Extracts from the Diary of a Lover of Literature.

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Extracts from the Diary of a Lover of Literature.-1

Reading experiences

ukred-13109 Essays
ukred-13110 Gulliver's Travels
ukred-13111 The life of Lorenzo de' Medici, called the Magnificant
ukred-13112 Commentaries
ukred-13113 History of Florence
ukred-13114 Life of Johnson
ukred-13115 Life of Swift [in Works of Swift?]
ukred-13116 Life of Swift
ukred-13117 Life of Erasmus
ukred-13118 History of Rome
ukred-13119 Apology for the Bible
ukred-13120 Thoughts on the prospect of a regicide peace
ukred-13121 Life of Warburton [in Warburton, Works]
ukred-13122 Miscellaneous Works
ukred-13123 History of Scotland
ukred-13124 History of Charles V.
ukred-13125 Discourses on Livy
ukred-13126 History of America
ukred-13127 An essay on the nature and immutability of truth
ukred-13128 The Castle of Otranto
ukred-13129 An inquiry into the authenticity of certain papers
ukred-13130 The Italian
ukred-13131 Memoirs
ukred-13132 The history of the four last years of the Queen
ukred-13133 A philosophical enquiry into the origin of our ideas of the sublime and the beautiful
ukred-13134 Essays on philosophical subjects
ukred-13135 Elements of moral science
ukred-13136 The Tatler
ukred-13137 Discourse concerning Imitation
ukred-13138 Epistola ad Augustum, annotated by Richard Hurd
ukred-13139 Art of Poetry, annotated by Richard Hurd,
ukred-13140 The Mysterious Mother
ukred-13141 Pursuits of Literature
ukred-13142 On the Sublime
ukred-13143 Institutes
ukred-13144 Beggar's Opera
ukred-13145 An essay on satire
ukred-13146 Arabian Nights Entertainments
ukred-13147 Religion of Nature delineated
ukred-13148 The Baviad
ukred-13149 Observations on the Ancient Statutes
ukred-13150 Life of Pope, in Works,
ukred-13151 Works
ukred-13152 Works
ukred-13153 The Dunciad, with annotations by Warton and Wakefield
ukred-13154 The Dispensary
ukred-13155 Memoirs of Martin Scriblerus
ukred-13156 History of George III
ukred-13157 London
ukred-13158 Vanity of Human Wishes
ukred-13159 Life of Lorenzo de Medici
ukred-13160 The Philosophy of Rhetoric
ukred-13161 Night Thoughts
ukred-13162 Memoires de la Vie du Comte de Gramont
ukred-13163 Apology for the Life of Colley Cibber
ukred-13164 Moral and political dialogues
ukred-13165 De origine mali
ukred-13166 The History of Modern Europe
ukred-13167 Essay concerning Human Understanding
ukred-13168 The History of Nourjahad
ukred-13169 Memoires secrets pour servir a l'histoire
ukred-13170 Memoirs of Great Britain and Ireland
ukred-13171 Observations on Insanity
ukred-13172 Memoirs of the Author of A Vindication of the Rights of Woman
ukred-13173 Inquiry concerning Virtue
ukred-13174 Seven Discourses
ukred-13175 Fable of the Bees
ukred-13176 Enquiry into the Origin of Virtue
ukred-13177 Preface to Shakespeare
ukred-13178 Essays
ukred-13179 An estimate of the manners and principles of the times
ukred-13180 The serious reflections of a rational Christian
ukred-13181 Characters of eminent personages of his own time
ukred-13182 Critical reflections on poetry, painting and music
ukred-13183 Vindication of Natural Society
ukred-13184 Lives of the Poets
ukred-13185 The Spectator
ukred-13186 A philosophical enquiry into the origin of our ideas of the sublime and the beautiful
ukred-13187 De l?esprit des loix
ukred-13188 History of Greece
ukred-13189 An inquiry into the human mind
ukred-13190 A treatise concerning the principles of human knowledge
ukred-13191 Essay sur l?histoire du siecle de Louis XIV
ukred-13192 Athenian Letters
ukred-13193 Travels of Anacharsis the Younger in Greece
ukred-13194 Historic doubts on the life and reign of King Richard the third
ukred-13195 Works
ukred-13196 Paradise Regained
ukred-13197 Samson Agonistes
ukred-13198 A discourse on the study of the law of nature, and nations
ukred-13199 Jerusalem Delivered
ukred-13200 Lettres choisies de Mesdames de Sevigné et de Maintenon
ukred-13201 The theory of the earth
ukred-13202 An introduction to the theory of the human mind
ukred-13203 Vindiciae Gallicae
ukred-13204 A free inquiry into the nature and origin of evil
ukred-13205 Essai sur l??tude de la litt?rature
ukred-13206 Letters, speeches, charges, advices, &c. of Francis Bacon
ukred-13207 Of the laws of ecclesiastical politie
ukred-13208 An introduction to the study of the prophecies
ukred-13209 The works of the Right Reverend Jonathan Shipley
ukred-13210 Sermons preached at Lincoln?s-Inn
ukred-13211 [unknown]
ukred-13212 De Senectute
ukred-13213 The history of the Parliament of England
ukred-13214 The satires of Juvenalis, translated into English
ukred-13215 A philosophical analysis and illustration of some of Shakespeare's characters
ukred-13216 The scribleriad: an heroic poem in six books
ukred-13217 Lectures on rhetoric and belles lettres
ukred-13218 The four ages; together with essays on various subjects
ukred-13219 The divine legation of Moses demonstrated
ukred-13220 Discourses on various subjects
ukred-13221 The memoirs of the Duke of Sully
ukred-13222 Logic, or the right use of reason
ukred-13223 Essays on the nature and principles of taste
ukred-13224 A view of Sir Isaac Newton?s philosophy
ukred-13225 Zeluco. Various views of human nature
ukred-13226 Moral Epistles
ukred-13227 Edward. Various views of human nature
ukred-13228 An inquiry into the original state and formation of the earth
ukred-13229 An essay on the picturesque
ukred-13230 Three Essays