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Elements I-IV, VI
Acts and Monuments of Matters Most Special and Memorable
Gentleman's Magazine
An Enquiry Concerning Political Justice
A Journey into England
A Journey into England
Observations Made in a Journey through the Western Countries of Scotland
The Italian
Lettres de M. William Coxe a M. W. Melmoth sur l'etat politique, civil, et naturel de la Suisse; traduits de l'Anglaise, et augmentees des observations faites dans le meme pays par le traducteur
The Border History of England and Scotland
An Appeal to Impartial Posterity, by Citizeness Roland
Narrative of the Dangers to Which I have been Exposed, since the 31st of May, 1793. With historical memorandums. By Jean-Baptiste Louvet, one of the representatives proscribed in 1793. Now President of the National Convention.
Joan of Arc
Tristram Shandy
Spectator, The
Weekly Entertainer, The
Essay on the Picturesque
Bashful Lover, The
Portraiture of Quakerism as taken from a view of the Moral Education, Descriptions, Peculiar Customs, Religious Principles, Political and Civil Oeconomy and Character of the Society of Friends
An Analytical Enquiry into the Principles of Taste
Portraiture of Quakerism as taken from a View of the Moral Education, Descriptions, Peculiar Customs, Religious Principles, Political and Civil OEconomy and Character of the Society of Friends.
Book of Martyrs
Life and Letters
Paradise Lost
Memoirs of Colonel Hutchinson
Anecdotes of Frederick II
Clarissa, or The History of a Young Lady
History of the Rise, Progress and Accomplishment of the Abolition of the African Slave-Trade, The
History and Antiquities of the Deanery of Craven, The
Edinburgh Review
Edinburgh Review
Life of John Milton, The
White Doe of Rylstone, The
Human Laws best supported by the Gospel
Experiment in Education made at the Asylum of Madras, An
Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne
History of the Original Parish of Whalley, and Honour of Clitheroe, The
The History and Antiquities of Cleveland in the North Riding of Yorkshire
Exposition of the Arts and Machinations which led to the Usurpation of the Crown of Spain ...
Memoir of Frederick and Margaret Klopstock
Edinburgh Review
White Doe of Rylstone, The
Holy Sonnet 10
Works of Horace. Translated into English Prose, for the use of those who are desirous of acquiring or recovering a competent knowledge of the Latin language. By Christopher Smart
Progress of Civil Society, A Didactic Poem, The
Ancient and Modern Scottish Poems
Observations Made in a Journey through the Western Countries of Scotland
Man of Ten Thousand, The
Edward II
Select Collection of Old Plays
Picture, The
Lament for Bion
Death of Adonis
Se la mia vita da l'aspro tormento (sonnet)
Relation of a Journey Begun 1610. Foure Bookes. Containing a Description of the Turkish Empire, of AEgypt, of the Holy Land, of the Remote Parts of Italy and Ilands Adjoyning
Voyage Round the World by the Way of the Great South Sea, Performed in the Years 1719-1722
[sonnets (two)]
Spectator, The
The Force of Prayer
["half-penny Ballads"]
["penny and two-penny histories"]
Convention of Cintra, The
Edinburgh Review
Gertrude of Wyoming (extracts)
Ecclesiastical Biography, or Lives of Eminent Men connected with the History of Religion in England
The Canterbury Tales
Paradise Lost
Annual Anthology
Annual Register
Minstrel, The
Domiciliary Verses
Bell's Classical Arrangement of Fugitive Poetry
The Bible
Fourteen Sonnets
The Fool of Quality; or, the History of Henry Earl of Moreland
A Tour through Siciliy and Malta in a Series of Letters to William Beckford
Tristram Shandy
Travels in France
Don Quixote
Histoire de Gil Blas de Santillane
Gulliver's Travels
A Tale of a Tub
An Ode on the Popular Superstitions of the Highlands of Scotland
Historia delle Guerre Civili di Francia ... nella quale si contegnono le operationi di quattro re, Francesco II., Carlo IX., Henrico III. e Henrico IV. cognominato il Grande