The Letters of Sydney Smith

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ukred-13049 Travels in North America 1827-8
ukred-13050 Travels in North America 1827-8
ukred-13051 Epicharis
ukred-13052 History of the Peninsular War
ukred-13053 Laurie Todd or the Settlers in the Woods
ukred-13054 [memoir of her husband Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles]
ukred-13055 Life of Byron
ukred-13056 Zohrab the Hostage
ukred-13057 Recollections of a Chaperon
ukred-13058 Men and Manners in America
ukred-13059 Memoirs of the Life of the Right Honourable Sir James Mackintosh
ukred-13060 L'Art de Cuisiner
ukred-13061 Tremordyn Cliff
ukred-13062 Astoria
ukred-13063 [writings on Indian Courts and Education]
ukred-13064 Nicholas Nickleby
ukred-13065 Modern India
ukred-13066 [reports of cases in the Admiralty Court]
ukred-13067 [letters of Mme. du Deffand to Horace Walpole]
ukred-13068 'Washington: par M. Guizot'
ukred-13069 Susan Hopley
ukred-13070 The Family Expositor
ukred-13071 The Scholar Armed
ukred-13072 The Dissenter Tripped Up
ukred-13073 History of India
ukred-13074 An account of the war in Portugal between Don Pedro and Don Miguel
ukred-13075 A Life in the Forest
ukred-13076 Lays of Ancient Rome
ukred-13077 Pere Goriot
ukred-13078 La Messe de l'Athee
ukred-13079 Martin Chuzzlewit
ukred-13080 Memoirs and Correspondence of Francis Horner, M.P.
ukred-13081 Arabiniana, or Remains of Mr Serjeant Arabin
ukred-13082 Life in the Sick Room
ukred-13083 [sermon on War]
ukred-13084 Edinburgh Review
ukred-13085 Life and Correspondence of Thomas Arnold
ukred-13086 Life of Lord Chancellor Eldon
ukred-13087 Life of Lord Chancellor Eldon
ukred-13088 Correspondence of Burke
ukred-13089 Eothen, or Traces of Travel brought home from the East
ukred-13090 Ireland and its Rulers Since 1829
ukred-13091 The Times
ukred-13092 The Settlers in Canada
ukred-13231 Das merkw?rdigste Jahr meines Lebens
ukred-13232 Memoires
ukred-13233 Encyclopaedia Britannica
ukred-13234 [Letters]
ukred-13235 Travels in the South of Spain
ukred-13236 The Private Correspondence of Benjamin Franklin, L.L.D
ukred-13237 [Dissertation printed in the Encyclopaedia Britannica]
ukred-13238 [evidence of Elgin Marble Committee]
ukred-13239 [Canning's letter to newspapers attavking an anonymous pamphleteer (John Cam Hobhouse, it transpired), who had attacked him]
ukred-13240 M?moires pour servir ? l'histoire des ?v?nements de la fin du 18e si?cle depuis 1760 jusqu'en 1806?10
ukred-13241 M?moires pour servir ? l'histoire des ?v?nements de la fin du 18e si?cle depuis 1760 jusqu'en 1806?10
ukred-13242 The Heart of Midlothian
ukred-13243 The Heart of Midlothian
ukred-13244 A Letter to SIR SAMUEL ROMILLY, MP from H. BROUGHAM, Esq. MPFRS upon the Abuse of Charities
ukred-13245 Narrative of a Journey of Five Thousand Miles Through the Eastern and Western States of America
ukred-13246 Travels in the Interior of America in the years 1809, 1810 and -1811
ukred-13247 Journal of Travels in the United States of North America, and in Lower Canada, Performed in the Year 1817, &c. &c
ukred-13248 Journal of Travels in the United States of North America
ukred-13249 Notes on a Journey in America from the Coast of Virginia to the Territory of Illinois
ukred-13250 Letters from Illinois
ukred-13388 Human Life
ukred-13389 Human Life
ukred-13390 Human Life
ukred-13391 Human Life
ukred-13392 Letter to Viscount Sidmouth, Secretary of State for the Home Department, on the Transportation Laws, the State of the Hulks and of the Colonies in New South Wales
ukred-13393 Convocatio Cleri
ukred-13394 [Review in Edinburgh Review of Bentham's Plan of Parliamentary Refom]
ukred-13395 [Review in Edinburgh Review of Ricardo on Currency and Prinsep on Money]
ukred-13396 History Of Europe During The Middle Ages
ukred-13397 A Voyage up the Persian Gulf and a Journey Overland from India to England
ukred-13398 [article in Edinburgh Review of Ross's Voyage to Baffin's Bay]
ukred-13399 [article in Edinburgh Review about Larrey's Memoires de Chirurgie Militaire]
ukred-13400 [Letters]
ukred-13401 [Letters]
ukred-13402 The Bride of Lammermoor
ukred-13403 The Bride of Lammermoor
ukred-13404 Ivanhoe
ukred-13405 Ivanhoe
ukred-13406 Recollections of Japan, by Capt. Gollownin of the Russian Navy, author of the narrative of a three years' residence in that country
ukred-13407 Colonel Jack - The History and Remarkable Life Of the truly Honourable Col. Jacque, commonly call'd Col. Jack, who was Born a Gentleman, put 'Prentice to a Pick-Pocket, was Six and Twenty Years a Thief, and then Kidnapp'd to Virginia, Came back a Merchant
ukred-13408 Recollections of Japan, by Capt. Gollownin of the Russian Navy, author of the narrative of a three years' residence in that country
ukred-13409 Some Account of the Life of Rachael Wriothesley, Lady Russell; followed by a Series of Letters from Lady Russell to her Husband
ukred-13410 The Monastery
ukred-13411 The Abbot
ukred-13412 [Letters]
ukred-13413 The Life Of Wesley And Rise And Progress Of Methodism Including Remarks On The Life And Character Of John Wesley
ukred-13414 The Pirate
ukred-13415 The Beacon
ukred-13423 [pamphlet]
ukred-13424 The Fortunes of Nigel
ukred-13425 Some Passages in the Life of Mr Adam Blair Minister of the Gospel at Cross-Meikle
ukred-13426 Peveril of the Peak
ukred-13427 Peveril of the Peak
ukred-13428 Doblado's Letters from Spain
ukred-13429 St Ronan's Well
ukred-13430 Extracts from a Journal Written on the Coasts of Chile, Peru, and Mexico
ukred-13431 Memoires de mademoiselle Bertin sur la Reine Marie-Antoinette
ukred-13432 Matilda
ukred-13433 [probably] A System of Phrenology
ukred-13435 The true history of the state prisoner, Commonly called the Iron Mask
ukred-13436 Elizabeth Evanshaw
ukred-13437 Three Months in Ireland. By an English Protestant
ukred-13442 Foreign and Domestic View of the Catholic Question
ukred-13443 The Memoirs of the Duke of Rovigo
ukred-13444 Journal
ukred-13445 Journal
ukred-13446 Essays, Political, Economical and Philosophical
ukred-13447 [Sermons]
ukred-13448 Voyage de la Perouse autour du monde
ukred-13449 A Voyage Of Discovery To The North Pacific Ocean And Round The World In Which The Coast of North-West America Has Been Carefully Examined And Accurately Surveyed. Undertaken by His Majesty's Command
ukred-13450 Practical Education
ukred-13451 'Spital Sermon'
ukred-13452 Lectures
ukred-13453 History of Greece
ukred-13454 History of Hindustan
ukred-13455 Revolutions of Portugal, The
ukred-13456 History of the revolutions in Sweden, occasioned by the change of religion, and alteration of the government in that kingdom
ukred-13457 Oraisons Funebres
ukred-13458 'Petite Careme'
ukred-13459 [Select Sermons]
ukred-13460 [??] Speech on conciliation with the American colonies
ukred-13461 Essays on the Nature and Principles of Taste
ukred-13463 Edinburgh Review
ukred-13464 [Letters of Mme du Deffand to Horace Walpole and to Voltaire]
ukred-13465 [unknown]
ukred-13466 [unknown]
ukred-13467 [unknown]
ukred-13468 [unknown]
ukred-13469 The Inquier: Reflections on Education, Manners and Literature
ukred-13470 [article in the Annual Register, 1806]
ukred-13471 [The Budget]
ukred-13472 [Works]
ukred-13473 Essay Towards a Theory of Apparitions
ukred-13474 Account of the Last Russian Campaign
ukred-13475 [Controversy with Marsh on Auxiliary Bible Society]
ukred-13476 Eunice