The Letters of Robert Louis Stevenson

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The Letters of Robert Louis Stevenson-1

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ukred-12176 Pot-Bouille
ukred-13537 Cassell's Illustrated Family Paper
ukred-13538 Punch
ukred-13539 Punch
ukred-13541 Martin Rattler or a Boy's Adventures in the Forests of Brazil
ukred-13542 unknown
ukred-13544 Shan Van Voght
ukred-13545 Alroy: a Romance
ukred-13546 Le Vicomte de Bragelonne
ukred-13547 History of England
ukred-13549 Good Words
ukred-13550 Jack Sheppard
ukred-13551 Broadway
ukred-13552 [MSS in the Advocates' Library]
ukred-13554 Mademoiselle Mathilde
ukred-13556 Poems and Ballads [first series]
ukred-13557 '1865-1866'
ukred-13558 The Lotus Eaters/St Simeon Stylites
ukred-13559 Book II Ode III
ukred-13561 The History of England
ukred-13565 The Golden Legend
ukred-13573 unknown
ukred-13577 The History of the Suffrings of the Church of Scotland from the Restoration to the Revolution
ukred-13578 The Temple: The Church Porch xxii
ukred-13580 The Moonstone
ukred-13596 Bible
ukred-14013 unknown
ukred-14050 unknown
ukred-14104 unknown
ukred-14148 unknown
ukred-14149 unknown
ukred-14150 unknown
ukred-14151 unknown
ukred-14544 The True Historical Narrative of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England
ukred-14545 Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hutchinson
ukred-14548 unknown
ukred-14549 Contes Drolatiques
ukred-14573 Robert Burns' Lieder und Balladen [etc]
ukred-16044 unknown
ukred-16046 Macbeth
ukred-16110 Middlemarch
ukred-16111 The Adventures of Philip
ukred-16320 The Garb of Old Gaul
ukred-16323 Pickwick Papers Chapter 34
ukred-16324 Queechy
ukred-16502 A System of Synthetic Philosophy
ukred-16840 The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals
ukred-17280 Du hast Diamenten und Perlen
ukred-17417 Adelaide
ukred-17418 Epistle to the Philippians, I.3
ukred-17419 The Heart of Midlothian
ukred-17706 The Reign of Law
ukred-17711 Die Heimkehr. XXXIX Buch der Lieder
ukred-17715 Constitutional History of England [?]
ukred-17719 The Struggle for National Education
ukred-17720 Leaves of Grass
ukred-17752 Lives of the Lord Chancellors etc
ukred-17759 Analecta
ukred-17760 Ode to the Cuckoo
ukred-17778 Les Essais
ukred-17780 Les Essais, Livre III, Ch XII, De la physionomie
ukred-17784 Le Capitaine Fracasse
ukred-17785 Emaux et Camees
ukred-17791 The Portfolio: An Artistic Periodical
ukred-17870 unknown
ukred-17871 Chateaubriand et son groupe litteraire sous l'Empire
ukred-17875 unknown
ukred-17876 Moral Tales for Young People
ukred-17878 Handy Book of Meteorology [?]
ukred-17902 The Scotsman/Edinburgh Courant
ukred-17903 Edinburgh Courant
ukred-17924 unknown
ukred-17926 Francois le Champi
ukred-17953 La Petite Fadette
ukred-17973 newspapers
ukred-18446 Mademoiselle Merquem
ukred-19329 French Revolution
ukred-19379 Kubla Khan
ukred-19389 Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking
ukred-19759 French Revolution/Histoire de la Revolution francaise
ukred-19785 Life of John Knox
ukred-19786 Woodstock
ukred-20114 'British Storms' in Good Words
ukred-20119 Fortnightly Review
ukred-20123 Histoire de la Reforme, de la Ligue, et du Regne de Henri IV
ukred-20261 Nanon
ukred-20278 election speech
ukred-20311 letter (in "Nature")
ukred-20398 unknown
ukred-20405 Waverley novels
ukred-20408 The Fortunes fo Nigel
ukred-20409 Waverley
ukred-20417 various romances
ukred-21051 The Fall of Prince Florestan of Monaco
ukred-21374 unidentified novels
ukred-21375 The Stormy Winds Do Blow
ukred-21376 Bible. Matthew 17:20
ukred-21377 Song to Celia
ukred-21378 RLS generalising about Beadle's American Library
ukred-21380 Chastelard
ukred-21383 The Egoist
ukred-21387 Art Essays
ukred-21393 New Poems
ukred-21394 History of the United States of America from the Discovery of the American Continent
ukred-21590 Henry IV Part 1. II.iv.172
ukred-21625 The Spectator
ukred-21626 'Art and Criticism' in Appleton's Journal
ukred-21627 Annals of the Persecution in Scotland from the Restoration to the Revolution
ukred-21628 Proces de Jeanne d'Arc
ukred-21629 Histoire de Charles VII
ukred-21630 Apercus nouveaux sur l'histoire de Jeanne d'Arc
ukred-21631 Chroniques
ukred-21632 Les Exploits de Rocambole
ukred-21634 Comedies
ukred-21635 Table Talk
ukred-21637 Life of Samuel Johnson
ukred-21664 Green Grow the Rashes
ukred-21665 Monsieur Auguste
ukred-21666 Un crime inconnu
ukred-21667 Les Damnes de Java
ukred-21693 Judges 5:28
ukred-21699 The Faerie Queene, Book I, Canto I, Stanza 37, line 7
ukred-21702 The Life of William Penn
ukred-21710 The Select Works of William Penn
ukred-21745 The Day is Done
ukred-21746 2 Samuel 1
ukred-21747 Hospital Sketches
ukred-21864 The Jolly Beggars
ukred-21867 Martin Chuzzlewit
ukred-21868 Martin Chuzzlewit
ukred-21869 On the Late Captain Grose's Peregrinations Thro' Scotland
ukred-21870 My Mother Bids me Bind my Hair
ukred-21875 Hawthorne
ukred-21876 Forrester
ukred-21877 Divine Comedy, Inferno
ukred-21878 Scottish Psalter and Paraphrases: Psalm 121 line 1
ukred-21880 unknown
ukred-21887 2 Corinthians 11:23
ukred-21888 Twelfth Night Act V sc i, line 363
ukred-21890 A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains [?]
ukred-21908 L'Art et le comedien
ukred-21909 The Lady of the Aroostook
ukred-21910 Lachin Y Gair
ukred-21911 Undoscovered Country
ukred-21912 History of the Reign of Queen Anne
ukred-21913 Amours de Voyage
ukred-21914 Song of Myself
ukred-21918 Old Folks at Home
ukred-21924 The Lord of Burleigh
ukred-21925 Operations of War
ukred-21959 Animal Magnetism: Physiological Observation
ukred-21960 Christis Kirk on the Green
ukred-21961 The Life, Journals and Correspondence of Samuel Pepys
ukred-21962 There was an Old Woman and What Do You Think?
ukred-21963 unknown
ukred-21964 History of the Union with Scotland [?]
ukred-21966 History of the Rebellions in Scotland under the Viscount Dundee and the Earl of Mar, in 1689 and 1715
ukred-21967 The Highlanders of Scotland
ukred-21969 The Boy's Newspaper
ukred-21970 Letters from a Gentleman in the North of Scotland Vol 2
ukred-21971 Sketches of the Character, Manners, and Present State of the Highlands of Sctland, with Details of the Military Service of the Highland Regiments
ukred-21972 Troilus and Cressida IV.iv.85
ukred-21973 Superstitions of the Highlands
ukred-21974 Culloden Papers: Comprising an Extensive and Interesting Correspondence from the Year 1625 to 1748
ukred-21975 Lives of Simon Lord Lovat and Duncan Forbes of Culloden [?]
ukred-21976 Forfeited Estates Papers 1687-1707, including fines and forfeitures
ukred-21978 Memorials and Letters Illustrative of the Life and Times of John Graham of Claverhouse, Viscount Dundee
ukred-21979 A Description of the Western Islands of Scotland
ukred-21980 Memoirs of Great Britain and Ireland from the Dissolution of the Last Parliament of Chalres II until the Sea-Battle of La Hogue
ukred-21981 The Highlands and Western Isles of Scotland containing their scenery and antiquities
ukred-21982 The Life of Johnson
ukred-21983 A Journey to the Wsetern Isles of Scotland
ukred-22009 A View of the British Empire more espciallly Scotland with some Proposals for the Improvement of that Country, the Extension of its Fisheries and the Relief of the People
ukred-22010 Lighthouse Construction and Illumination
ukred-22011 History of Painting
ukred-22012 Babes in the Wood [?]
ukred-22013 Endymion
ukred-22014 A Tour in Scotland [?]
ukred-22015 General View of the Agriculture of the Counties of Ross and Cromarty
ukred-22016 Report of the Trial of Patrick Sellar
ukred-22017 An Economical History of the Hebrides and Highlands of Scotland
ukred-22036 Reports to General Assembly
ukred-22037 General View of the Agriculture of Inverness
ukred-22038 General View of the Agriculture of the County of Argyll
ukred-22068 Letters from the Mountains etc
ukred-22072 Miscellany of the Spalding Club Vol 3
ukred-22075 Travels over England Scotland and Wales
ukred-22076 letter referred to in Sketches of the Character, Manners, and Present State of the Highlands of Sctland, with Details of the Military Service of the Highland Regiments
ukred-22077 A Song for St Cecilia's Day
ukred-22078 To the Pious Memory of the Accomplished Young Lady Mistress Anne Killigrew, Excellent in the Tow Sister Arts of Poesy and Painting. An Ode
ukred-22080 Threnodia Augustalis
ukred-22082 An Horatian Ode: Upon Cromwell's Return from Ireland
ukred-22083 Ode on the Death of the Duke of Wellington
ukred-22084 The Loss of the Eurydice
ukred-22282 'Detached Thoughts on Books and Reading' in Essays of Elia
ukred-22284 Historia Naturalis XXXV. 85
ukred-22290 Henry V, III.ii
ukred-22381 The Correspondence of the Rev Robert Wodrow
ukred-22382 The Miscellany of the Spalding Club
ukred-22383 Reports on the agriculture of different counties of Scotland
ukred-22384 Ministers and Men in the Far North
ukred-22385 The Apostle of the North
ukred-22389 Ode on the Duke of Wellington
ukred-22390 Prometheus
ukred-22391 Hellas
ukred-22392 Ode to the West Wind
ukred-22393 To Meddowes
ukred-22394 Corinna's Going a-Maying
ukred-22395 His Age: Dedicated to his Peculiar Friend, Mr John Wickes, under the name of Ofpostumus
ukred-22396 Ode on Mrs Arabella Hunt Singing
ukred-22397 On Time
ukred-22398 At a Solemn Music
ukred-22399 L'Allegro
ukred-22400 Il Penseroso
ukred-22401 On the Loss of the Royal George
ukred-22402 Come Back, come back, behold with straining mast
ukred-22403 Threnodia Augustalis
ukred-22404 The Dying Christian to His Soul
ukred-22405 Ode on a Grecian Urn
ukred-22406 Ode to Himself upon the Censure of his "New Inn"
ukred-22407 Rab and his Friends
ukred-22408 'Sutherland as it was and is: or How a Country may be Ruined' in Leading Articles
ukred-22458 The Statistical Account of Scotland/The New Statistical Account of Scotland
ukred-22459 Testimony to the Covenanted Work of Reformation (from 1638 to 1649) in Britain and Ireland.
ukred-22461 On Various Superstitions in the North-Wset Highlands and Islands of Scotland [?]
ukred-22483 Ballads and Other Poems
ukred-22485 Endymion
ukred-22491 Macbeth I, vii. 27-8
ukred-22495 Hamlet. II. ii. 97-8
ukred-22499 Matthew 12.39
ukred-22537 Matthew 5:18
ukred-22538 Matthew 19:19
ukred-22539 Some Fruits of Solitude in Reflections and Maxims
ukred-22540 Bible (in Gaelic)
ukred-22541 dictionary (in Gaelic)
ukred-22542 Grammar (in Gaelic)
ukred-22543 'George Eliot' in Cornhill Magazine
ukred-22544 Life of William Penn
ukred-22548 Washington Square
ukred-22607 Fortnightly Review
ukred-22608 Reminiscences
ukred-22667 The Academy: A Monthly Record of Literature, Learning, Science and Art
ukred-22668 'Timasetheos' in The Cornhill Magazine
ukred-22669 unknown
ukred-22670 English Odes
ukred-22671 Review in the Saturday Review
ukred-22706 L'Equipage du Diable (Equipage of the Devil)
ukred-22707 Le Baron Jean (Baron John)
ukred-22708 Bouvard et Pecuchet
ukred-22709 Review in Pall Mall Gazette
ukred-22710 Review in Athenaeum
ukred-22711 Revised Version of New Testament
ukred-22712 The Library
ukred-22713 Kurum, Kabul and Kandahar: being a Brief Record of Impressions in Three Campaigns under General Roberts
ukred-22735 Husband and Wife/Old Glory
ukred-22961 The Antiquary
ukred-22962 Ivanhoe
ukred-22963 The Shadow on the Bed
ukred-23053 Athenaeum, 'The Poetry of Byron'
ukred-23054 Cornhill Magazine 'Hector Berlioz: a Biography'
ukred-23067 Review in The Academy
ukred-23361 A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the Most Notorious Pyrates
ukred-23639 The Pirate
ukred-23647 'Young Rob Roy' in Stirling Observer
ukred-23692 Life of John Knox
ukred-25379 Pontani Opera, 'Hendecasyllaborum, Liber Primus' xx
ukred-25382 A Collection of Celebrated Criminal Trials in Scotland, with Historical and Critical Remarks
ukred-25387 Narratives from Criminal Trials in Scotland
ukred-26799 Young Folks: A Boy's and Girls' Paper of Instructive and Entertaining Literature
ukred-26800 Sir Claude the Conqueror (in Young Folks)
ukred-26801 article in Young Folks
ukred-26802 review in Academy
ukred-26803 Bondage of Brandon
ukred-26804 letter to Sidney Colvin
ukred-26805 Poems
ukred-26806 review of Vol 3 Letters of Charles Dickens in Athenaeum
ukred-26807 translation of The Story of Sigurd the Volsung and the Fall of the Niblungs
ukred-26850 The Trials of the Sons of Rob Roy with Anecdotes of Himself and his Family
ukred-26940 A Grape from a Thorn
ukred-26941 Round the Yule Log
ukred-27340 Landor
ukred-27341 Table-Talk: Opinions on Books, Men and Things.
ukred-27342 The Plain Dealer
ukred-27343 Elizabethan Literature
ukred-27344 Characters of Shakespeare's Plays
ukred-27345 Winterslow: Essays and Characters Written There
ukred-27346 The Round Table
ukred-27353 Review in The Academy
ukred-27354 Sordello
ukred-27378 Table-Talk: Essays on Men and Manners
ukred-27379 The Plain Speaker: Opinions on Books, Men and Things
ukred-27380 The Round Table
ukred-27381 Lectures Chiefly on the Dramatic Literature of the Age of Elizabeth; delivered at the Surrey Institute
ukred-27382 Characters of Shakespeare's Plays
ukred-27383 Sketches and Essays: Now First Collected by His Son
ukred-27384 Winterslow: Essays and Characters Written There
ukred-27418 'A Note on Japanese Art' in Magazine of Art
ukred-27419 Pilgrim's Progress
ukred-27420 Histoire de Napoleon 1er
ukred-27421 Life of George IV
ukred-27458 List of the writings of William Hazlitt and Leigh Hunt : chronologically arranged with notes, descriptive, critical, and explanatory; and a selection of opinions regarding their genius and characteristics, by distinguished contemporaries and friends as we
ukred-28577 'The Early Life of J-F Miller', in 'Cornhill Magazine'
ukred-28578 Hard Times
ukred-28876 Animi Figura
ukred-28877 Bible
ukred-28949 Review of Familiar Studies in Pall Mall Gazette
ukred-28950 [Reviews in Pall Mall Gazette and St James's Gazette]
ukred-28951 Les Rois en Exil
ukred-28952 The Life of Wesley, and the Rise and Progress of Methodism
ukred-28954 Review in Academy (11 March 1882)
ukred-28955 Fortune by Land and Sea
ukred-28956 The Egoist
ukred-28957 A Woman Killed with Kindness
ukred-28960 [Review in Le Livre]
ukred-28961 [review in Athenaeum]
ukred-28962 [review in Pall Mall Gazette]
ukred-29037 unknown
ukred-29038 [review of Arabian Nights]
ukred-29039 [review of Arabian Nights in Pall Mall Gazette]
ukred-29040 [review of Arabian Nights in The Scotsman]
ukred-29041 [review in The Saturday Review]
ukred-29042 [article about Japanese art]
ukred-29043 [review of Arabian Nights in St James's Gazette]
ukred-29044 'Lighthouses'
ukred-29045 Olympe de Cleves
ukred-29046 unknown
ukred-29047 [letter]
ukred-29048 [review of New Arabian Nights in Daily News]
ukred-29049 Back from the Dead
ukred-29050 Pot-Bouille
ukred-29051 Les Fideles Ronins
ukred-29052 A Modern Instance
ukred-29053 [article in Edinburgh Courant]
ukred-29054 Magazine of Art
ukred-29515 La Lionne
ukred-29516 La Comtesse de Monrion
ukred-29517 Le Fils de la Folle
ukred-29518 Magazine of Art
ukred-29519 Chiffonier de Paris
ukred-29520 Songs of Innocence and Experience
ukred-29521 [review of New Arabian Nights in <i>Century</i>]
ukred-29522 [Book review]
ukred-29523 The Book-Lover's Enchiridion
ukred-29524 Pride and Prejudice
ukred-29525 Cristowell
ukred-29527 [Book review]
ukred-29529 [Review of New Arabian Nights in <i>Critic</i>]
ukred-29561 Two Years Ago
ukred-29563 The Ordeal of Richard Feverel
ukred-29564 The Egoist
ukred-29565 Great Expectations
ukred-29570 'Rover'
ukred-29573 Memoirs
ukred-29618 Review in 'Edinburgh Courant'
ukred-29619 Magazine of Art
ukred-29873 [review of "Inland Voyage" in the "New York Critic"]
ukred-30268 The Paradox of Acting
ukred-30269 The Woman in White
ukred-30270 Souvenirs Litteraires
ukred-30279 'Living English Sculptors'
ukred-30280 [general reference to Balzac's works]
ukred-30315 All Sorts and Conditions of Men
ukred-30403 'Dumas'
ukred-30404 Love in the Valley
ukred-30405 On the Aesthetic Education of Man in a Series of Letters
ukred-30406 Faust