Southey, Robert

Southey, Robert
Date of birth
April 26 1774
Country of birth
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Hope, An Allegorical Sketch on Recovering Slowly from Sickness
Review of Hope, An Allegorical Sketch on Recovering Slowly from Sickness
Review of Hope, An Allegorical Sketch on Recovering Slowly from Sickness
The Hurricane
The Loves of Hero and Leander
articles in the Monthly Magazine
Poetical Sketches
Commentaries on the Laws of England
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The Nature and Causes of Atheism, Pointed Out in a Discourse, Delivered at the Chapel in Lewin’s-Mead, Bristol. To Which Are Added, Remarks on a Work, Entitled Origine de Tous Les Cultes, ou Religion Universelle. Par Dupuis, Citoyen François
The Poet’s Fate, a Poetical Dialogue
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'Written by Anna Seward, After Reading Southey’s Joan of Arc’
The Enquirer. Reflections on Education, Manners and Literature in a Series of Essays
Argalus and Parthenia
Palmerin of England
Le Premier (-Quart) Volume De Messire Jehan Froissart Lequel Traicte de Choses Vingts de Memoire Advenues Tant es Pays de France, Angleterre, Flandres, Espaigne que Escoce, ets Aus Tres Lieux Circonvoisins
La Lévite d’Ephraim
Review of William Rough, Lorenzini di Medici
‘To S. T. Coleridge, 1797’
The Borderers
[history plays, particularly Henry VI, Parts I and II]
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account of death of William Buller
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Icelandic Poetry, or the Edda of Saemund Translated into English Verse
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'Written Soon after the Preceding Poem’
De Memorabilibus et Claris Mulieribus: Aliquot Diversorum Scriptorum Opera
Histoire Memorable de la Vie de Jeanne d’Arc, Appelée la Pucelle d’Orleans
De Claris Mulieribus
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