister of the Gospel at Cross-Meikle
ukred-17347 La Torpille
ukred-17348 poetry
ukred-17349 Pascaline et Savinie
ukred-17350 Stenia et l'abbe Maurice
ukred-17351 Sonnets
ukred-17378 Louis XI
ukred-17379 Marino Faliero
ukred-17380 Les Enfants d'Edouard
ukred-17381 Don Juan d'Autriche, ou la Vocation
ukred-17382 La Popularite
ukred-17383 La Fille du Cid
ukred-17384 Une Famille au temps de Luther
ukred-17385 romances
ukred-17386 Stenia et l'abbe Maurice
ukred-17387 Marianna
ukred-17388 Don Juan d'Autriche, ou la Vocation
ukred-17389 plays
ukred-17390 Les Maitres Mosaistes
ukred-17391 Les sept cordes de la lyre
ukred-17392 Review of Elizabeth Barrett, Poems (1844)
ukred-17393 Reports concerning cure of Harriet Martineau by mesmerism
ukred-17394 Imagination and Fancy
ukred-17395 Le Salamandre (including Preface)
ukred-17396 Une tenebreuse affaire
ukred-17397 The Neighbours: A Story of Every-Day Life
ukred-17398 The Public and Private Life of Lord Chancellor Eldon, with Selections from His Correspondence (vol. 1)
ukred-17597 'Sonnet on the Projected Kendal and Winandermere Railway'
ukred-17598 'Projected Railways in Westmoreland. An Answer to Mr Wordsworth's Late Sonnet'
ukred-17599 A Vindication of the Rights of Woman
ukred-17600 advertisement for Mary Victoria Cowden Clarke, The Complete Concordance to Shakespeare
ukred-17601 unknown
ukred-17602 Memoires
ukred-17603 Le dernier Chouan
ukred-17604 David Sechard, volume 1
ukred-17605 The Chimes
ukred-17606 The Chimes
ukred-17607 Confession generale
ukred-17608 Fernande
ukred-17609 Sordello
ukred-17624 letter to Elizabeth Barrett Browning
ukred-17625 letter to Elizabeth Barrett Browning
ukred-17626 letter to Elizabeth Barrett Browning
ukred-17627 notice of marriage of Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning
ukred-17628 Niccolo de' Lapi
ukred-17629 Siecle
ukred-17630 unknown
ukred-17631 La Russie en 1839
ukred-17632 Delle vite de piu eccelenti pittori, scultori, ed archittetori
ukred-17633 Advertisement for edition of Honore de Balzac, Comedie Humaine
ukred-17634 Les Aventures de Saturnin Fichet ou la Conspiration de la Rouarie
ukred-17635 Les Aventures de Saturnin Fichet ou la Conspiration de la Rouarie
ukred-17636 novels
ukred-17637 Le Rouge et le noir
ukred-17638 letter to Elizabeth Barrett Browning
ukred-17639 Italian grammar
ukred-17640 Italian grammar
ukred-17641 Life of St Giovanni Gualberto
ukred-17643 Martin (vol I)
ukred-17644 Histoire des Girondins
ukred-17645 Histoire des Girondins
ukred-17646 Dix Ans a la cour du roi Louis-Philippe et souvenirs du temps de l'Empire et de la Restauration
ukred-17647 La Queue du chien d'Alcibiade
ukred-17648 Les Aventures de Saturnin Fichet ou la Conspiration de la Rouarie
ukred-17650 Les Deux Diane
ukred-17651 Memoires d'un Medecin: Joseph Balsamo
ukred-17652 Le Batard de Mauleon
ukred-17653 Literary and Historical Memorials of London
ukred-17654 Short Sketches of the Wild Sports and Natural History of the Highlands
ukred-17656 Pauline, a Fragment of a Confession
ukred-17658 Trecento novelle
ukred-17659 Poesie di Ieronimo Savonarola illustrate e pubblicate per cura di Andin de Rians
ukred-17660 Characteristics of the Present Age
ukred-17661 The Nature and Vocation of the Scholar
ukred-17662 The Destination of Man
ukred-17663 Notice of marriage of Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning
ukred-17664 Paracelsus
ukred-17665 Dramatic Lyrics
ukred-17666 Le Gentilhomme campagnard
ukred-17667 Le Speronare
ukred-19062 Vestiges of the Natural HIstory of Creation
ukred-19063 Memorial de Saint Helene
ukred-19064 Vacation Rambles and Thoughts
ukred-19065 La Chute d'un ange
ukred-19066 Jocelyn
ukred-19067 Poems
ukred-19068 extract from letter to Edward Moxon, reporting seance
ukred-19070 Fernande
ukred-19073 Mon Ami Piffard; et Chipolata
ukred-19168 poem
ukred-19169 Modeste Mignon
ukred-19170 Modeste Mignon
ukred-19171 article on reported cure by mesmerism of Harriet Martineau
ukred-19172 Les Memoires du diable
ukred-19173 Le Pere Goriot
ukred-19174 La vieille fille
ukred-19175 'Rabelais and His Times' (review of various works on Rabelais)
ukred-19176 Confession generale, vols 1 and 2
ukred-19177 Napoleon et Marie Louise: souvenirs historiques
ukred-19178 Lessons for Children, From Two to Three Years Old
ukred-19179 Early Lessons
ukred-19180 La Femme superieur
ukred-19181 'Suspiria De Profundis: Being a Sequel to the Confessions of an English Opium-Eater'
ukred-19435 Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation
ukred-19436 Le Juif errant
ukred-19437 Le macon
ukred-19438 L'Ecole des journalistes
ukred-19439 Odes et Ballades (volume 1)
ukred-19440 The Improvisatore: or, Life in Italy
ukred-19441 Jeanne
ukred-19443 Le Bananier
ukred-19444 A Story Book of Country Scenes
ukred-19445 A Visit to a Farm-house
ukred-19446 The Athenaeum
ukred-19447 Un homme serieux
ukred-19448 Le Paravent
ukred-19449 Une Aventure de magistrat
ukred-19450 Rose et Blanche
ukred-19451 Le rouge et le noir
ukred-19453 Deux a deux
ukred-19454 'The Child of the Islands' (extracts)
ukred-19455 Vivian Grey
ukred-19456 The Improvisatore: or, Life in Italy (extracts)
ukred-19457 Vivian Grey
ukred-19458 Esther, ou les Amours d'un vieux banquier
ukred-19480 unknown
ukred-19481 Passages in the Life of a Radical
ukred-19482 'The Road Round by Kennedy's Mill'
ukred-19483 poems
ukred-19484 Le Compagnon du Tour de France
ukred-19485 'Claret and Tokay'
ukred-19486 An Essay on Mind
ukred-19487 'The Raven'
ukred-19509 'Garden Fancies: I, The Flower's Name; II, Sibrandus Schafnaburgensis'
ukred-19510 'The Tomb at St. Praxed's (Rome, 15----.)'
ukred-19511 'The Boy and the Angel'
ukred-19512 'The Laboratory (Ancien Regime)'
ukred-19513 Timbuctoo
ukred-19514 Prometheus Bound
ukred-19515 Alice, or The Mysteries
ukred-19516 Ernest Maltravers
ukred-19517 Consuelo
ukred-19518 'The Raven'
ukred-19519 Rambles in Germany and Italy in 1840, 1842 and 1843
ukred-19520 Posthumous Poems
ukred-19521 'Marianne's Dream'
ukred-19522 St. Irvyne; or, The Rosicrucian: A Romance. By a Gentleman of the University of Oxford
ukred-19523 'Oh to be in England'
ukred-19524 Les Paysans
ukred-19525 Le Juif errant
ukred-19526 Dramatic Romances and Lyrics
ukred-19527 Luria (Act I)
ukred-19528 Pomfret
ukred-19529 'Past and Future'
ukred-19530 Le Monde comme il est
ukred-19531 Scenes in my Native Land
ukred-19532 Purgatorio
ukred-19533 Ballad Romances
ukred-19534 'The Merrie Devil of Edmonton'
ukred-19535 'Stanzas to a Ruined Windmill'
ukred-19536 'The Monk of Swineshead Abbey'
ukred-19537 'The Three Knights of Camelott: a Fairy Tale'
ukred-19538 'Bedd Gelert'
ukred-19539 Les Petits Menages d'une Femme verteuse
ukred-19540 'Confessions and Observations of a Water-Patient'
ukred-19541 Zoe: The History of Two Lives
ukred-19542 Forest and Game Law Tales
ukred-19543 The Age of Reason
ukred-19544 Philosophical Dictionary
ukred-19545 Essays
ukred-19546 The Sorrows of Young Werther
ukred-19549 Political and Literary Anecdotes of His Own Times
ukred-19601 Letter to Edgar Ney
ukred-19602 Ambarvalia (extracts)
ukred-19603 'Sacred Gipsy Carol'
ukred-19604 Ambarvalia
ukred-19605 The Bothie of Toper-Na-Fuosich
ukred-19606 'The Sick King in Bokhara'
ukred-19607 'The Forsaken Merman'
ukred-19608 (Probably) 'The Bugle Song' (opening 'The splendour falls')
ukred-19609 The Caxtons. A Family Picture
ukred-19610 Shirley
ukred-19611 Shirley
ukred-19612 Le Cousin Pons
ukred-19613 newspapers
ukred-19614 Christmas-Eve and Easter-Day
ukred-19615 Les Confidences
ukred-19616 Memoires d'un medecin: Joseph Balsamo
ukred-19617 poems
ukred-19618 In Memoriam (extracts)
ukred-19619 'German Socialism'
ukred-19622 The History of Pendennis
ukred-19623 The History of Pendennis
ukred-19624 In Memoriam
ukred-19625 David Copperfield
ukred-19626 Latter-Day Pamphlets
ukred-19627 Review of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Poems (1850)
ukred-19628 Review of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Poems (1850)
ukred-19629 Mary Barton
ukred-19630 In Memoriam
ukred-19631 In Memoriam
ukred-19633 sonnets ['from the Portugese']
ukred-19634 The French Stage and the French People, as illustrated in the Memoirs of M. Fleury