The Wynne Diaries

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The Wynne Diaries-1

Reading experiences

ukred-12265 Cartas de relacion [??]
ukred-12266 Vathek
ukred-12267 L'amour maternelle
ukred-12268 Zelie
ukred-12269 The Vicar of Wakefield
ukred-12270 Olympe et Theophile
ukred-12271 L'Ami des Enfants
ukred-12272 Les Femmes Savantes
ukred-12273 Les Precieuses Ridicules
ukred-12274 Le Tartuffe
ukred-12296 L'Ecole des Maris
ukred-12297 [Gazettes / newspapers from paris]
ukred-12298 Les Precieuses Ridicules
ukred-12299 Le Medecin Malgre Lui
ukred-12300 Modern Europe
ukred-12301 [unknown]
ukred-12302 The Imitation of Jesus Christ
ukred-12303 Don Carlos in German
ukred-12304 Cinna
ukred-12364 Robinson Crusoe
ukred-12365 Andromaque
ukred-12366 Semiramis
ukred-12367 Les Plaideurs
ukred-12368 Gazettes
ukred-12369 [sermon]
ukred-12370 [sermon]
ukred-12372 [sermon]
ukred-12373 [sermon]
ukred-12376 [sermon]
ukred-12380 [French newspapers]
ukred-12386 L'Ecole aux Maris Malhonnetes
ukred-12390 Le Philanthrope
ukred-12600 Les Voyages du Jeune Anacharsis
ukred-12601 Paul et Virginie
ukred-12602 Paul et Virginie
ukred-12603 Veilees du Chateua ou Cours Morale a l'usage des Enfants
ukred-12604 History of Modern Europe
ukred-12605 [a tragedy]
ukred-12606 Andromaque
ukred-12607 Sir Charles Grandison
ukred-12608 Sir Charles Grandison
ukred-12609 The History of America
ukred-12610 Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres
ukred-12611 Sir Charles Grandison
ukred-12612 [account of French Rebellion]
ukred-12613 Sir Charles Grandison
ukred-12614 Rudolph of Wertenberg
ukred-12620 [diaries]
ukred-12621 [elegies on deaths of wife and child]
ukred-12622 [probably] A Monody to the Memory of lady Lyttelton. Written in the Year 1747
ukred-12623 The History of Scotland during the Reigns of Queen Mary and of King James VI till his Accession to the Crown of England
ukred-12624 [English newspapers]
ukred-12625 Agathon
ukred-12820 [trial of Governor Wale]
ukred-12821 [possibly] The History of the Church from Christ to Constantine
ukred-12822 Paradise Lost
ukred-12823 Frere Paschal - or perhaps Paschal is the author
ukred-12824 Sermons
ukred-12825 [Letters]
ukred-12826 [Letters]
ukred-12828 Bible
ukred-12831 Family Secrets
ukred-12833 The Mysteries of Udolpho
ukred-12861 Mathilde
ukred-12863 A Winter in London, or Sketches of Fashion
ukred-12864 Gibraltar Chronicle
ukred-12865 Measure for Measure
ukred-12866 Henry VI
ukred-13791 [Gazettes / newspapers from paris]
ukred-13792 Les Precieuses Ridicules