Letters from the mountains; being the real correspondence of a lady, between the year 1773 and 1807

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Letters from the mountains; being the real correspondence of a lady, between the year 1773 and 1807-1

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ukred-13603 Odyssey
ukred-13604 Night thoughts
ukred-13605 Bible
ukred-13643 various
ukred-13644 [Works]
ukred-13648 Sentimental Journey
ukred-13649 [Letters from Yorick to Eliza?]
ukred-13902 The seasons
ukred-13903 The expedition of Humphrey Clinker
ukred-13904 Roderick Random
ukred-13905 [Poems]
ukred-13907 The Seasons
ukred-13908 [An ode to the late Duchess of Somerset]
ukred-13909 [Elegy 15]
ukred-13910 [Elegy 1]
ukred-13911 [The traveller]
ukred-13912 [Biographies including ones of Peter the Great and of Oliver Cromwell]
ukred-13924 Hudibras
ukred-13925 The vicar of Wakefield
ukred-13926 unknown
ukred-13927 Ode occasion'd by the death of Mr Thomson
ukred-13928 The Dunciad
ukred-13929 The minstrel; or , the progress of genius
ukred-13930 Fortieth oration
ukred-13931 Clarissa
ukred-13932 [Satire VI?]
ukred-13933 Essay on man
ukred-13934 Poems
ukred-13935 Eliosa
ukred-13936 [?Night Thoughts]
ukred-13937 Address to simplicity
ukred-13938 [Maxims and moral reflections?]
ukred-13939 The Sorrows of Young Werter
ukred-13940 A comparative view of the state and faculties of man with those of the animal world
ukred-13941 unknown
ukred-13942 The traveller
ukred-13943 To ruin
ukred-13944 Essay on man
ukred-13945 unknown
ukred-13946 [?Emile]
ukred-13950 unknown
ukred-13951 [Tales from Chaucer]
ukred-13952 [Sketches?]
ukred-13953 unknown
ukred-13954 The poems of Ossian
ukred-13955 [Poems]
ukred-13956 [Poems]
ukred-13957 Eloisa to Abelard
ukred-13958 [Letters from Yorick to Eliza?]
ukred-13959 [Life and letters of William Cowper]
ukred-13960 The task
ukred-13961 Pleasures of hope
ukred-13962 unknown
ukred-13963 Gulliver's Travels
ukred-13965 Life and letters of William Cowper
ukred-13968 unknown
ukred-14007 Paradise lost
ukred-14008 [Newspapers]
ukred-14048 Elegy written in a country churchyard
ukred-14049 Essay concerning human understanding