Reading in Europe: Contemporary Issues in Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

We are witnessing today simultaneous transformations in the ways that texts are produced, distributed and experienced by readers but until now, little has been done to investigate the full impact of the digital revolution on reading and nothing at a European scale. The vast scholarship devoted to the history of past print culture in Europe tends to be addressed on a national level and from a single disciplinary perspective whereas, compared to Gutenberg’s technological revolution of the 15th century or to the “reading revolution” of the 18th century, today’s digital revolution is so multi-faceted that it requires a new comparative and interdisciplinary approach.

The European network of leading experts involved in the Action P-RECIHC is designed to evaluate the main historical and contemporary factors impacting current reading practices, learning processes and social awareness in Europe and to draw the outline of an innovative European Reading Experience Database (Eu-RED).

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